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Learn the proper technique for carrying plates as a restaurant server in this in-depth training video. Master the art to save time and eliminate anxiety!

Discover effective techniques to increase sales as a restaurant server. Be proactive, anticipate needs, and provide excellent service. Maximize your income and ...

Enhance the dining experience as a restaurant server! Learn how to set up tables for appetizers seamlessly and provide top-notch service. Elevate your skills ...

Learn the real tips for carrying multiple glasses in one hand! Increase your serving performance, save time, and enhance the dining experience.

Enhance your skills as a server with tips on delivering recommendations to restaurant guests. Learn strategic timing, concise suggestions, and customization to ...

Discover essential tips for managing and organizing your restaurant server items effectively. Learn how to stay organized, utilize tools like server aprons and ...

Learn how and why selling appetizers can make your life as a restaurant server easier. Save time, manage busy shifts, and keep customers happy.

Discover the importance of a polished appearance for restaurant servers. Learn essential training tips to make a lasting positive impression on customers.

Learn the key training tips for seamless table setups in restaurants. From timing to communication, enhance your server skills for a great dining experience.

Learn valuable strategies for improving your drink order taking skills as a restaurant server. Enhance your ability to provide efficient and satisfying service ...

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Clover POS

Clover is a versatile, all-in-one POS for small businesses of all types, like restaurants, retail, and service businesses. Clover offers different software and hardware options based on your business environment and budget.
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