Find Restaurants That Are Open Now with Takeout Covid

Coast App has started Takeout COVID (, a site that provides a map and list of restaurants that are open for take out and delivery during this time.

From the marketing director at Coast App and why they have developed this free service “Our only goal here is to help restaurants get more customers, we’re not making any money out of this. Here’s a short story on why we’re doing this, I went to my favorite sushi joint (, and showed him Takeout COVID. He teared up and said, “if this works, this is going to save families.” He gave me his personal mobile and is committed to helping us push this to his community.”

Current cities on the list

It’s free for restaurants to join.  If your restaurant is still open during this time (or you know a restaurant that’s currently open), I’d highly recommend to add your restaurant.  It’s important to let customers nearby find your restaurant so they can support you.

Submit your restaurant here