Chick-fil-A Picks Ditto for New POS System

Popular fast food chicken chain Chick-fil-A recently announced an exciting tech upgrade coming to restaurants nationwide. The company is partnering with software developer Ditto to implement a next-generation Point of Sale (POS) system leveraging innovative “cloud-optional” architecture.

According to Chick-fil-A’s Senior Director of Customer Technology Solutions, Chris Taylor, the new POS platforms will enable greater speed, flexibility, and reliability. “We want to bring the same commitment to operational excellence and customer care that you see at our restaurants, and extend that to the behind-the-scenes technology,” Taylor said.

The Ditto software allows devices to function seamlessly whether connected to the internet or not. This means transactions can continue during Wi-Fi disruptions – crucial for peak dining rush hours. The system also enables faster sharing of data between restaurant team members.

“Ditto moves key operational data between restaurant Team Members quickly, seamlessly and with no round trips to central services,” Taylor explained. “The more control and information we can put in the hands of operators and their teams, the better they can care for customers.”

Ditto CEO and Co-Founder Adam Fish noted how this technology solves previous issues faced by retail chains: “Restaurants face serious reliability and architectural challenges. Ditto’s cloud-optional platform brings true computational power to the edge — providing the best of both worlds.”

With this upgrade, Chick-fil-A continues leading innovation in the restaurant sphere. Customers at the nation’s favorite fast casual chicken purveyor can soon expect even speedier and seamless service thanks to next-gen tech! [Source QSRWeb]

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