How to Start a Restaurant: Checklist of 10 Steps to Open a New Restaurant

Updated as of Starting a new restaurant can be a very exciting business venture.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. households will spend an average of $3,365 per year eating out at restaurants, almost as much as eating at home.  The industry continues to grow year over year, and there has never been a better

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How Much Does it Cost to Start a Food Truck in 2020?

Starting a food truck is becoming a trendy option for entrepreneurs who want to get into the food industry - this is no better epitomized by the fact that the food truck industry is a $2 billion-plus industry and has grown by 300% since 2014 in cities all across America. (Food Truck Nation) The most cited reasons why people

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Restaurant Cleaning Checklist: How to Keep Your Restaurant Clean

Restaurant Cleaning Procedures Checklist A comprehensive restaurant cleaning checklist is critical if you own or manage any hospitality establishment. Not only do you owe it to your customers to keep your kitchen clean, but FDA food codes require a certain standard of cleanliness in commercial kitchens for health inspections. To reduce your exposure to contamination, food poisoning, and legal

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Point of Sale (POS) Systems vs. Cash Registers

If you have a restaurant or retail store, you must have a point of sale (POS) system or cash register to ring up customers to process transactions and sales.  While a simple manual cash register might be suitable for some small businesses, to be more competitive and to run your business more efficiently, you will want to consider using

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List of the Key Components of a POS System [Infographic]

A point-of-sale (POS) system is a computerized system with several key components and parts used to complete a retail transaction.  The merchant/employee calculates the total amount owed by the customer, may print a bill if needed, and gives different options for customers to make the payment Whether you're already a business owner or just starting a new business, this

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How To Choose The Best POS System For a Small Business

The point of sale system has become an integral part of many businesses due to its beneficial features. These systems are emerging in new dimensions regularly to satisfy the expectations of a large number of businesspeople. During its invention, point of sale (POS) systems were used to perform only some limited tasks such as transactions, but now they are

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7 Things to Look For In A Restaurant POS Application

There are over a million restaurants in the United States. The cumulative sales from all these restaurants are expected to have clocked nearly $800 billion last year. The sheer size of this industry has given rise to a slew of POS apps that are explicitly targeted at this industry. Picking a restaurant POS application is not merely an exercise

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How To Build An Efficient & Engaging App For Your Restaurant

In today's highly dynamic and fiercely competitive marketplace, every restaurant needs an influential mobile app to keep customers engaged and acquire new clients. As per research made by Olo, online and in-app ordering has helped restaurants increase their basket size by 25%. Hiring a seasoned app development company is one of the easiest ways to build a customer-centric mobile

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Top 15 Benefits of Using Mobile POS for Restaurants

One of the most significant overall advantages a tablet POS has over fixed POS terminals is the flexibility of cloud-based mobile POS solutions. While we typically refer to them as handhelds in the industry, mobile wireless terminals or mPOS is more accurate. Over the last few years, the rapid advent of tablet devices led by the Apple iPad and

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