U.S. Postal Experience – Customer Survey

The USPS Postal Experience Customer Survey, found at www.Postalexperience.com/pos, is a website that allows customers to provide feedback about their most recent postal experience.

Customers can rate their overall satisfaction with the postal service, as well as specific aspects of their experience, on a scale of 1 to 5. They can also leave comments about their experience. In addition, Postal Experience offers a customer service center where customers can submit questions or complaints.

What is the U.S. Postal Service Customer Experience Survey?

The Postal experience survey is a process through which customer feedback is collected in relation to their most recent postal experience. The postal survey/questionnaire covers various aspects of the customer’s experience, including the speed and quality of service, as well as the overall satisfaction with the postal service.

The results of the survey can be used to improve the quality of service and make the postal experience more enjoyable for customers. Postal experience surveys are an important part of customer feedback and can help to improve the quality of service provided by the postal service.

About the U.S. Postal Service (USPS)

USPS is one of the most popular ways to send and receive letters and packages. It is also one of the most affordable ways to do so. USPS offers many different services, including Express Mail, Priority Mail, First-Class Mail, and Standard Post.

Each service has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs. USPS also offers a variety of packaging options, so you can find the perfect way to send your items. USPS is a reliable and affordable option for sending letters and packages. It’s also very easy to track your packages online with USPS tracking.


Instructions for Taking the Postal Experience Survey

  • You need to have a computer with an internet connection to take this survey.
  • You also need to be able to read either English or Spanish.
  • Finally, you will need your most recent receipt from the US Postal Service that has an invitation for the survey.

How to Take the Survey Online

  1. Visit login here https://postalexperience.com/pos
  2. Click on the radio button to select your preferred language
  3. Click “Select Language” to continue
  4. Enter your Zip code and + 4 code in the designated fields (this will be located on the top of your receipt below the Post Office location address)
  5. Click “Begin Questionnaire”
  6. Enter the date of your transaction (located at the top of the receipt) in MM/DD format
  7. Enter the time from the receipt
  8. Answer questions regarding your level of satisfaction and how long you waited in line
  9. In the provided space, enter any specific comments you may have
  10. Click “Finish Questionnaire” when you are done

How to Take By Phone

How to take by QR Code

  • Scan the QR code on your receipt with your mobile device.

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Overall, Postal Experience is a helpful website for those who want to improve their postal experience. The website is easy to navigate and provides clear instructions on how to provide feedback. In addition, the customer service center appears to be responsive and helpful.

If you’re looking for a way to provide feedback about your postal experience, the Postal Experience questionnaire is a great way to share your input.


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