9 Remarkable Ways To Increase Business Curb Appeal

There’s nothing more important than the first impression of your business. It’s imperative for clients to feel welcome the minute they pull up to your parking lot, and it’s equally crucial that your customers have an accurate first impression. You want potential customers to see that you’re a company that values their appearance at all times.

Business owners and managers will do whatever they can to increase their curb appeal. The more something is desired and desirable, the more it’s worth. Customers often drive past a business and then decide if it looks like somewhere that they would want to stay or not.

If your office building gives off even an ounce of unmaintained and shoddy vibes, it can influence your customers’ impression and steer them away. Here are nine remarkable ways to increase your business curb appeal:

1. Elevate Your Landscaping

If you want to keep up with the Joneses or run a tight ship against other businesses in your area, the first thing you should consider is your landscaping. You don’t have to break the bank with a high-maintenance landscape, but adding some life to your building’s exterior will make a world of difference.

There are many different types of landscaping that owners can choose from. Elevating your existing landscaping for increased curb appeal is an excellent place to start and helps you stay within budget.

Many plant varieties grow well in small, contained areas like containers or window boxes. Elevated garden beds will keep your plants away from the ground, where they can easily gather pests and diseases.

Whatever changes you’re planning, it’s a good idea to use software for landscape designers to visualize them before implementing anything, as this makes it easier to choose the right configuration for your business.

2. Install New HVAC Systems

The next thing to consider is your business’s HVAC system. A new, high-efficiency system will help keep your customers comfortable and save you money on your energy bills. Replacing an old and outdated HVAC system with a new high-efficiency system can reduce your energy usage by 30 percent or more.

Industrial HVAC systems are an absolute must for any commercial building. Many local businesses specialize in industrial HVAC system design and installation, like the Elevation Mechanical HVAC, so if you’re considering installing a new unit or replacing your existing one, make sure you hire a trusted local industrial HVAC service provider.

3. Revamp Your Concrete

After you have improved your landscaping and HVAC system, you should consider revamping your exterior sidewalks.

Concrete is integral to commercial buildings. It’s durable and easy to maintain, but it can also become dated and boring. Revamping your exterior concrete is a great way to improve curb appeal without breaking the bank.

There are many ways to achieve an upgrade for your concrete, such as acid staining, stamping, and texturing. Nowadays, you may choose from many concrete contractors to give your sidewalk a makeover. All there’s to do is make a quick internet search and select the one you think would be best.

4. Maintain Your Existing Windows

In addition to revamping your concrete, you should also consider replacing or repairing your windows. Many window contractors specialize in opening new business opportunities for their clients through high-quality window replacement.

Replacing old office windows is one of the best investments you can make toward increasing your building’s curb appeal. But, if you do not want to go through the cost and time of replacing windows, then there are other ways to improve your existing windows without doing too much. For example, you can have your windows properly cleaned and inspected. Cracks, misted glass, and fogged-up windows should be repaired as well.

5. Invest In Quality Furniture

Your business’s furniture sets the tone for your customers. You want to make sure your office looks appealing, neat, and clean. After all, if you plan to sell anything in retail or retail-like trade, you’ll need to have a suitable place for customers to shop.

When choosing furniture that would look good in a commercial space, choosing high-quality, durable pieces is essential. You don’t have to stress and fuss about spending a fortune on designer furniture, but you should avoid selecting the cheapest pieces available. Cheap furniture might look good when it’s new, but it won’t last long and will likely need to be replaced sooner rather than later.

6. Improve Your Building’s Paint Job

The condition of your building’s paint job is another critical factor in curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint will make your building look new again and be a relatively inexpensive way to improve your business’s appearance. Choosing the right color for your business’s exterior is essential, as this will also play a role in curb appeal.

If you’re not sure what’s the best color to choose, you can always consult with a professional painting contractor. They will help you choose the right color and give your building a fresh coat of paint that’ll make it look new again.

7. Upgrade Your Lighting

Another significant improvement you can make to increase your building’s curb appeal is with lighting. More and more businesses are beginning to understand the importance of good lighting, especially since it helps create a sense of security.

You need outdoor lights that illuminate and offer comprehensive coverage for safety purposes. To prevent vandalism, keep lights behind panes of shatter-resistant glass. You also want to make sure that the light fixtures are high quality and appeal to the building’s exterior.

Alongside enhancing atmospheric comfort, installing decorative ceiling fans from Wayfair can be a visually appealing addition to your business, serving both as functional elements that improve air circulation and as stylish pieces that complement your interior design. Choose ceiling fans that align with your aesthetic vision to enhance not only the physical but also the visual appeal of your space.

8. Install Commercial Awnings

Another good feature to improve your business curb appeal is commercial awnings installation. By installing awnings, you provide your customers with some shade while they’re waiting in line or sitting out on the patio.

You can purchase awnings with retractable arms, making it easier to retract the awning when strong wind gusts hit.

9. Maximize Commercial Security Systems

Lastly, make sure you maximize your commercial security. A good security system will keep your business and the people inside it safe; this is especially important if many people come in and out of your place of business daily.

By installing motion sensor lights, alarm systems, surveillance cameras, iron fences, restricting access to certain parts of the building, you can help keep your business and employees safe while improving your curb appeal.

Final Note

In the end, it’s worthy of remembering that your building’s curb appeal can mean the difference between customers entering or passing by.

A business’s aesthetics can be just as important, if not more important, than the products and services it offers. With just a few practical ways, you can go a long way in increasing commercial property value.

Remember, it’s always wise to put your best foot forward, especially when creating a positive impression. So don’t delay! Start improving your building today and start bringing in more customers.


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