What is a Virtual Terminal?

Virtual Terminal

Modern businesses require a range of payment channels to support online payments, in-person payments, over-the-phone payments, and more. Business owners exploring their payment options will likely ...

What is a POS Terminal?

What is a POS Terminal?

A POS terminal is a computerized device used to process sales transactions in retail environments. The POS terminal typically includes a cash drawer for storing cash, a receipt printer for printing ...

How to Track USPS Packages

Track USPS Packages

If you need to track a USPS package, there are a few different ways that you can do so. The most common way is by using the USPS tracking number that was provided to you when you shipped the ...

What is a Virtual Merchant?

Virtual Merchant

In the world of eCommerce, many terms can be confusing for both novice and veteran business owners. Whether you’re developing a new eCommerce brand or extending a brick-and-mortar business into an ...
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