Restaurateur vs. Restauranteur: Which is Correct Spelling?

The correct spelling is “restaurateur” without the ‘n.’ A restaurateur is a person in charge of, or who owns, a restaurant.

The issue likely arises due to the connection between both words – “restaurant” and “restaurateur.” Many people assume that the final letters should be a continuation of the word restaurant with the letters “eur,” but that is not accurate. Find out why below!

The Definition of a Restaurateur

A restaurateur is someone who opens and manages restaurants professionally. This term has evolved over the years, applying to any restaurant proprietor. Still, traditionally it encompasses an experienced person with the know-how to oversee all facets of the business successfully.

Such individuals are often highly skilled in this specific field, notwithstanding the expertise needed to work within it. A restaurateur is tasked with virtually all aspects of restaurant management, from recruiting staff and obtaining needed supplies to setting menu items and pricing.

On the financial side, these professionals must manage budgeting, income tracking, promotions, and advertising and marketing for the restaurant. Customer satisfaction is paramount to the success of a dining establishment and lies in the hands of the restaurateur.

Where Does the Word Restaurateur Come From?

‘Restaurateur’ is a borrowing from French, deriving from the verb ‘restaurer’, meaning to bring back to life or revive. In the 18th century, its application was first used with regard to vendors selling restorative foods such as broths and soups.

Gradually, this term was adopted to refer to the proprietor or manager of a restaurant – as they are in charge of restoring and maintaining it – and it entered the English language in the early 19th century. (Source Wikipedia)

The Definition of a Restauranteur

The term restauranteur is not a commonly used word in the English language. It is a misspelling of the word restaurateur, which means the same thing. The term restauranteur is not found in any reputable dictionaries or industry publications.

The Importance of Using the Correct Term

The food service industry is notorious for having its own language and lingo. When speaking in a professional setting within the industry, it’s crucial to pronounce it correctly to come across as knowledgeable and polished.

It’s essential to remember that the pronunciation of “restaurateur” matches its spelling. Pronouncing it as “restaurant” with an “-er” at the end would be inaccurate and would not reflect the intended meaning of the word.

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To sum up, when talking about the proprietor or manager of an eatery, the correct word to use is ‘restaurateur.’ The term ‘restauranteur’ is not widely employed and is, in fact, considered a typo. It’s essential to employ exact terminologies and phrases in the food service industry.


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