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Top 5 POS System Must-Have Features

With so many restaurant point-of-sale systems and bar management solutions on the market like Aloha, Aldelo, Focus POS, Micros, Restaurant Manager, etc. buying a new restaurant, bar or retail pos system can become overwhelming rather quickly. With so many options, which POS company should you choose? When comparing POS systems, we recommend only buying a new POS if it is in your budget and has all the features you require to operate efficiently. Specifically, for a bar, restaurant or retail store, we’d recommend the following top 5 must-have features:

  1. Reliability and support is a requirement (verify online reviews)
  2. Speed is essential for bars, restaurants, and retail
  3. Customized back-of-the-house reports
  4. Inventory and employee management
  5. PCI DSS compliance to protect your business

These are only the top 5 must-have features and requirements for a quality system. There are many, many more options and features to consider in your purchase of a bar or restaurant point-of-sale system. Furthermore, and to make your life easier, we have created this website and offer our pricing tool to help you make a smart and educated decision when buying a POS system.

Harbortouch POS Comparison

How to Compare The Best Restaurant or Retail Point of Sale Systems

At POS USA, we represent several different POS systems. We can’t sell and support every system available on the market for every customer; so for that reason, we’ve put together this quick guide to assist in comparing POS systems. Before you contact a dealer, here are a few tips from our POS System buyer’s guide to help with your research:

  • Research. Understand your business requirements and then do your research accordingly. Making an informed decision makes all the difference.
  • References. Don’t skip this step. Be sure to take the time to contact at least 2-3 business references to get feedback from current customers.
  • Do not buy used hardware. We’ve seen used equipment die too many times. Purchase a POS system that includes both software and new hardware.
  • Ask about support. What is the support policy? Is it a phone help desk or onsite support? Is it available on holidays and after-hours?
  • Backup systems. Find out how your data is backed up and stored for piece-of-mind in the event of a system failure or catastrophic event.
  • Training. Make sure there is a full commitment by the reseller to train all employees to ensure you get the most out of this investment.
  • Security. POS security is critical due to SSL vulnerabilities. Ask if the system is PCI compliant. Ask about insurance policies in case of a breach.
  • Get a list of features and prices. When comparing systems, ask for a detailed list of POS features and pricing for each package available.

Use our pricing and dealer locator tool can help you find the right dealer to answer all these questions and more or contact us.

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