5 Reasons Why a Great POS System Will Improve Customer Service

If there’s one thing that should go on the top of your must-have list when opening a restaurant, it’s a point-of-sale (POS) system. And while, yes, your POS does lots of neat things to help you submit orders to the kitchen and ring up sales, it also has some pretty excellent customer service perks.

1. You Can Drive Loyalty

Punching a card every time a customer buys a coffee is so passé. These days, loyalty programs have gone both digital and mobile.  Customers can enter their numbers on a tablet (or let the staff do it on the POS) to earn points with their purchases or redeem special offers.

The fact that 75% of consumers say they would engage more with loyalty programs if they offered mobile access should tell you that, if you want to get your customers to come back again and again, you need to get on board with a digital loyalty program.

POS has another great perk here: you can easily view how many loyalty offers your customers are redeeming, which helps you determine what future promotions to offer.

2. You Never Run Out of Favorite Dishes

“Sorry miss, we’re out of the veal parmesan tonight.”

This statement can be a death sentence: a patron who was looking forward to that famous veal parmesan on her birthday might never come back. But an intuitive POS system can prevent this from happening. A system with built-in inventory management tools can keep tabs on ingredient inventory based on how many dishes have been sold. And it can alert you when the stock gets low so that you can order it before the great veal parmesan fiasco.

3. You Keep Food Costs Low

Customers don’t like to see raised prices on your menu, especially if they’re regulars. You can prevent some price hikes by merely keeping an eye on your food costs. Your restaurant management software can help you calculate the cost for a dish and alert you when prices rise for an ingredient. Then, you can either eat the additional cost or find a more affordable replacement.

When customers can rely on your pricing and high-quality food, they’re more likely to come back again.

4. You Learn What People Like (and What They Don’t)

Your restaurant’s point-of-sale system can also give you great insight into which dishes people are loving and which they aren’t. You can make sure you always have ingredients in stock for the favorite dishes, and you can either highlight the less-popular dishes as the daily special or take them off the menu entirely.

5. You Let People Pay How They Want

It’s a fact, we’ve gone beyond cash or card as payment options these days, and restaurants who embrace more payment types see more business and make more money. Your POS should be able to process mobile or tap payments in addition to cards that have to be swiped or chips inserted into the payment device.

Your POS system is the lifeblood of your restaurant. Make sure you choose a platform that has all the features you need in one simple place.


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