7 Things to Look For In A Restaurant POS Application

There are over a million restaurants in the United States. The cumulative sales from all these restaurants are expected to have clocked nearly $800 billion last year. The sheer size of this industry has given rise to a slew of POS apps that are explicitly targeted at this industry. Picking a restaurant POS application is not merely an exercise in

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How To Build An Efficient & Engaging App For Your Restaurant

In today's highly dynamic and fiercely competitive marketplace, every restaurant needs an influential mobile app to keep customers engaged and acquire new clients. As per research made by Olo, online and in-app ordering has helped restaurants increase their basket size by 25%. Hiring a seasoned app development company is one of the easiest ways to build a customer-centric mobile app

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Top 15 Benefits of Using Mobile POS for Restaurants

One of the most significant overall advantages a tablet POS has over fixed POS terminals is the flexibility of cloud-based mobile POS solutions. While we typically refer to them as handhelds in the industry, mobile wireless terminals or mPOS is more accurate. Over the last few years, the rapid advent of tablet devices led by the Apple iPad and

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