The 5 Best Electronic Signature Software Apps in 2023

Many businesses worldwide are keeping up with the fast-paced innovations from using paper and pen to the convenience of using screens and mobile devices. One of the business landscapes that also adapted to these changes is eSignatures. Digital documents now have become so simplified that staff, employees, customers, and anyone can send contracts and necessary copies with their electronic signatures.

What Is An Electronic Signature?

eSignatures are digital signatures of a person who wants to assure that a signed document is legit and authentic in its electronic form. There’s different software that allows people to sign online documents and send them to multiple recipients from anywhere in the world. It seems that many businesses, organizations, sectors, and institutions have been using this as an effective alternative to sending emails for a hard copy document.

One downside of physical signatures is that you have to wait for the document to arrive, so you can sign it and have it mailed again. This latter process seems more costly, old-school, and requires more cost.

Best Electronic Signature Software Apps

If you want to incorporate an eSignature system in your own business, here are a consolidated list of the five best electronic signature software apps:

  1. jSign

Mobile professionals rely on electronic signatures as one of their essential business tools. has acknowledged this need and has offered a solution for you to sign documents online and on the go quickly. Wherever you may be, you can review a deal or contract and close it by signing them online.

Their software offers only three steps to complete this task. You need to upload, which allows you to drag and drop the document, and then create your initials while inputting other details like date, company name, and other parties who need to sign. The second step is to invite others to sign; this can be done through emails. Lastly, you’ll be notified once the recipient has already finished signing. And this is when you can finally download the signed document. 

With any technological gadgets, you’ll have access to PDF files and contracts.You don’t have to scan, print, or fax these documents to finalize them. What’s excellent about jSign is that all the signed copies will be saved in your cloud storage. This will help you review and access later when you need to. You won’t have to worry about losing these files, and they work effectively as backups if your computer or gadgets gets broken.

  1. AdobeSign

One of the most famous names in the software industry, Adobe, also created its e-signature solution called AdobeSign. 

They offer services that vary from different features and functions. It could be used on the web with a computer or your mobile phone. You’ll quickly virtually sign important documents, even when you’re not physically in your office. An authentication service comes with this software to ensure that the papers are par with some legal compliance.

There have been recent innovations in this software, in which they included compliance for life science, pharmaceutical firms, and integration with SAP SuccessFactors. These have been ultimately considered since these industries typically require a lot of signatures daily.

Advancing in technological support like using a point of sale (POS) solution and using e-signature software are just some of the standard and valuable innovations to make your business more efficient. 

Signing Phone with Digital Signature
  1. DocuSign

Another famous e-signature system is DocuSign. It’s widespread over millions of users worldwide. They’ve been a dedicated e-signature solution provider while offering to get your signatures ready quickly with no time wasted.

This application is compatible with Google, Windows, Apple, SalesForce, and many other mobile device applications. They offer security due to their robust encryption technology. Hence many employing companies rely on these solutions to protect their data.

They offer a Standard Plan which works for up to three users. Otherwise, if you want to give it a try, for now, you may do so using their 30day trial period. 

  1. OneSpan Sign

This next e-signature system, OneSpan, has acquired users who are prominent players in many industries. Some of their users include IBM and BMW. They offer credible e-signature solutions, which are helpful for small and large businesses alike. They use an optimized platform and boasts a user-friendly interface. Their workflow can be accessed across different devices and by other personnel too. 

Aside from flexibility, OneSpan Sign also provides a secure way of storing your business data and information. It can be partnered and connected with other services like,, and Microsoft Dynamics. However, you’ll have to communicate with them for a pricing quotation because they don’t offer a flat-rate price to anyone.

  1. SignEasy

SignEasy is also a mobile-ready e-signature application that can, of course, be accessed through your home computer. It also is cloud-based, so you can have everything accessible anywhere as long as you have internet access. 

This e-signature software is simplified as it possesses almost all the features mentioned above with the other famous e-signature software. You can add some notes on the signature boxes to notify who needs to sign and how they should do it. And you may even design documents as templates if they need to be signed simultaneously.

This e-signature application offers different services like the Standard Plan, Plus, and Professional Plans. If you want your business to take advantage of many various features, you should subscribe to the Professional Plan instead.

SignEasy’s pricing is quite competitive compared to other applications. There may be some who offer better functions and features at the same price. However, this application is reasonably priced and competitive enough to beat other e-signature systems. 


Make everything in your business or company more convenient by incorporating the use of e-signatures. Whether you need your staff and employees to sign improved employment contracts or you need your clients to confirm deals with their signatures, this is the best alternative compared to mailing hard copy documents.

Not only are these safe and easy to use, but they’re also cheaper and flexible for the key people in your company to access and use. Review these five best e-signature application providers, and you’ll find how positive your business will move forward while using this convenient method.


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