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POSLavu and Mercury Payment Systems

POSLavu and Mercury Payment Systems have teamed up to offer 25% off the Software License Fee.

Top 10 reasons to use Mercury Payments with POSLavu:

  1. 25% Off the POSLavu Software License Fee (Limited Time Offer)
  2. Direct Integration with POSLavu. Reduce duplicate accounting efforts, no need to match reports from the terminal to the POS
  3. Epson TM-T88V-i OmniLink Smart Printer and USB Credit Card Swiper integration for more reliable credit card swiping
  4. Infinite Peripherals Infinea Tab Integration for reliable mobile card swiping directly from the iPad
  5. No need for 3rd party Gateway and 3rd party Gateway Fees
  6. Gift Card integration, and no Gift Card transaction fees
  7. Next Day Funding with Mercury Payment Systems
  8. Fewer errors and charge-backs improve profitability
  9. Mercury's 24/7 customer support
  10. POSUSA credit card integration and processing support

Mercury Payments Quote

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POSLavu iPad POS

Who says a Point of Sale system can't be simple, smart, intuitive, and dare we say...fun? Point of Sale USA specializes in turning your iPad into an extremely powerful and easy to use restaurant or retail point of sale system in a very affordable way.

Why choose an iPad POS over traditional POS? Here's a few simple reasons you should consider...

  • Less Upfront Cost
  • No Contracts
  • Lower Monthly Fees
  • Free Software Updates
  • Highly Intuitive Interface
  • Mobile and Wireless
  • Remote Management
Visit our Blog to read about some of our installs.

At Point of Sale USA, we are the Certified Specialists and experts in POSLavu and NCR Silver. Need Lavu POS software, hardware, installation, training, menu programming, and support? We do it all! We have IT and Restaurant Professionals on staff to assist you. Our goal is to save you money and to provide a solution that makes your operations run more efficiently and to be more profitable.

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