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If you're in the restaurant industry, chances are you've heard some of the following lingo and slang terms. They may sound strange to an outsider, but to ...

What does FOH Mean? FOH stands for "front of house" and refers to all the staff working in a restaurant's customer-facing areas. This includes servers, ...

Food cost is a key metric for any food service business. It represents the total cost of all ingredients used in preparing and serving dishes over a certain ...

Most B2B enterprises cut their advertising budget during financially-challenging times. This is expected, spending money during an economic downtrend is ...

Online sales have steadily been eating into the overall retail market, with the pandemic only accelerating this process. Although this shift in the market ...

There are several benefits of owning a business. For instance, by running your own company, you gain control of your destiny, have flexible working schedules, ...

Safety should always be a topmost priority. However, you cannot control every situation and avoid incidents from happening. Since we want to ensure a safe ...

As the Covid 19 pandemic continues to rage globally, restaurants and food courts find more ways to protect their workers, cashiers, and customers from the ...

Restaurant Cleaning Procedures Checklist A comprehensive restaurant cleaning checklist is critical if you own or manage any hospitality establishment. Not only ...

If it's time to open a new restaurant, you need a restaurant kitchen equipment list to ensure you purchase the right commercial kitchen products. Opening a new ...

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NCR Silver Logo
2 years ago

NCR Silver POS

POS Type: Android, iPad POS
NCR Silver is tablet-based point of sale system for small businesses offered by technology giant NCR Corporation. NCR has products called NCR Silver Pro Restaurant for restaurants and NCR Silver Essentials for small businesses.
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SpotOn POS Logo
2 years ago

SpotOn POS

POS Type: Web Browser (OS agnostic)
SpotOn Restaurant is a cloud-based point-of-sale solution that enables businesses to streamline processes related to food ordering, tableside payments, customer retention, online ordering and more.
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Clover Logo
2 years ago

Clover Station POS

POS Type: Android
Clover Station is a versatile, all-in-one POS for small businesses of all types, like restaurants, retail, and service businesses. Clover offers different software and hardware options based on your business environment and budget.
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