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The Best Free Online QR Code Generator to make unlimited QR Codes and use however you like. Customizable with your logo or image. Supports links, text, email, wi-fi, vcard, facebook, instagram, and so much more. There are no limitations and the QR Codes can be used commercially. Try it out, get started below!




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How to Create a QR Code with The Generator

1. Select Your Content

To create your QR code, first select the type of content you want to include. Options include URL, text, email, wi-fi, and more. Then, fill in all the fields that should appear when scanning the QR code. Once everything is entered correctly, your QR code will be generated. Keep in mind that you cannot change the content of your QR code once it has been generated.

2. Design Your Code

You can create a unique QR code by customizing the color, shape, pattern, and frame options. You can also add a logo to your QR code. You can either select a logo from the gallery or upload your own. You can also adjust the size and resolution of your code under the options settings.

3. Generate QR Code

As you make changes to your QR Code settings, you'll notice the code will change dynamically in real time. When your settings are the way you want them, select "Save" under the QR Code to generate.

4. Download File

After you select "Save," you'll have the option to download your image file in .png, .svg, and .pdf formats. You can also print your QR Code quickly if you prefer. And that's all there is to it! So easy a monkey could create a QR Code.

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What is a QR Code?

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that contains encoded data that can be read by a QR code scanner. A QR code is typically used to store information such as website addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses. When scanned, the QR code scanner will decode the data and display it on a smartphone or other device with a camera.

The name "QR code" comes from its creator, Toyota engineer Denso Wave, who designed it in 1994 for use in automotive manufacturing. The "QR" is short for "Quick Response."

QR codes are now used in a variety of applications, including product tracking, time tracking, document management, and general marketing. However, their most common use is to provide quick and easy access to information about a product or service.

One example is many restaurants use QR Codes in place of menus so customers can scan the QR Code and access the restaurant's menu online or to place orders through the restaurant's POS system. You can use our free QR Code generator to make QR codes for restaurants!

To read a QR code, you will need a QR code reader. There are many free and paid QR code readers available for download. Once you have installed a QR code reader on your smartphone, simply open the app and point your camera at the QR code. The QR code will be scanned and the information it contains will be displayed on your screen.

QR codes can be used to store a variety of information, including text, URLs, and contact information. They can also be used to launch apps or execute commands. For example, you can use a QR code to open a website in your browser, add a contact to your address book, or even call a phone number.

QR codes are a convenient way to share information. However, because they can be used to launch apps or execute commands, you should be careful about which QR codes you scan. Only scan QR codes from trusted sources.

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