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The Elusive POS Spotted in Its Natural Habitat So what is POS? POS stands for point of sale. A point-of-sale (POS) transaction is what takes place between ...

It’s a cutthroat business world these days. While there are more opportunities for the ordinary working person to start a small enterprise, this also means ...

If you want to log in to the US Foods customer portal, here's the easiest way to do so: 1. Open your web browser and access the US Foods website ...

The restaurant industry is constantly evolving, with new trends, technologies, and culinary creations always emerging. Restaurant owners, chefs, and ...

As credit card usage continues to grow in the United States, accepting this form of payment is increasingly essential for businesses of all sizes. ...

Drop shipping is a type of eCommerce store that involves the taking of orders without the possession of any merchandise. Instead, the orders and their ...

As a business owner, Square is the perfect companion to make managing your finances simpler and more straightforward. From Point-of-Sale solutions to ...

How to Login to Square Square is a popular point-of-sale (POS) system that allows businesses to accept payments, track inventory, and manage customer ...

A cash register is a simple device that you find at the Point of Sale used to calculate transactions and record the same electronically. Modern-day cash ...

This guide offers a comprehensive overview of how to set up and use a POS system, as well as introducing advanced features that can benefit businesses. ...

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Oracle Micros POS Logo
3 years ago

Oracle MICROS Simphony POS

POS Type: Windows
MICROS POS is a point of sale provider backed by Oracle -- one of the most significant software and technology firms in the world. This MICROS POS format is built specifically for the food and beverage industry -- there are also specifications for sports and entertainment venues.  
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Epos Now Logo
3 years ago

Epos Now

POS Type: Android, iPad POS, Windows
The Epos Now provides you with access to a broad range of features for restaurants, bars, retail, and hospitality on almost any hardware device. The company also has an extensive integration list to improve functionality.
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NCR Aloha POS Logo
3 years ago

Aloha POS

POS Type: Cloud, Windows
NCR Aloha POS is one of the largest industry providers. They offer a range of different in-house hardware solutions with easy-to-use software, but it can get pricey. Aloha is best suited for medium to large enterprise customers.
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Aldelo POS Logo
3 years ago

Aldelo POS

POS Type: Android, iPad POS, Windows
Aldelo POS is a cloud-based POS system that makes use of tablets and fixed kiosks. You can bring your own iPad, Android device, or choose between a Window's system or self-service kiosk. 
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AccuPOS Point of Sale Logo
3 years ago


POS Type: Android, Windows
AccuPOS allows you to choose between Android and PC hardware devices. The company provides point-of-sale products to various industries, including restaurants, bars, retail stores, small businesses, and dispensaries. A standout in integration with QuickBooks and Sage, but pricing isn't transparent.
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  1. Thanks for the great comments, David. I totally agree, but I don’t think many consumers realize that restaurants are paying these hefty fees. The last time I used DoorDash, I bought Chinese food for $25.25. With the delivery fee and tipping, the total was $37.88. So I paid almost $13 in delivery fees and tips. Was it convenient, I suppose. Will I do it I felt like it was a rip-off. At that price, I’ll just drive down a mile to save $13. I had no idea how the fee structures worked.

    The problem with restaurants passing on the cost is that DoorDash still charges a delivery fee, and you tip on top of that. So if the restaurant owner increases prices to cover the commissions, so now we end up paying even more for our $25 meal. A competitor would love this and could see a jump in business. I suppose a restaurant could have a separate menu with pricing for delivery to offset the fees, but this can turn into a management headache.

    I’ve talked to restaurant owners who say passing on 20-30% of the commission fees to the consumer will hurt business. Maybe a split of the fees with consumers could be reasonable. I’m not anti-DoorDash, it’s definitely a much-needed service. I just think the fees and commissions should be comparable to the services being offered. If restaurant owners are comfortable with the fees, then so be it. If not, they can consider passing on the costs or bringing delivery in-house.

    One thing I know for certain, it’s definitely not as simple as buying a plugin for WordPress, but there are POS systems that have the features built-in to make this happen, especially when working with a trusted POS reseller to handle the tech stuff.

  2. Hi Tunde, thanks for the great question. Here are a few general advantages and benefits you can expect.

    1) Faster service – quicker ordering and checkout, assuming you have a reliable POS.

    2) Boost productivity – with features like inventory control and employee management.

    3) Improves accuracy – Accurate pricing and detailed reporting.

    4) Prevents errors – fewer ordering errors and less chances of theft.

    5) Various payment and loyalty options give customers more options for making different payment types like credit/debit cards, contactless payments (Apple Pay), and loyalty points.

    6) Cloud-based – most modern POS systems are on the cloud and have options for mobile devices, which is almost a requirement for many industries these days.

    Anyway, there are just a few I could think of off the top of my head. I hope it helps!

  3. I agree, Marty. The more restaurant owners I talk to, the more I learn that the delivery fees destroy their bottom line. Some are grateful to have a service to help their businesses stay alive, but others, especially small restaurants trying to navigate a pandemic, can’t afford it.

    I know dozens of cities and counties have fee caps, but only two states – Washington and Oregon have approved statewide cap limits. States like California, New York, and Texas are considering legislation to limit third-party delivery fees charged. I think that’s a great step in the right direction, but hopefully not too little, too late.

    That being said, many restaurant owners have also taken it upon themselves to offer delivery services in-house and said to hell with these services. Some more advanced POS systems offer delivery features, so something to keep in mind.

  4. Hey thanks Thomas! Glad you found the information informative. Feel free to share on your social platforms. :)

  5. Kevin, thanks for taking the time to comment. We actually gave Spoton POS a great rating. We do our best to keep up on the latest pricing, however, we have many reviews on our site and we always recommend that everyone check the source as this is a fast-changing industry.

    As far as being wrong about hidden fees, here’s one example of a customer on your BBB page claiming hidden fees, so we report what we find. While I greatly appreciate the feedback and comment, I’m removing the link to your website, since your comment is more promotional in nature.

  6. Thanks for the clarification, Ryan. We’ll get that updated in the review, much appreciate the feedback.
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