Aldelo Releases Masa+ V2 Digital Online Ordering and Payments Platform

Enhancing User Experience of Native Digital Online Ordering Solution

PLEASANTON, CA – July 26, 2022 – Aldelo, L.P., developer of the Aldelo Express POS restaurant technology platform that includes a native suite of merchant- and customer-facing iOS and Android point-of-sale solutions, announces the V2 release of its Masa+ digital online ordering and payments platform. Aldelo Express seamlessly integrates with Masa+ Online Storefront, Online Ordering, e-Gift, e-Loyalty, and e-Coupons, providing a complete digital marketing platform for restaurants.

Masa+ V2 offers merchants an improved online storefront to market the business digitally more effectively and an overall improved user experience with consistent color schemes, styles, and workflows. The updated user interface (UI) results in faster order entry and checkout experiences including quick access to fast-pay digital wallet services.

By utilizing the native Masa+ online ordering solution, Aldelo Express operators eliminate third-party online ordering solutions and fees, and the need to maintain multiple menus. No additional hardware is required other than the Aldelo Express devices already in use.

Masa+ online ordering, and digital menus help restaurants increase order intake and expand their customer base at any restaurant, food truck, event, or pop-up location. Restaurants easily manage a dynamic menu, immediately synchronizing menu changes online that eliminate traditional menus’ hassle and printing costs.

Masa+ online storefronts enhance a restaurant’s digital presence by providing customers with updated Masa+ loyalty and rewards status in real-time and easy access to purchase Masa+ eGift cards. Masa+ shows user’s their rewards and gift card balances making them easily accessible, encouraging customers to place orders from the online ordering menu consisting of vibrant images and transparent pricing.

“Restaurants tend to add digital online services organically and over time end up maintaining multiple online ordering and menu management solutions,” says Jeff Moore, V.P. of Operations. “By utilizing the native digital online ordering and menu available with Aldelo Express, everything is seamless and automated with consolidated cloud back-office reporting. Feedback from the Aldelo Express community results in a progression of the Masa+ platform that continues to improve and deliver the features customers want.”

Aldelo Express restaurant owners manage their Masa+ digital menu in a cloud back office anytime, anywhere. Users upload hundreds and even thousands of color-based, high-resolution images to proudly display each menu item, highlight their store premises, and promote special events.

As a native online ordering and payments solution from Aldelo Express POS, Masa+ digital solutions are available at ZERO ADDITIONAL COST to restaurants that choose ultra-competitive Aldelo Pay or Aldelo Partner merchant services.

When used with Aldelo Express POS, Masa+ can increase a restaurant’s sales by 8.3%.

About Aldelo, L.P.
A leader in developing restaurant point-of-sale solutions for more than 20 years, Aldelo Express POS is an E2E restaurant technology platform encompassing full-featured merchant- and customer-facing solutions. Merchants leverage a rich ecosystem for customizing and improving customer ordering, dining, and delivery services. This includes Masa+ providing restaurant businesses with a seamless Web-based Restaurant Storefront, Mobile Online Ordering, Secure Digital Wallet with Gift, Loyalty, and Reward programs without any added costs. 

24/7 technical support and all software releases and updates are available at no cost to Aldelo Express merchants. Software updates are released year-round and instantly available via real-time cloud synchronization to the point-of-sale, so every device is running the latest version software.

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