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Digitization is reshaping how businesses operate and phasing out several traditional business practices. Many businesses are adopting digital practices to ...

Like many other sectors, finance is a significant beneficiary of RPA tools. RPA or Robot Process Automation uses technology to automate repetitive, ...

Retailers today face many challenges when running their businesses. From high overhead costs to fierce competition, they must navigate many obstacles to ...

In the middle of the madness of running a restaurant, one of the last things some busy owners and managers have time to think about is industry trends. In the ...

Businesses that are centered on inviting more members are slowly on the rise. These include websites or blogs that need a subscription for a visitor to gain ...

source: In today’s world, consumers have a great number of options to choose from. This is a great challenge for businesses as far as guest ...

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3 years ago

HungerRush POS

Best for QSR, Counter Service, and Take-out. HungerRush delivers a comprehensive restaurant management solution that is easy to use with the ability to support your growth and scale from one station to multiple locations. A great option for restaurants, bars, brew pubs, and pizza shops.
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4 years ago

Nobly POS

Nobly POS is an iPad POS that allows users mobility and flexibility at an affordable price. Offline mode ensures that you never lose business when the internet crashes. It is packed with features but doesn't advertise any prices.
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