What BOH Means in a Restaurant

What does BOH Mean?

The term “BOH” stands for “Back of House.” In a restaurant, this refers to the kitchen and other behind-the-scenes areas where food preparation and other operations take place.

The back-of-house (BOH) staff in a restaurant are responsible for everything that happens behind the scenes. This includes food preparation, cooking, dishwashing, and general cleaning. The BOH staff plays a vital role in keeping the restaurant running smoothly and providing guests with an enjoyable dining experience.

The Different Types of BOH staff

Here are a few of the different types of BOH staff:

1. Head chef

2. Sous chefs

3. Line cooks

4. Dishwashers

5. Prep cook

6. Busser

7. Food runner

Each type of BOH staff member has a unique role in ensuring that the dining experience is enjoyable for all.

The Responsibilities of the BOH staff

Sample List of BOH Duties:

1. Cooking and preparing food

2. Maintaining food safety standards

3. Make sure food is prepared accurately

4. Expedite food orders

5. Order restaurant supplies and stocking shelves

6. Overseeing the dishwashing process

7. Keep the restaurant kitchen clean

8. Assisting the front-of-house staff as needed

The Importance of the Back of House Staff

The back-of-house staff in a restaurant plays a vital role in the success of the business. They are responsible for food preparation, cooking, and cleaning. Without them, the front-of-house (FOH) staff would be unable to provide customers with the high level of service they expect.

In order to ensure that the back-of-house staff is able to do their job effectively, it is important that restaurant management provide them with the tools and resources they need. This includes things like quality ingredients, proper cooking utensils, and a clean work environment.

Additionally, it is important to make sure that the back-of-house staff is properly trained. This will ensure that they are able to perform their duties in a safe and efficient manner. By investing in the back-of-house staff, businesses can ensure that their customers will receive the best possible experience.

To measure BOH and food quality levels, a restaurant owner may ask for customer feedback with a survey rating the overall experience.

BOH Staff Cleaning

The Difference Between BOH and FOH Staff

Back-of-house staff in a restaurant are responsible for preparing the food, while the front-of-house staff is responsible for serving the food. Both groups play an important role in making sure that customers have a positive experience at a restaurant.

One major difference between back-of-house and front-of-house staff is the amount of contact they have with customers. Back-of-house staff typically do not interact with customers, while front-of-house staff has a lot of contact with customers.

This means that front-of-house staff needs to be outgoing and good at customer service, while back-of-house staff needs to be good at following directions and working quickly.

Another difference between the two groups is the hours they work. Front-of-house staff typically work during the day, when the restaurant is open for business. Back-of-house staff usually work in the evening, before the restaurant opens, to prepare the food for the next day.

Both back-of-house and front-of-house staff are important to the success of a restaurant. They each play different roles in making sure that customers have a positive experience.

The Importance of Teamwork Between BOH and FOH Staff

Teamwork is essential for the smooth operation of any restaurant. The back-of-house staff, which includes the kitchen staff and dishwashers, must work together efficiently to prepare the food orders.

Meanwhile, the front-of-house staff, such as the waitstaff and hostesses, must coordinate their efforts in order to serve the food to the guests in a timely manner. If either group of staff members does not work together effectively, it can lead to delays and unhappy customers.

It is important for the back-of-house staff to communicate clearly with the front-of-house staff in order to avoid any mix-ups with the orders. The kitchen staff should let the waitstaff know as soon as an order is ready so that it can be delivered to the guest quickly.

In addition, the dishwashing staff should keep the front-of-house staff updated on their progress so that dirty dishes are not left sitting in the dining room.

Working together efficiently requires everyone to do their part and to be aware of what other team members are doing. For example, the chef should make sure that each food order is cooked correctly and to the guest’s specifications. And the front-of-house staff should double-check that each order is correct before it is delivered to the guest.

How POS Software Helps the Back of House

Restaurant POS software and hardware can help streamline communication between front and back-of-house staff, making the overall restaurant operation more efficient. In particular, a POS system can help track inventory levels and alert staff when items need to be restocked.

Additionally, a POS system can provide real-time sales data which can help managers make informed decisions about staffing levels and menu offerings. Ultimately, a POS system can help make a restaurant run more smoothly and efficiently, benefiting both front and back-of-house staff.


In restaurant lingo, BOH means “back of house.” The back-of-house staff in a restaurant are the unsung heroes. They toil away in the kitchen, making sure that the food is cooked to perfection and that the customers have a wonderful dining experience. Without them, the front-of-house staff would be lost.

The back-of-house staff works tirelessly to make sure that each dish that leaves the kitchen is perfect. They are responsible for cooking the food, plating it up, and making sure that it is delivered to the customer in a timely manner. They also have to clean up after each dish is served, which can be a thankless task.

The back-of-house staff is an integral part of the restaurant team and without them, the front-of-house staff would be lost. They work hard to make sure that each dish is perfect and that the customers have a wonderful dining experience. Thank you, back-of-house staff, for everything that you do!

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