Listen, we get it that getting a business loan with bad credit can be a challenge.  Not everyone has had the same money skills as the next person, and sometimes bad luck (and bad credit) happens. But bad credit can leave people feeling as if they have no options to get started in life, especially if they want to take a business idea from paper to reality. But in fact, there are options for people who want to get a business loan for a small business like opening a restaurant or retail store, but also carry with them bad credit.

There are some different considerations for a small business than a large corporation. For example, your credit score matters, because many see the two financial records and backgrounds as intertwined. And to understand a credit score, you have to know what factors go into it. Those aren’t just your payment history, but how much of your available credit you’re using. What else? This graphic explains what to consider when getting business loans with bad credit.