I’m Jason Feemster, the owner, and operator of Point of Sale USA. I’m an Entrepreneur currently living in Dallas, Texas, with my wife Cathy and our five furry kids. I’ve been in the Point of Sale Industry since 2011, and my companies have sold and installed thousands of POS systems. I’ve worked with and represented many different POS companies over the years. I have a passion for connecting people with the best available technology to help grow their business and revenue.

My background is in Information Technology since 1995, and I ran a successful computer consulting business up until the summer of 2015, which I sold to focus primarily on helping people find the best point of sale solution for their business. I am a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and PCI QIR Certified. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

POS USA team at one of many restaurant shows

Here’s a little background on our website and how it can help you. Our site www.posusa.com initially started as an e-commerce website selling POS software and hardware online, but I found it was not optimal (for our team and me) to sell and support customers remotely. There are undoubtedly exceptions, plenty of companies are doing it successfully, but in my opinion, it’s not the best way.

I also run a POS company in Texas called Dallas POS Systems, and from all my years of experience, there’s no substitute for working directly with customers at their place of business. I feel it’s imperative to fully understand the customer’s concept and environment before handing them over a new POS system, especially for high-volume operations.

Software, hardware, and networks can get quite complex, so unless you’re tech-savvy, working with a POS specialist and IT expert is the way to go to keep everything performing optimally.

At Dallas POS Systems, we meet with potential customers and perform onsite demos of our products. We do this so our customers get a real feel and understanding of what they are purchasing. And due to the fact we spend time onsite discovering the needs of our customers, we know the best solutions to offer.

Unfortunately, not everyone is doing this. I understand it’s not always possible to meet with someone locally, especially for someone living in a smaller city where a POS company might not be available.

One of our POS installs at Captain D’s

Additionally, with so many different products on the market, researching everything can get very confusing quickly. So, for those reasons, we now offer an easy to use the form on our website to help buyers and sellers come together to find the perfect POS solution. Our simple POS Finder tool connects you with POS resellers in your area (nationally, if not available locally).

I love this tool because it asks some simple questions to understand your business better, and then it connects you with the right POS resellers based on your answers. You’ll get an opportunity to discuss the features of their systems and get multiple quotes to compare. All this without spending hours researching on the internet or setting up a bunch of meetings. I have not found another tool like this on the market.

As a consumer and as a POS guy, this is a valuable tool. I’ve seen too many businesses get burned by purchasing over-priced systems by slick salespeople or get very complicated systems they don’t need.

A POS installation at a brewpub

By comparing multiple systems and POS providers, you get to choose the best method for your business, with no obligations to buy. With literally hundreds of products on the market, the POS business is very competitive.

I’m not going to make POS companies happy by saying this, but when a POS company knows you’re talking to other companies, trust me; they will do whatever they can to earn your business. This puts you in a position of power and can mean significant savings.

So if you’re looking for a new POS solution, select the button below to use our free POS finder tool to get the best deal and to find the perfect solution for your business.

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