50 Best Restaurant Website Design Examples for 2023

It’s never been more critical to invest in the design of your restaurant’s website. As more and more consumers turn to the internet for information on local eateries and bars, restaurant owners are placing extra emphasis on developing modern websites for their businesses.

Fortunately, plenty of web designers cater to new restaurant owners, existing restaurants, and other hospitality niches. In fact, there are even some web builders that allow you to build restaurant websites without any previous coding experience, which you can find at the bottom of this article.

You’re spoiled for choice if you’re looking for design inspiration for your restaurant’s website. There are plenty of excellent design examples from businesses throughout the country.

In this article, I’ll be taking a closer look at 50 incredible examples of restaurant website design. For the purpose of helping all of our readers, I explored a restaurant from each state in the United States. As you view the different website designs on my list, you’ll find a range of different restaurant website builder templates, influences, and navigation formats.

While investigating some of these web pages, you’ll also discover some of the latest marketing ideas and trends restaurants are using for some additional inspiration.

It’s time to explore some of the Internet’s best restaurant website designs:

Table of Contents

1. Highlands Bar and Grill (Alabama)

Highlands Bar and Grill in Alabama uniquely approaches modern web design. Its minimalist aesthetic changes as you scroll down the page. While you can access a core menu in the top-right-hand corner of the page, most elements of the site are accessible by scrolling down. You will also find plenty of professional images of the restaurant’s food on the homepage.

Highlands Bar and Grill Alabama

2. Jack Sprat (Alaska)

Jack Sprat is a vegan restaurant that is popular with eaters throughout Alaska. The company has used its setting in the Northern Hemisphere as one of its primary design tools. When you first enter the page, you will see an image of the restaurant and the backdrop of the Northern Lights. You can access the menu and all the core components of the site in the top-right-hand corner of the page.

Jack Sprat Restaurant Website Alaska

3. Hana Japanese Eatery (Arizona)

Hana Japanese Eatery in Arizona adopts a simple approach to website design. The homepage hosts six images and doesn’t contain additional information about the restaurant. You need to click through to other parts of the website on the top menu if you want to find more information.

Hana Japanese Eatery Site Arizona

4. Ella’s Table (Arkansas)

Ella’s Table is an Arkansas restaurant website that has utilized a highly visual approach. You’ll find a range of high-definition images on the homepage of the website. Additionally, when your first visit the site, a pop-up will offer you an immediate discount on your next meal — this can be a great way to attract attention from customers.

Ella's Table Site Example Arkansas

5. Nobu Malibu (California)

Nobu is one of the world’s most famous restaurants – we’ve taken a look at their well-known Malibu branch’s website. Again, this minimalist website uses large images to attract customers. Surprisingly, it uses images of its venue instead of its food. This might be due to its location on the beach.

Nobu Fine Dining Web Page Malibu California

6. City O’ City (Colorado)

Colorado’s City O’ City restaurant is a vegetarian restaurant for Denver-based eaters. While the website’s design is very basic, it is in line with many modern restaurants. If you scroll down the page, you will find an embedded map and an Instagram feed of the company’s latest uploads. I really enjoy the mixture of simplicity and functionality exhibited on this website.

City 0 City

7. Arethusa al Tavolo (Connecticut)

This is one of the most unique website designs I’ve come across. It’s highly visual and includes a video that automatically plays as the backdrop of the website – complete with drone footage, a film of menu items being cooked, and an inside look at the kitchen. This takes website design to the next level.

Arethusa al Tavolo Website in Connecticut

8. Bluecoast Rehoboth (Delaware)

Bluecoast Rehoboth is a famous Delaware restaurant that has an extensive seafood menu. And it’s not just the food that this restaurant does well; they’ve also managed to design an excellent restaurant website. The initial landing page provides a large image of the restaurant’s food and a menu across the top of the page. You can scroll down to find specials and additional information.

Bluecoast Rehoboth Seafood Website Delaware

9. KYU (Florida)

Miami’s KYU restaurant is a fusion restaurant with a focus on Japanese influences. The website caters to both Miami and Mexico City locations – various drop-down menus are on offer at the top. You can also make reservations directly via the website. The homepage of this restaurant’s website even has a Banksy quote!

KYU Restaurant Miami Florida Site

10. Herban Fix (Georgia)

Herban Fix is an Atlanta-based vegan restaurant that has a modern and sleek website design. The homepage offers a constantly changing slide show with images of food and the venue. Additionally, you can click tabs to find menus, reservations, and a background story about the restaurant.

Herban Fix Vegan Restaurant Site Atlanta Georgia

11. Duke’s Waikiki (Hawaii)

Duke’s Waikiki is a famous Honolulu eatery that’s popular with tourists. It employs classic restaurant design elements with a modern twist – the homepage’s backdrop is a slideshow of happy customers, menu items, and Duke (a famous surfer). On the right side, you can click a tab to open a reservation portal.

Duke's Restaurant Waikiki Hawaii

12. Stockman’s Restaurant (Idaho)

Stockman’s Restaurant employs classic Western design influences that you would expect from an Idaho Falls restaurant. Everything from the logo to the wood panel background embodies the design preferences of the region. To access the menu, you can select a tab at the top of the website. A map is embedded on the homepage.

Stockmans Restaurant Idaho Falls

13. Oriole (Illinois)

Oriole is a famous Chicago fine dining restaurant that has an excellent, modern website. The design is highly simplistic, but the professional images on the homepage draw the attention of anyone who visits the site. The only downside to this website is that you will need access to professional images or photographs to make it appear as professional as Oriole’s design.

Oriole Restaurant Chicago Illinois

14. BuffaLouie’s (Indiana)

If you’re running a sports bar or wings restaurant, BuffaLouie’s restaurant website design is a possible option. While it’s not as modern as some of the other designs in this article, it focuses on advertising drinks, sports, and food deals on the homepage. There is also a portal you can use to purchase gift cards.

Buffalois Web Page Bloomington Indiana

15. Trumpet Blossom Cafe (Iowa)

Trumpet Blossom Café is an Iowa City restaurant that offers an image-heavy and easy-to-navigate restaurant website design. When you first arrive on the page, you will find a large image of the restaurant’s food. To navigate to the menu or other information about the restaurant, you can select tabs on the top menu. Alternatively, you can simply scroll down – everything is hosted on the homepage.

Trumpet Blossom Cafe Web Site Iowa City

16. Q39 (Kansas)

Q39 is one of Kansas City’s most reputable BBQ joints. Its homepage hosts a quick-action video that displays a range of clips of the restaurant’s food and customers. It’s an excellent tool to get your mouth watering. You can also access information on catering, locations, menus, and more via the menu at the top of the page.

Q39 BBQ Restaurant Site Kansas City

17. Seviche A Latin (Kentucky)

Seviche A Latin is an upmarket restaurant in Louisville with a website that matches its elite status. The homepage backdrop consists of slow-moving videos that show well-presented dishes and sleek graphics of chefs cutting vegetables, garnishing plates, and cooking meals. The homepage includes a link to the story of the restaurant and information about the chef – you can also access menus, reservations, and details on private dining.

Seviche Latin Restaurant Web Site Louisville Kentucky

18. Café Du Mond (Louisiana)

If you’ve been to New Orleans, you’ve heard of Café Du Mond. This classic establishment is the pinnacle of French Colonialism – its website matches its brick-and-mortar aesthetic. The homepage consists of a photo of the original location. The top banner is designed using the same influences and color scheme you find inside of the restaurant. Not only can you find out information about the restaurant and its locations, but the website also hosts an online store.

Cafe du Mond New Orleands Louisiana

19. The Lobster Shack at Two Lights (Maine)

The Lobster Shack at Two Lights is a famous restaurant that serves Maine’s most popular dish — Lobster. The homepage features a slideshow of enticing images that show lobsters, fresh-made food, and the restaurant’s venue. There are also embedded YouTube videos on the homepage that show the restaurant being featured in various food TV shows.

The Lobster Shack Maine Home Page

20. Buena Vida (Maryland)

Buena Vida is a restaurant in Maryland that focuses on bringing fresh and healthy food to its customers. The website’s design exhibits its commitment to natural food products. The mixture of white and green lend credence to the restaurant’s health-based approach. You’ll also find an appealing slide show of foods and venue photos when you first land on the page.

Buena Vida Restaurant Marlyand Homepage

21. O Ya (Massachusetts)

O Ya is one of Boston’s most notable Japanese establishments. This is a website that is built by Bentobox – a high-end restaurant website design firm. The homepage features sleek pictures that fade into a dark background. The restaurant also uses the homepage to display reviews from prominent food review platforms.

O Ya Japanese Restaurant Boston Massachusetts Web Page

22. Ford’s Garage (Michigan)

Ford’s Garage is a Michigan restaurant that focuses on the region’s auto-making history. When you first arrive on its landing page, you’ll be greeted by a mouthwatering burger and an ad for the restaurant’s loyalty club. As you scroll down, other components of the site will fade into view. This is a highly functional website.

Fords Garage Homepage Dearborn Michigan

23. Spoon and Stable (Minnesota)

As one of Minneapolis’ most classy establishments, it’s no surprise that Spoon and Stable have developed a sleek website for its diners. When you first land on the page, you’ll find a slow-rolling slide show of black-and-white and color images. Additionally, the website offers promotions that drop down from the top menu when you first arrive on the site.

Spoon and Stable Minneapolis Minnesota Web Design

24. McEwen’s Oxford (Mississippi)

McEwen’s Oxford is a quintessentially southern restaurant at the heart of Mississippi’s most famous university town. While its website design isn’t modern, it certainly borrows influences from the area. It uses a postcard display to host images of the restaurant and its food. While the design isn’t high-tech, you can still make reservations, view menus, and read about the restaurant’s history.

McEwens Southern Restaurant Website Oxford Mississippi

25. Flat Creek Restaurants (Missouri)

If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-navigate website that incorporates minimalist design and great graphics, Flat Creek is another excellent example. It combines a black backdrop with images of the restaurant’s locations to choose from in Cape Fair and Republic. You can access menus, specials, reviews, events, contact information, and more from the top menu on the website.

Flat Creek Restaurants Missouri

26. The Fieldhouse (Montana)

The Fieldhouse is a new-age American restaurant in the heart of Montana. Its simple website includes a photo of an enticing plate of food and a button to book reservations. If you scroll down, you’ll find an embedded video about the restaurant and its sources of food — as well as information about the two founders of the restaurant. You can access additional areas of the site via the menu at the top of the homepage.

The Fieldhouse Web Site Billings Minnesota

27. The Keeping Room (Nebraska)

The Keeping Room’s website provides a full-page image backdrop of the interior of the restaurant. Because this establishment doubles as a gift shop, the image used on the homepage shows the duality of the restaurant and brick-and-mortar store. As you scroll down, you’ll find information about food, reservations, and events held at the venue.

The Keeping Room Restaurant and Cafe Site- Nebraska

28. Carson Kitchen (Nevada)

Carson Kitchen in Las Vegas has a website that incorporates a range of modern design features. The landing page includes a full-frame image of the restaurant’s venue, and as you scroll down, you will find a collage of images of food. Additionally, there is an embedded map, a reservations tab, and a platform for purchasing gift cards.

Carson Kitchen Homepage - Las Vegas Nevada

29. Hanover Street Chophouse (New Hampshire)

Hanover Street Chophouse focuses its website on elegance. As a fine dining restaurant, it’s easy to see why the owners have chosen a minimalist design with professional photos of the venue and its food. As you scroll down, you’ll find additional images and carefully constructed text about the restaurant, its ambiance, and what diners can expect when they head to Hanover Street Chophouse.

Hanover Street Chophouse's Web Presence - New Hampshire

30. Carlo’s Bakery (New Jersey)

Carlo’s Bakery, which features on the TLC show Cake Boss, has invested heavily in creating an attractive and functional website. The homepage features large images of cakes and other baked goods. As you scroll down, you’ll find information about the restaurant/bakery and its founder. There are also additional tabs that you can use to order cakes, cookies, and other food online. The menu at the top of the page has separate tabs for booking classes, viewing image galleries, and more.

Carlos Bakery Web Home Page - New Jersey

31. Sadie’s Of New Mexico (New Mexico)

Sadie’s of New Mexico is a famous Mexican restaurant that serves hungry customers throughout the state. The restaurant’s website is the perfect combination of traditional Mexican flare and modern design. When you first arrive on the page, a video slideshow exhibits dishes, margaritas, and images of the restaurant’s exterior. You can scroll down to find out information about the company’s salsa, recent awards, and menus.

Sadie's Homepage - New Mexico

32. La Bernardin (New York)

La Bernardin is one of New York’s most exclusive restaurants, and it takes minimalist website design to a whole new level. Instead of a menu that takes up the top of the page, La Bernadin’s homepage features three small lines in the top-left-hand corner that open a drop-down menu. The backdrop is a slideshow of full-screen imagery. You can scroll down for additional information on the chef and his team.

La Barnardin Website New York

33. Fiction Kitchen (North Carolina)

The Fiction Kitchen is a vegan restaurant that employs a unique website design. While its homepage design is quite similar to many modern websites, there is an expandable menu that hosts all of the different food and drinks you can purchase at the restaurant. By clicking on different times of the day or menu genres, the homepage will expand to include a full selection of the available foods.

The Fiction Kitchen in Raleigh North Carolina

34. Pirogue Grill (North Dakota)

Pirogue Grille has a simple but effective restaurant website. A seamless slideshow plays when you first enter the site, and you can scroll down to find an embedded map, restaurant biography, and links to the restaurant’s social media pages.

Pirogue Grille Fine Dining Website Example Bismarck North Dakota

35. Momocho (Ohio)

Momocho is a perfect example of a website if you want to host all core details on a single page. When you first arrive at the site, you’ll be prompted to choose between two graphics – one for each location. Next, you will be redirected to the location of your choice’s sub-page. Momocho simply hosts a venue photo with a list of opening hours and happy hour deals. You can select the designated tab to view the full menu.

Momocho Website Design Cleveland Ohio

36. Paseo Grill (Oklahoma)

Paseo Grill hosts a website that you would expect from a southern-influenced establishment. With a combination of earthy and orange colors, you get the feeling that the restaurant serves excellent home-cooked food. While the main landing page hosts a large image of one of the restaurant’s signature dishes, you can click different tabs on the top menu to book a table, view menus, organize a private event, and more.

Paseo Grill Web Site Oklahoma City

37. Le Pigeon (Oregon)

Le Pigeon takes an exciting approach to restaurant website design by not displaying any photos of food on its primary landing page. Instead, you’ll find the logo of the restaurant when you first arrive at the website. There is a self-navigating slideshow that you can use to view menu items and photos of the venue.

Le Pigeo Home Page Portland Oregon

38. Oyster House (Pennsylvania)

Oyster House has one of my favorite modern websites on this list. When you first arrive, you’re greeted by a large photo of fresh oysters that serve as a backdrop to an extensive (but understated) top menu. As you scroll down the page, the menu stays stationary but then reappears as you continue your journey into the lower parts of the homepage. You can use the website to view menus, find out more about the restaurant, and book reservations.

Oyster House Philadelphia Pennsylvania

39. Hemenway’s (Rhode Island)

Hemenway’s has an understated (yet modern) website design that includes a backdrop of faded restaurant images that rotate as a slideshow. The top of the website includes tabs for menus, reservations, events, private booking information, and FAQs. You can also access the restaurant’s social media platforms at the top of the homepage.

Hemenway's Restaurant Site - Rhode Island

40. Circa 1886 (South Carolina)

As the name suggests, Circa 1886 is a restaurant that aims to help its visitors travel back in time. This elegant fine dining establishment has a website to match its reputation. When you first enter the website, you will see an image of the venue – by clicking on the play button, you will start a high-production video that features various menu items and kitchen action shots. You can also access reservations, menus, and additional information at the top of the page.

Circa 1886 Page - Charleston South Carolina

41. Minervas Restaurant (South Dakota)

Minervas Restaurant’s website design is an excellent example of what you can do if you have multiple locations. While the original landing page is a generalist slideshow and menu, as you scroll down, you will find photographic tabs of all the restaurant’s locations. By clicking one of the photos, you will be redirected to the sub-website of each particular location.

Minervas Restaurant Webpage - Sioux Falls South Dakota

42. Huey’s Midtown (Tennessee)

Huey’s Midtown is a Memphis, Tennessee restaurant that has an excellent website design if you’re hosting events at your establishment. While the main landing page is quite basic, you can scroll down to find an embedded map and a list of events that are occurring each month. It’s an excellent design if you want to give your visitors quick access to upcoming parties, game nights, or promotions.

Huey's Midtown Website - Memphis Tennessee

43. Common Bond (Texas)

Common Bond is a popular restaurant and bakery in Houston, Texas. The company’s website offers high-definition food images that slowly change once you enter the site. You can find additional information by clicking on the various tabs on the top menu. At different times of the year, a pop-up will appear when you first enter the site to advertise holiday promotions and other deals.

Common Bond Cafe Website Example - Houston Texas

44. Bombay House (Utah)

As one of Salt Lake City’s most famous Indian restaurants, it’s no surprise that Bombay house has a sleek and welcoming website. The top banner on the website is minimalist and includes a logo and a small menu. As for the primary image you see when you first arrive at the website, there is a spread of different menu items that provides you with a full range of the types of food you can order at the restaurant.

Bombay House - Indian Restaurant Web Page - Utah

45. Leunig’s Bistro and Cafe (Vermont)

Leunig’s Bistro and Café offers an excellent example of modern website design. When you first enter the site, half of the homepage has a quick-rolling slideshow of various menu items, drinks, and venue photos. The other half offers a direct link to different menus. The menu at the top of the page has tabs for gift cards, reservations, promotions, and more.

Leunigs Bistro and Cafe Home - Vermont

46. Tupelo Honey (Virginia)

Tupelo Honey offers another image-heavy, modern website with plenty of functionality. Unlike many of the restaurants on this list, the Tupelo Honey site has a side menu of features. At the bottom, you can click tabs to make a reservation or view all locations. Depending on when you visit the site, pop-ups may appear from the bottom left corner with promotions. When I visited the Tupelo Honey website, the promotion was for a free pint glass.

Tupelo Honey Page - Virginia Beach

47. Spinasse (Washington)

Spinasse is a Seattle-based Italian restaurant that offers a simple and rustic design on its website. A slow-moving slideshow displays various photos of the restaurant’s venue and famous food. At the bottom of the page, you can access tabs to view menus and make reservations at the restaurant. The overall design is basic but has a natural Italian-American aesthetic.

Spinasse Italian Restaurant Website Example - Washington

48. Noah’s Restaurant and Lounge (West Virginia)

Noah’s Restaurant and Lounge hosts a simple but effective website that provides most elements on the original landing page. At the top of the page, a full-screen image serves as the backdrop to the company’s logo and a small menu of site elements. As you scroll down, you’ll find images of food, information about the chef, a portal for online reservations, and a map that directs you to the restaurant.

Noah's Restaurant and Lounge Homepage - West Virginia

49. The Old Fashioned Bar and Restaurant (Wisconsin)

The Old Fashioned Restaurant hosts a simple website that suits the laid-back Wisconsin attitude the restaurant is trying to convey. The wood-paneled backdrop mirrors the photos of the bar’s interior. While you won’t find much information on the homepage, you can use the top menu to find menus, events, gift cards, and more.

The Old Fashioned Tavern Website Example - Madison Wisconsin

50. Snake River Grill (Wyoming)

Snake River Grill’s homepage contains a slideshow that focuses more on this restaurant’s venue than the food. Given that this fine dining establishment prioritizes ambiance, it’s easy to see why the owners have chosen the photos that appear on the site. The menu at the top of the website is straightforward – it includes a reservations portal and a tab for food menus. The bottom of the homepage also has links to social media accounts, store items, private dining, gift cards, career information, and more.

Snake River Grill Fine Dining Example - Jackson Hole Wyoming

Web Designer or DIY Web Builder?

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to see 50 of the nation’s best restaurant website designs, it’s time to determine how to build your website. If you don’t have any experience in web design, you have two options to choose from a web designer or a DIY web builder.

If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars hiring a website designer to build a bespoke website for your restaurant, you can work with a DIY web builder that provides affordable access to an easy-to-use design platform. You won’t need any coding experience to build an attractive website using a web builder. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options for restaurant owners:


Squarespace is a popular web-building platform that has expanded rapidly in recent years. The platform offers its users access to over 70 sleek templates that focus on HD images and minimalist aesthetics. A range of in-house tools will allow you to build contact forms, accept reservations, upload menus, and more.

While some of the web builder’s premium plans can be quite expensive, you can access the core elements of the platform for very affordable prices. Just make sure not to overpay for features you don’t need.


Wix is an Israeli-based web builder that offers access to 100’s of unique templates and a fully functional drag-and-drop tool. This means you can use this web builder to manipulate templates, text boxes, and images as much as you want. If you’re looking for a fully customizable platform to build a website for your restaurant, this is the best option.


WordPress is one of the most famous web-building platforms on the net. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use web builder, make sure to use WordPress.com, not WordPress.org — the ‘org’ variation is much more challenging to come to terms with. WordPress allows you to benefit from thousands of free and paid-for templates.

While you won’t have the same drag-and-drop tools you find at Wix, many customization options are available via WordPress, making it very easy to build a bespoke site. It’s also an excellent platform if you want to start posting blogs or diaries about your food or other menu items.

Verdict: Get Started

If you still think it will be too difficult for you to use one of these platforms to build your website, some developers are willing to use web builders or WordPress templates to build websites for customers. This should cost less than having a web developer build a new restaurant website from scratch.  Many of the top restaurant POS systems will offer an integrated website so all your data is contained within one system, but if not, you’ll need to create a site separately.

Regardless of how you choose to build your restaurant web presence, it’s important to use modern elements that convey the professionalism of your business. Making it easy to book reservations, view menus, and order gift cards can go a long way in helping to attract and keep your valuable customers.

Editor’s note:  How’d we do on our list of the best web design examples for restaurants?  Comment below; we’d love the have your feedback.  Do you know of an amazing restaurant web page we should add to our list?  Let us know below!


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