5 Best Security Systems to Protect Your Small Business

Safety should always be a topmost priority. However, you cannot control every situation and avoid incidents from happening. Since we want to ensure a safe environment, having a trusted security system is essential in your business establishment. 

Having the best business security systems will give you peace of mind, helping you prevent theft, or trespassing and will provide you 24/7 monitoring. From DIY alarm kits to the best 4k night vision camera, here are five of the best security systems that will provide customized solutions and help lessen your worry and protect your investments.

5 Best Business Security Systems in 2021

  • SimpliSafe – Best for Most Businesses
  • FrontPoint – Best for Small Business with Outdoor Cameras
  • Vivint – Best Smart Business Security Solution
  • ADT – Best for Commercial Grade Security
  • Adobe – Best Basic Security System for Small Offices

Simplisafe – Best DIY Security System for Offices

Simplisafe Business Security System

Simplisafe is one of the best security systems options, especially for small businesses, warehouses, and even households. You can also customize the security system by how you want it to function. And it has easy options so you can have DIY office security.

It does not require professional installation and wiring works, so you can set it up yourself (no tools required). It also supports devices such as Alexa, Apple Watch, Google, and Nest. If you also want to install doorbell cameras, they also have that type of service.    

The system can be bare-bones for basic detection of intrusion. But there are also other types of devices that you can purchase one by one, like glass break sensors, smoke detectors, smart lights, and locks. Conveniently, you can customize and set up the security system on your own, or you can schedule for a professional installation at around $80.

FrontPoint Security – Best for Small Business

Frontpoint Security System

FrontPoint Security is another great all-in-one product for small businesses. We know for a fact that no owner wants a complicated security system, especially when it comes to the installation process. All you need is just a few easy-to-install cameras, and FrontPoint is perfect for that. It is also one of the best choices because it provides 24/7 monitoring and automated technology.

It has a unique feature compared to Simplisafe because as they offer outdoor cameras. Outdoor cameras are helpful devices to check and monitor the situation outside of your premises. Most restaurants need this type of feature for them to see if there are incoming guests, making them more proactive in reserving a table for their guests. You can easily install FrontPoint with all its smart settings, alerts, and notifications. 

Vivint – Best Smart Business Security Solution

Vivint Business Security

Vivint also offers basic security systems and equipment. It offers smart doorbells and locks that are essential for business with confidential offices. It allows people to move freely without worrying about the incoming people that may cause trouble in their office.

One of its central features is the SmartHub touchscreen that lets you arm or disarm the system, monitor your cameras, or have a two-way talk with your guests. You can also control the lighting, thermostat, or smart locking with the Vivint SmartHub or mobile app. Plus, it’s compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

In addition to cameras, window and door sensors, motion detectors, you can also opt for fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide detectors which is essential, especially if you have restaurant kitchen equipment.

Since Vivint offers more than the primary security system, it requires the professional installation of cameras and sensors. I personally use Vivint at my home and love it.

ADT – Best for Commercial Grade Security

ADT Security System for Small Business

ADT is probably a name you often hear when it comes to security in both commercial and residential properties and is one of the original business security providers that offers almost everything from smart locks to high-level systems and home automation. It is also one of the complex types of wired security systems.

It is highly recommended for bigger households and offices. Suppose you want an upgraded security system; this one is for you. This security camera has a special feature where you can control basic security devices such as cameras, alarms, and sensors on your mobile phone. It runs using cellular data or WIFI. Likewise, ADT also offers traditional landline-based systems.

It’s the perfect solution for your business security system if you don’t want a one-size-fits-all system but a completely customized one.

Abode – Best Basic Security System for Small Offices

Abode Business Security Solutions

Abode is another favorite choice for a DIY security system. It also has the same feature as Simplisafe in terms of customizing your security system. You can also work on your own on how you want your security system to do its job. It has glass and window detectors, water sensors, and smoke alarms.

What makes Abode unique is that it can inform and alert you if someone is inside your premises. If you have a lot of entrances like doors and windows, Abode is a good choice. It also has some cool features that you can access on their website by answering some simple questions, and they will walk you through the things you need. If you need a basic security solution for your small business, Abode will help you get the job done at a fair price.

There are tons of excellent business security systems solutions in the market. It’s essential to know what you need based on your business size, office, preferences, and how exactly you want your business secured.


When you are about to look for a security system, you must know which system your small business or restaurant needs. In fact, if you’re opening a new restaurant, adding security to your restaurant checklist is a good idea.

Either way, it is a must to consult security experts to help you choose the best security system to match your area and interests. Since it will obviously cost you some money, make sure you will always choose the best one within your budget. Remember that you have this to make your business more secure, and it’s a business expense, so choose what will ensure everyone’s safety. 


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  1. I totally agree when you said that having the right commercial security systems would give you peace of mind in preventing any criminal activities 24/7. I can imagine how it will also give customers feel comfortable in an establishment when they know that the business has that kind of protection. This can definitely be perfect for jewelry shops and banks which are eye-candy for criminals no matter the time of the day.

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