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Point of Sale Systems

Our 5 Tips on How to Buy a New POS system

Tip #1: Do Your Research

Choosing a POS system can be one of the most challenging and overwhelming aspects of running a business.  A good majority of the time we've found a POS system is the last item on the check list to purchase.  We've learned this is mostly due to the complexity of finding the best POS system for a restaurant or retail business that's user friendly, cost effective, and has all the required features.  Months of planning and multiple dealer demos can go into choosing a system to meet your business needs.  We promise, there is an easier way. 

Having sold thousands of different systems, our number one recommendation is to do your research.  I know it is such a basic recommendation, but people forget the basics sometimes.  It’s important to not buy the first shiny object or purchase from the first super sales person you talk to.  All point of sale systems are not created equal.  It’s very important to do your research when purchasing a new system for your business and to compare features based on your industry.  Prices and features can vary wildly, so you need to consider what features are the most important to your business and to make sure it matches your needs and budget.  Here’s some additional information to help you in the decision making process.

Tip #2: Consider all POS Features and Functionality

Probably the number one consideration in your purchase is to find out what the system can do for your business.  With the diverse range of restaurant and retail pos systems, knowing the functionality you require is so vital to your success.  The last thing you want to do is to implement a new system and find out later it doesn’t do tip outs for your servers, doesn’t allow labor reports, or have some other feature set you absolutely require.  Again, not all systems have every feature you would expect, so it’s important to determine upfront all the features of the software you’re purchasing.  We recommend making a physical list of the features you require and to start a check list.  As a general measuring stick, it is safe to assume the more features you require in a system, the more the system will cost.  Some customers are ok with losing some functionality to reduce cost of the system, so keep that in mind in your research.  To keep upfront costs down, with some systems you can select the required features upfront and do “add-on features” later.  Either way, do your due diligence on features and functionality before signing on the dotted line.  

POS Lavu iPad POS System for Restaurants

Tip #3: Picking The Perfect POS Provider

The best pos system providers want to see you succeed and want to help you grow your business.  So you want find these type of providers.  If you’re successful, then they are successful because they know they will sell you more software, hardware, services, etc. in the future as you grow.  You’ll get amazing service also because they will rely on your referrals.  So that means you need to be a good customer too.  When selecting a pos provider, find a dealer that wants to be your partner in business.  Most “good” pos system dealers know a lot about the businesses they service and support.  They can be an amazing resource for your business.  For instance, you’ll want someone you can call to answer questions you have about the system or someone to help make product recommendations as you grow.  Treat your dealer with respect, assuming they deserve it, and you’ll have a long lasting business relationship to your benefit.  

Tip #4: Scaling Your Business

Another key consideration in the decision making process is the scalability of your point of sale system.  If you’ve followed some of the advice here and your business takes off, you better be prepared to scale.  Whether it’s adding another pos terminal or adding 15 more locations, you need to make sure the pos system you purchase is “future proof” to your business needs.  Sometimes scaling can simply be adding wireless tablets on the floor to take orders or taking payments table-side.  Whatever scaling means to your business, try to find a system that is flexible to your needs or look for a hybrid system (traditional terminals & tablets) that can grow into your concept as it expands.  Our recommendation is to work with a local qualified provider that can meet with you to fully understand your concept, discover the potential for your business, and create solutions.  If you can, meet with at least 3 providers in your area to get a good feel of options available to you.  Most providers will meet with you and provide a quote free of charge.

Tip #5: Don't Go Cheap On Support

You’ve compared prices and features, you’ve found a few dealers you like, and you’re ready to make a purchasing decision.  Well, what about support?  You better ask that question up front also.  You need to find out what support looks like for your system.  Is it 24/7 x 365 by the software vendor?  Is it 9 to 5 by the POS dealer?  Is it included or is it an additional cost per year, per month or per incident.  This is obviously very crucial to your decision making process because when your system is down at 2:00 am on a Friday night, who are you going to call?  Most cloud based systems will include some type of 24/7 email and phone support for the software, but you need to be prepared if you have a network or hardware problem.  For this reason, it’s best to work with a local vendor.  Find a local reputable company that you can call when it’s critical for your business.  Expect all companies to be a little different in their approach for support.  But at the end of the day, you absolutely will need support, so make sure you have it before you finalize any deals.  We hope the pos buying tips were helpful.  Contact us if you have any questions or if we can assist in any way.

Complete our questionnaire above and take control of the discovery process by getting information and quotes from multiple POS dealers in your city.  Having multiple local vendors gives you the power to pick the best restaurant or retail point of sale system for you. Additionally, having a local POS vendor is very important in supporting you and your system.  Complete our questionnaire today and our local vendor partner will provide you with all the information you need to get the process started.

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POSLavu iPad POS

Why choose Lavu iPad POS for Restaurants? Lavu iPad POS is built specifically for the restaurant industry. Complex orders are easy to place using a very intuitive, easy to learn front of house interface. Your employees will be up and running in minutes instead of hours or days.

With POS Lavu it's all bout simplifying business so you can enjoy more success.  I'ts truly an iPad POS for all. Lavu does more than place orders and accept payments. Lavu has multiple feature sets built for different types of restaurants and niche markets. Improve your production and efficiency, speedup front of house service, and help manage your restaurant. 

Managing your business is easily done through the Lavu back of house. Our point of sale system allows for easy menu programming, live sales figures, settings customization, and employee management so that it's available anywhere with an internet connection, even at home in your jammies. Lavu can handle everything from single locations to enterprise companies. And with 24/7 Lavu software support, you're sure to get the support you need when it matters most.

Go mobile and free up time for more guest attention. Accept orders at the table and send tickets wirelessly to the kitchen. Get quicker table turns with our fast and efficient system. Mobile devices are the future of Point of Sale systems for fine dining restaurants, bars, food trucks and all types of service businesses.  If you need a Point of Sale system or an iPad POS in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas area, please visit Dallas POS Systems.  Dallas POS Systems is a POSLavu Certified Specialist and can assist you with install, programming, and training.

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