What is Fax? Everything You Need To Know About Faxing For Business

Despite the improvement in messaging technologies, Fax has stood the test of time and has refused to be relegated to the background. There’s a reason why businesses, even today, still fancies fax. 

Here’s everything you need to know about fax and your business in the modern era.

What Does Fax Mean?

The term fax is short for Facsimile, and it’s also known as the telefax. Fax is an aged long process of transmitting or reproducing documents through radio waves or wire. Basically, fax machines transmit information by scanning the document and then sending the information through the telephone network to a correspondent fax machine. A fax machine is widely famous because it’s cheap, fast, and reliable among other qualities. 

Lawyers, accountants, and healthcare workers prefer fax to most of the modern-day system of transmitting information because it’s easy to use for confidential information.

Types of Fax Machine and Its Suitability For Business

The first set of fax machines that were developed was meant for small business owners. Compared to the latest fax technology, the first set of faxes needed improvement, especially in speed and quality. Nonetheless, they’re perfect for small business owners as they’re comprehensively cheap and can still transmit around 20 faxes in a day. 

The next set of faxes that were developed are inkjet fax and laser fax. They’re faster and easier to use. They can also do multiple functions beyond faxing. They can print, scan, and even copy documents. Unlike thermal fax machines, they can send and receives large volumes of documents per day.  

Today, there’s a recent innovation in the fax system that allows you to fax without a fax system.  This is called cloud faxing. The best fax online is fast, easy to use and you can receive and send files from practically anywhere in the world. 

Advantages of Fax Machines for Your Business

Asides from the ease and speed of sending and corresponding documents, fax have been proven to be more useful for businesses in the following ways:

  1. Easy and Secure Way to Append Signatures 

Business owners sign several documents every day. To quickly append your signature on a document and then send it to your business partner, or vice versa, you need a fax machine. While an e-signature could be used in some cases, it runs the risk of being forged or hacked. This is why highly confidential or legal documents need to be faxed to protect their authenticity. 

You can also make use of an e-fax. An e-fax is faster than email, especially when there’s an emergency around signing a document fast.

  1. Protects Business Confidential Information 

When a business system is hacked, confidential and sensitive information might get leaked. This information could be your business strategy against competitors, your business plans, goals, etc. 

With email messaging systems, hacking is a common cybercrime that leaves most organizations vulnerable. However, the fax system provides some protection against cyber hackers. This is because documents sent by fax can’t be easily hacked. The chances that your faxed business document will be hacked are quite low. It can only happen if the hacker is aware when you’re transmitting the information. Aside from this, they’ll also need to familiarize themselves with the data encryption methods and security protocols of the fax software before they can hack it. 

While most hackers spend their time learning how to hack Gmail or Yahoo mails, the fax security protocols are unfamiliar terrain for most of them. 

Faxing with Fax Machine
  1. With Cloud Faxing, You Don’t Even Need A Fax Machine 

The advancement in technology significantly improved faxing system–you can now fax without a fax machine.

You can now input your original signature on your documents with touch screens. With cameras and scanners, you can reproduce your documents digitally and send them to either a correspondent cloud fax software or the normal fax machine. 

Cloud faxing opened unlimited ability to send and receive files. This is because the technology enables you to receive and send documents from both cloud fax and the traditional fax machine. It’s a neater, cleaner, and smarter means of sending and receiving documents without wasting business resources.

  1. Increases Customers’ Loyalty 

Did you know that you can ensure that your customers will keep coming back by using fax? By corresponding with them through fax, you can make sure your business name and brand will gain your customer’s loyalty.

For instance, a Fax can be used as a restaurant marketing tool to boost sales, increase customer retention, and encourage new customers by simply increasing their customer service. How? For every one that visits your restaurant, ask for their fax number, phone number, and email address. That way, you can surely contact them, make food deliveries, and send them thank-you notes through fax. 

Limitations of Fax

Fax may be a reliable and secured means of transmitting information. However, you should know that it has its limitations, such as the following:

  • Requires A Lot of Maintenance: If you haven’t upgraded to the cloud fax system, it means you still have a traditional fax machine. Traditional fax machines need a high level of maintenance to keep them functional.  

Besides, your fax machine won’t work without some papers, toner, and, of course, the ink, all of which cost money to run. 

  • It’s Location-Based: To use a fax machine, you have to be in the office or at least wherever the fax is located. You can’t send or receive a fax on the go. Additionally, faxing limits the number of faxes you can send per time to just one. 

If you’re sending the same message to fifty people, you have to fax fifty people, fifty times. Although fax can be quite fast when dealing with just one person, it becomes more cumbersome when you’re trying to reach a large number of people. 


Although it has been around since the 19th century, fax is still very effective for business management even in the 21st century. It’s fast, easy, and secured with new innovations like cloud faxing, which is a kind of faxing system that enables you to fax without a faxing machine. 

However, this doesn’t mean that the fax system doesn’t have its limitations. Some of the limitations include high maintenance, the inability to send multiple faxes at a time, and the fact that it’s location-based.


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