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Maitre’D POS is a comprehensive point of sale system with restaurant management software features that caters to a broad range of industries worldwide, including quick-service and fine-dining restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels, cafes, and more.
Easy to Use
  • Easy to build menus and change items
  • Restaurant-specific features
  • Extensive integration list and add-on selection
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Requires 3-year contract
  • Favoritism towards Posera payment processing
  • Reported long waits for customer service

Maitre’D POS Review

Maitre'd POS Review

If you’re looking for a detailed Maitre’D POS review that can help you determine if this is the right point of sale system for your restaurant, you’ve come to the right place. With so many new options available to restaurant owners in the United States, it’s hard to settle on one provider. I’ll explore the in-depth details of this leading POS solution — let’s get started!

Overview of Maitre’D POS

Maitre’D POS is an excellent example of a point of sale product on offer from technology company Posera. Posera provides a range of hospitality-based POS tools that help clients improve efficiency and manage transactions. The bulk of Posera’s business appears to be in the payment processing niche.

Maitre’D POS is a comprehensive point of sale system with restaurant management software features that caters to a broad range of industries. Fortunately, most of its services are focused on restaurants and hospitality — we’ll be focusing on these sectors for this review of Maitre’D.

The software can be installed on a wide range of different hardware platforms, including iPads, Android devices, and other touch screen systems. You can purchase hardware directly from the company, or you can choose to bring your own to the table. Other hardware devices — such as printers, scanners, and kiosks — are also available.

As a software, Maitre’D POS allows you to build menus, manage inventory, track staff, keep an eye on data, manage multiple locations, and more. There are plenty of great features on offer if you’re looking to improve your point of sale platform. Let’s check it out!

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Pros vs Cons


  • A range of different hardware options
  • Easy to build menus and change items
  • Restaurant-specific features
  • Extensive integration list and add-on selection
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Easy to use
  • Loyalty programs, inventory, and staff management


  • Non-transparent pricing
  • Favoritism towards Posera payment processing
  • Reported long waits for customer service


Maitre’D POS software pricing starts at $39 per month, though this can increase substantially depending on if you want additional licenses. Their pricing model is based on a 3-year contract, which we’re not a big fan of.

Maitre’D POS Pricing

  • Starter – 1 License ($39/Month) – $35/Add’l License
  • Classic – 4 Licenses ($99/Month) – $25/Add’l License
  • Max – 10 Licenses ($149/Month) – $15/Add’l License

*Based on a 3-year contract.

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Previously, you had to contact the company for a price quote, but pricing is now available on their site. I’m not a big fan of companies that don’t openly display their pricing model — a POS provider should be proud of the fact that it offers value to its customers. Most companies will share their POS pricing online to give you a starting point.

Sometimes, this can mean that a POS provider is flexible with what they offer to customers. For instance, if you have a large chain of restaurants, you may be able to get an exclusive deal with Maitre’D for multiple stations and locations. But you’ll have to contact them directly and potentially sign a long contract, which is a bummer.

Demo Video


Key Features

If you want to find out what’s under the hood of this powerful POS platform, it’s critical to take a look at the key features on offer. Below, I’ll examine the core benefits of the Maitre’D POS system:

  • Choose between a tablet and traditional kiosk set up — or both!
  • Build custom internal menus and change them quickly when it’s time to update your current offerings
  • Manage inventory to ensure that you don’t run out of essential ingredients
  • A wide range of different hardware options help you choose the perfect system for your restaurant
  • Specific features for different types of restaurants and hospitality niches — such as bars or quick service
  • Build loyalty programs that can help you reward your customer base and improve your brand recognition
  • A range of in-house payment solutions, including EMV payments that help you combat fraud
  • A wide variety of data reporting features and a mobile app that allows you quickly access information when you’re on the go
  • Issue gift cards to customers
  • Manage multiple locations from a single computer or application — you can obtain real-time data to avoid workplace issues.
  • Set up alerts that automatically tell you if a problem occurs
  • A significant application center that allows you to add integrations and apps that improve your current POS setup
  • Schedule your staff automatically through the system

Data Reporting

The data reporting features available appear to be one of the major highlights of this service. Past customer reviews have expressed keen favoritism for the various reporting features on offer through this platform, as well as the different ways you can access your restaurant’s information.

Maitre'D Backoffice Reporting

If you want to access your reporting information, you can use the DataBoard app from any location – this allows you to receive information on customers, costs, promotion performance, sales, data comparisons, staff information, and more.

Deployment Type

Maitre’D is considered a cloud-based point of sale, but you’ll still need to install its software on a hardware device to use it. Because of this, I technically prefer to call it a ‘hybrid’ system. Personally, this is my favorite form of the modern POS platform.

You won’t have to worry about losing your data and information if your hardware is stolen or damaged — everything is stored in the cloud. It also makes it much easier to access reporting information and control multiple locations when you’re offsite – this is a ‘must-have’ if you’re operating a group of restaurants.

The company will design your custom menu, install hardware, train your staff and management, and be there to help you when you’re ready to open.

Industries Served

Maitre’D POS is suitable for a broad range of niches. As mentioned previously, this particular review focuses on the features that it offers to restaurants and other hospitality businesses.

On their website, it’s said that their software has specific characteristics that will cater to industries like:

  • Table Service Restaurants
  • Quick-Service Restaurants
  • Bars and Nightclubs
  • Multi-Location Chains
  • Hotels
  • Other Hospitality Segments

While their software offers plenty of specializations and features, it’s clear that this is a provider that is built for small to mid-sized businesses. While it has all you need to manage a restaurant and perform transactions, you’ll find that some competitors are much more loaded with features.

Ease of Use

When comparing POS software, the interface is easy and straightforward to use and learn. It’s easy to customize orders, build menus, make changes, add discounts, and sort through past transactions. I like the platform’s minimalist design because it doesn’t attempt to overdo the point-of-sale process.

The application looks and feels refined with many years of experience in the restaurant software business. It doesn’t smell of being outdated, like other traditional systems.

Maitre D POS System

If you want something easy for you and your hardworking staff, Maitre’D does keep it simple, which we’re glad to acknowledge.


Maitre’D offers extremely flexible hardware options, and their software integrates with the most commonly used hardware in the industry — you won’t be stuck with a single platform or system.

Fortunately, you can use iPads, Android tablets, and a range of other touchscreen devices, so you get the advantages of using mPOS (mobile POS). You can also integrate a variety of scanners, printers, kiosks, and more.

Maitre D POS Hardware

Compare prices fast, find the best deals as of April, 2024

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Some other reviews of the Maitre’D POS suggest that there are limited add-ons and integrations available. Fortunately, this isn’t the case — the platform provides a long list of software partners that you can use to enhance this service.

Maitre’D integrations help clients with loyalty rewards, gift cards, accounting, online ordering, liquor control systems, payment processing, and much more. Some of the biggest names they partner with include QuickBooks, Amadeus, Berg, BeerSaver, BMBC, Bevcheck, DataCandy, Chase Paymentech, Online Orders Now, and more!

In my opinion, if you’re looking for a long list of integrations, this is undoubtedly a provider that is worth consideration.

Payment Processing

Maitre’D payment processing features are a little bit murky. As its parent company (Posera) is a payment processing firm, the Maitre’d POS appears to be tied to Posera’s services for transactions.

Posera is now a subsidiary of PayFacto Merchant Services, so this company now provides processing.

PayFacto Merchant Services processing advertised rates:

  • 2.49% and $.10/transaction

I’d read the fine print on this deal because it appears you have to have a 3-year contract, and these rates are only valid for a limited time (regular rates apply after the first year and 90 days). They are also subject to change at any time. So again, it’s a little convoluted, which is never a good thing.

Some experienced Maitre’d users note that you can change to a different payment processing platform if you want to but that you’ll need to pay hefty fees that end up negating the value of switching. For this reason, it’s critical to determine the full cost of payment processing if you’re considering this solution for your business. If that’s going to be a problem, check out some of our other POS reviews here.

If you’re a current Maitre’D customer, let us know your experience with their processing services in the comments section below. We’d love your feedback to help other consumers.

Customer Service

Maitre’D offers excellent customer support options to all its clients. You’ll find that with the addition of a new live chat function, this provider truly has some of the most extensive support options on the market. You can contact the Maitre’D POS team 24/7 via phone, email, or live chat — it’s nice to know you have a customer care team ready to help around the clock.

It’s also essential to take a look at customer feedback from each provider you’re considering. I went ahead and did some research via a few of the popular consumer watchdog groups. Posera, Maitre’D POS’s parent company, is rated at an A+ with the Better Business Bureau.

Also, it’s hard to find a large amount of negative feedback about the company online. Of the few negative reviews I saw, most of them spoke about high credit card processing fees and long waits for customer support. Overall, the customer feedback for the product and the parent company seems positive.

Our Verdict

You’ll find plenty to enjoy in the Maitre’D point of sale platform, but there’s still a lot left to be desired. If you’re looking for a comprehensive service with robust features, there are plenty of other excellent options available on the market that don’t require long-term contracts, which leads me to my next point.

What originally made me uneasy about this solution was its lack of transparency with pricing — you had to ask for a quote to get current pricing. While not unusual in the business, it’s nice to have a starting point before sharing your information to get details on costs. Finally, pricing is now readily available on their site.

You’ll also need to stick with Posera’s payment processing if you want to avoid hefty fees. As long as you get affordable rates with Posera, this isn’t a problem, but many point-of-sale systems on the market are agnostic to the processor you use. So if you already have a processor you like, it might be best to find another solution.

Still, with so many hardware options and plenty of restaurant-specific features, it may be worth considering this service if the price is right for your business configuration!

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Restaurants, Quick Service, Full Service, Bars, Hotels

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Small, Medium

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Android, iPad POS, Windows

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Monthly Payment, Contract

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