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Overall, SpotOn POS is a decent performer. You’ll have access to some of the best restaurant-specific features on the market, which can truly help you transform your business. SpotOn POS helps you build custom menus, take online orders, process transactions, manage tabs, oversee multiple locations, and more.
Easy to Use
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen hardware systems
  • Restaurant-specific platform
  • Extensive data reporting features
  • Good reputation with customers
  • Some reports of hidden fees
  • Prices increase if you don’t use SpotOn payment processing
  • Must use SpotOn hardware

My SpotOn POS System Review

Review of SpotOn POS for Restaurants

Updated as of: July, 2024

My SpotOn POS review will take you on a guided tour of all the different features available in this modern point-of-sale system. If you think it’s time to purchase a new software and hardware solution, it’s crucial to examine each service’s hidden details before deciding. 

Is SpotOn POS your next point of sale for your restaurant? Let’s find out!

Overview of SpotOn Restaurant POS

SpotOn’s Restaurant POS platform initially operated under the name Emagine POS. In 2018, SpotOn, which was a payment processing company founded in 2017, acquired Emagine POS to expand into the point-of-sale industry.

The acquisition of Emagine POS allowed SpotOn to partner its payment processing services with a full-service POS system. SpotOn POS can be used across a broad range of restaurants, and it comes loaded with hospitality features that make it easy to run a restaurant, café, or bar.

SpotOn Restaurant POS offers a range of touch-screen POS hardware solutions to help you get up and running quickly. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to bring your hardware with you if you choose to work with SpotOn. Still, this can mean your upfront costs are cheaper.

SpotOn POS enables you to build custom menus, take orders, process transactions, manage tabs, oversee multiple locations, and more. The system has plenty of features that will help you improve efficiency in your workplace. Let me take you through a more in-depth look at SpotOn POS and what makes it so unique!

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Pros vs Cons


  • Build excellent menus with custom modifiers
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen hardware systems
  • Great payment processing rates if you’re taking large orders
  • Restaurant-specific platform
  • Extensive data reporting features
  • Cloud-based storage and control system
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Good reputation with customers


  • Some reports of hidden fees
  • Prices increase if you don’t use SpotOn payment processing
  • Must use SpotOn hardware

SpotOn POS Pricing

As with most POS systems, the monthly bill depends on your needs – the more your restaurant requires, the higher the bill will be. That’s the same for the Spot On POS system. 

SpotOn POS’s pricing starts at $0 per month (with processing) for access to  marketing tools, reporting, capital loan management, and review management, all from one dashboard, and increases as you add more hardware or features to it.

Here’s the latest price of SpotOn POS for restaurants:

  • Quick Start – $0 per month (with processing)
  • Counter Service – $99 per month
  • Full Service – $135 per month
  • Customize your own – Custom pricing

Here is a more in-depth breakdown of what is included in each of the pricing plans of the SpotOn POS system:

List of Features Included with Each Spoton POS Plan

If your restaurant does not require more advanced features, the free plan should be more than enough. The good part is that you don’t have to pay for the hardware and software, as those costs are included in the processing fees.

SpotOn’s payment processing is reasonably priced. The company has made an effort to offer some of the lowest commission rates in the industry, making it a much easier decision to opt for their platform.

If you’re a current or new restaurant owner who sells high-priced items, this could be a decent option to consider for your restaurant.

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Demo Video


Key Features

A POS system is nothing without its features. So, what does SpotOn POS allow its clients to do? Here are some of the features that I think everyone considering using SpotON POS should know about. Let’s take a look at some key elements in more detail below!

  • Backhouse menu builder that helps you edit menus with detailed inputs
  • Table layout generator that allows you to manage your restaurant and its customer flow better — also includes table reservations
  • Online ordering tools and separate menus that provide you with the ability to set up custom catering options
  • Full-scale reporting data that helps you keep a better eye on your business and anticipate changes in trends
  • Easy ordering system that allows for quick-changing modifiers and convenient customizations
  • Employee clock-in system that allows you to integrate staffing and staff hours
  • Build a customer database to help you offer custom benefits to repeat customers
  • Touch screen interface for easy controls

Spot On Restaurant POS Menu

  • Tableside ordering and handheld point-of-sale devices that can help you send orders directly to the kitchen from the floor
  • An enormous list of integrations that can help you better manage inventory, accounting, and a range of other components of your business
  • Extensive customer support around the clock
  • Integrated payment processing that allows for cash and almost all major credit cards — as well as mobile pay and gift cards
  • Automatic updates — you’ll continuously have access to the best and latest SpotOn software

Data Reporting

If you want to run a successful business in the modern world, it’s critical to have a firm understanding of your restaurant’s data. Fortunately, most modern POS systems provide you with extensive data reporting options – and the SpotOn POS system is no different.

Spoton Restaurant POS Reporting Example

At SpotOn POS, you’ll gain access to data and insights that you won’t find in outdated systems. You’ll be able to monitor sales, employee productivity, time-based trends, and more. You can even set up alerts that can notify you of specific issues.

Another reporting feature I really like at SpotOn is its reporting app. You can access reporting data directly from a mobile reporting application, no matter where you are!

Deployment Type

SpotOn POS is a cloud-based and locally installed POS solution. The advantage of a cloud-based system is that you’re able to access your POS from any browser and access your reporting data remotely. You’ll also benefit from being able to protect your data from a hardware malfunction.

Cloud-based services allow POS companies to update software easily, which is excellent, while SpotOn continues to release new software updates. By utilizing a touchscreen station, you can still enjoy the same benefits of using a mobile POS system. Even though SpotOn is a cloud-based POS, it can be used on touchscreen devices, just like other traditional POS systems.

Industries Served

SpotOn POS is designed to work with a broad range of different hospitality-based businesses. You can also use this POS system for retail, but we have been focusing primarily on restaurant-based companies for this review. Its restaurant-specific feature list is geared towards full-service restaurants, quick-service restaurants, bars & nightclubs, pizza, and café owners.

SpotOn doesn’t boast as many of the high-end features that you might find in other industry leaders in terms of business size. While it can handle large businesses, I recommend this POS platform for small to medium-sized companies. But don’t worry if you’re planning on growing – there are plenty of tools in this system that can help you scale!

Ease of Use

SpotOn POS is definitely easy to use. If you’ve never used a modern POS system before, you’ll notice some great improvements the second you open this software. It’s easy to navigate, take orders, and customize on the go.

While the user interface isn’t as seamless as some of my favorite POS providers, there’s still a lot to like about SpotOn POS. If you want a platform that is easy to learn (and teach to staff), I definitely won’t rule this option out.


In my opinion, SpotOn POS’s hardware limitations are a minor downside. You can potentially bring your tablet or hardware device along with you for the restaurant POS, but SpotOn POS offers and recommends using its touchscreen hardware solutions. We generally agree with using the vendor’s hardware to make sure everything is compatible and plays nicely together.

Still, there’s plenty to like about the choices you have through SpotOn. Their hardware devices are touchscreen monitors, minimalist, and easy to use. While SpotOn has several hardware options for other business environments like the smaller Poynt system and SpotOn register, you’ll need the SpotOn restaurant-based all-in-one POS.

Spot On POS Hardware

SpotOn’s proprietary hardware is built for efficiency, reliability, and ease of use with multiple configurations.The three devices include:

  • The Station – A 15.6” point-of-sale
  • The Counter – A 10” point-of-sale ideal for counter service with limited counter space and smaller menus
  • The Handheld – A 6.5” mobile point-of-sale features an 18% larger touchscreen display to increase the speed of service; the display also flips to face the guest with contactless and dip payments for faster checkout.

The company worked in collaboration with their clients and advisors to design hardware that would meet the needs of today’s restaurateurs, prioritizing flexibility for a suite of hardware that would adapt to each restaurant’s unique environment, taking into account footprint, screen size, durability, and a sleek but subtle aesthetic. Either way, you’ll have to pay a bit extra per month to access these hardware devices.

Either way, you’ll have to pay a bit extra per month to access these hardware devices. The costs associated with this are highlighted in the pricing section of this review.

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There are plenty of high-end integrations and add-ons available with SpotOn POS. Personally, if a POS system doesn’t offer integrations, it’s probably not worth working with — integrations often end up providing some of the core value available with a POS.

Their integrations at SpotOn allow you to improve staffing, inventory, accounting, and a range of other components of your business. Top integrations include MarginEdge, QuickBooks, FreshKDS, and much more. You can find a current list of integrations on their website.

Payment Processing

You are allowed to use your own payment processing company with SpotOn, but it will significantly increase the service’s cost. If you want to take advantage of the lower prices, you’ll have to use SpotOn’s credit card processing. The full costs of this are outlined in the pricing section of this review.

With SpotOn merchant services, you get some handy features like marketing, reviews, and payment analytics, but loyalty and a website will cost you extra.

SpotOn doesn’t advertise the other credit card processors you’re allowed to use — but you can contact them to find out if yours is eligible. In some ways, SpotOn may only be worth using if you’re willing to commit to its payment processing platform. While I typically prefer POS systems that offer more flexibility, it’s still a good option if you like the rates on offer at SpotOn.

SpotOn Security Features

From what I’ve noticed, SpotOn takes the security of its customers’ data very seriously. Their systems adhere to industry standards, including the PCI DSS, and the security updates are rolled out pretty regularly.

In addition, it has several features that help any restaurant or bar using it stay compliant with local and federal regulations, such as age verification or tip reporting.

If you’re looking for a POS system that will keep your customers’ data secure while also helping you remain on track with the legal regulations, then this might be a good choice to consider.

SpotOn POS System Training

The system could be the best in the world, but it still won’t be of much help if you yourself or your employees don’t know how to operate it. That’s why I definitely appreciate the amount of training material regarding the SpotOn POS system available.

They have both tutorial videos and user guides, with the latter being available in two languages – English and Spanish. The tutorials cover the most commonly used functions in the Restaurant POS, making training your staff easy and quick.

Customer Service

Every restaurant owner knows that their POS provider needs to have a strong customer support team. It’s not your job to handle the technical aspects of your software; you should be able to entrust that to your POS customer support team. Fortunately, SpotOn’s customer service team is available 24/7 to help you solve problems — they have an email and phone number you can contact.

SpotOn also has a huge national dealer network, so if you’re in a large city and prefer local support, there’s a good chance there is a POS reseller near you. There is a tremendous benefit to having local support, when most POS companies rely on remote support only.

In terms of customer satisfaction, SpotOn looks to be doing well. They’re accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) — they even have an A+ rating!

Still, like any large business, there are a few complaints about SpotOn from previous customers. The primary issue that is highlighted is hidden fees. For this reason, you should seek full clarity from SpotOn before making any financial agreements or payments.

It’s safe to say that SpotOn has a much better customer reputation than many other providers I’ve reviewed.

SpotOn POS User Reviews

I can go on and on about my experience with SpotOn POS, but I’m just one person – so I went ahead and researched what other customers think about it, both the good and the bad.

The Good

According to one review added on GetApp

SpotOn is easy to teach, easy to use and easy to customize on the fly for our daily changing business. After using another Restaurant POS system this one is what we should have started with. […] This one integrates with my Payroll company seamlessly. The online ordering platform used was ridiculously easy and provides a more polished seamless look for my company.

Another one said:

Reporting has been amazing and has really helped our manager stay on top of their metrics.Integrations with 7 Shifts scheduling has been a game changer.We are detailed technical people so we were able to customize many features that made sense for our restaurants.

The Bad

I try to be as transparent as possible about the customer’s experience with the SpotOn POS system. While there is a significantly less amount of them, one thing stood out: the lack of transparency when it comes to the costs and poor customer service received in relation to it. As one review said,

Since the start of using this software, the company has repeatedly taken “additional” money from our account. Each and every month I address the problem with my sales rep, the restaurant team, the director of sales and the 8 others that I have spoken to, they tell me they are “working on it”. It’s been 5 months and now over $1300 additional has been taken from our agreed contracted amount. I have had to place a stop payment on them and stop using the credit card machine in order to stop the bleed. I literally have called and emailed each and everyday for months trying to get a resolution.

SpotOn Case Studies

I’ve already shared my personal opinion on the SpotOn POS system, as well as what I found other customers to be saying about it. Now, it’s time for some real-life examples of how integrating the system into your business operations can help your restaurant or your small business prosper.

There were many to choose from, but I settled on two. Despite focusing mostly on restaurants, I wanted to fully show the diversity of POS systems offered by SpotOn, which is why I picked two different categories of businesses for this section.


Momoya is one of New York’s top sushi restaurants, with three locations within the city. After taking over the successful chain from his sister, KwangHo was looking for a solution that would allow him to freely navigate between the then two and now three restaurants using one POS.

With SpotOn POS, he can do exactly that and much more. By adapting the solution, he increased the restaurants’ daily orders by 10% and average tips by 4%. And, as he says, it makes his job a lot easier, as there’s no need for him to be physically present to make sure everything is going smoothly at any of the locations.

How did SpotOn POS help? Thanks to SpotOn’s handheld devices, SpotOn Serve, KwangHo Lee can guarantee that his guests on the patio can enjoy an easy and fast close-out experience, which encourages more tips and increases table turns.

Peek a Boo Waxing

SpotOn POS can help not only restaurants but also small businesses, and Peek a Boo Waxing is the perfect example of that. Michelle Tillis has been operating the waxing salon for over 10 years, and during that time, she has managed to build a loyal customer base. She was on the lookout for an all-in-one solution that would help her save time spent on scheduling appointments and accounting. 

With SpotOn POS as part of the business, over 90% of appointments at her salon are now booked online, helping her save about 6 hours a week in admin work. She has access to all of her accounting and sales data, as well as the appointment schedule, all within one platform.

How Does SpotOn Compare to Other POS Systems?

Choosing the right POS system for your restaurant is not an easy task. So, while you probably will have to do some additional research on your own, here is a very brief comparison I prepared of SpotOn and two other POS systems – specifically Aloha POS and Toast POS.

SpotOn POS Aloha POS Toast POS
Pricing $0 / $99 / $135 / Custom $0 / $175 $0 / $69 / Custom
Key Features Cloud-based storage and control system
Restaurant-specific platform
Extensive data reporting features
Integrations available
Several learning materials available
Easy-to-use menu-building features
Different features suitable for different restaurant types
Online ordering, delivery and takeout functionalities
Teaching done by hospitality industry experts
Easy to use
Helpful training materials available on the site
Inventory tracking
Cloud-based menu
Integrated online ordering
Offline mode
Customization Customizable Customizable but might require assistance Customizable
Payment Processing Integrated payment processing Third-party payment processor required Integrated payment processing
Scalability Scalable Scalable Scalable


Our Verdict

Overall, after testing it myself I have to say that SpotOn POS is a decent performer. You’ll have access to some of the best restaurant-specific features on the market — it can truly help you transform your business if you’re using an outdated system. With plenty of add-ons and integrations available, you can have complete control of the backroom aspect of your business.

The primary downsides associated with SpotOn POS are its pricing, restrictive hardware, and credit card processing features. But if you’re happy with the company’s hardware and like their processing rates, this shouldn’t be an issue.

SpotOn claims to have no long-term contracts, but it’s best to seek clarity on this matter before you sign up for their services. Fortunately, the company offers free demos to any prospective client! Before you decide on any specific system, we recommend checking out some of our other POS reviews.

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10 reviews for My SpotOn POS System Review

2.7 out of 5
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  1. Ryan DeMars

    Great review! A few important things to clarify to your readers, under additional pricing you have listed the Poynt POS and the Register POS as possible additional fees when using SpotOn restaurant POS. Those are completely different POS options and not part of the Restaurant POS thus a restaurant would not incur those fees.

    As for payment processing, SpotOn Restaurant POS does not lock a merchant into using SpotOn for processing like some POS companies. What should be mentioned in the article is that SpotOn does not charge a business any additional “junk fees” like monthly access, PCI compliance, gateway access ect ect that all other processors charge. As a SpotOn sales partner, I have personally seen restaurants paying hundreds per month in junk fees. Business owners are happy to trade those for $25/mo flat fee still knowing they can choose any processor they want at any time.

    Helpful(7) Unhelpful(7)You have already voted this
    • Jason Feemster

      Thanks for the clarification, Ryan. We’ll get that updated in the review, much appreciate the feedback.

      Helpful(2) Unhelpful(1)You have already voted this
  2. Kevin

    This information is incorrect. More UPDATED information is needed, in addition, you’re pricing and lack of reason why and what you get with Spoton’s platform fee, that’s right one fee. Which include, dashboard analytics, review management (which can, on a single platform from another provider, cost between $25-$100+), and customer engagement tools to drive business.

    Please, for those reading this, investigate the actually source and don’t believe what you read from bloggers.

    You’re also wrong about hidden fees. SpotOn is the most transparent company out there in the business of growth for the happiness of their clients.

    I am a Proud Partner of SpotOn and find this information misleading and directional.

    Please update your information with actual, objective evidence.

    Helpful(11) Unhelpful(13)You have already voted this
    • Jason Feemster

      Kevin, thanks for taking the time to comment. We actually gave Spoton POS a great rating. We do our best to keep up on the latest pricing, however, we have many reviews on our site and we always recommend that everyone check the source as this is a fast-changing industry.

      As far as being wrong about hidden fees, here’s one example of a customer on your BBB page claiming hidden fees, so we report what we find. While I greatly appreciate the feedback and comment, I’m removing the link to your website, since your comment is more promotional in nature.

      Helpful(10) Unhelpful(8)You have already voted this

    I would like to start by saying I have had this system for nearly 5 months now. The system its self is fairly easy to use and Im ok with it, HOWEVER, the customer service is excruciating!! My “deal” with the sales rep was exactly 3.49% of credit card sales (excluding tips and delivery)FLAT FEE nothing more. Simple right? Each and every nightly report shows exactly how much money SpotOn should receive. For the last 4.5 months I have been in daily, weekly and monthly contact with my sales representative trying to get my account straighten out, each and every month SpotOn takes WAY more then my contract states and each and every month my sales rep tells me “Your right, I dont know whats happening but the manager is working on it” (Its been 4.5 months, what the hell is to work on?) SpotOn has now taken an additional $1000.00 over the agreed upon 3.49% and they WILL NOT return my call or emails. The sales rep had the nerve to tell me, “Your right about your account, but SpotOn is going to continue to charge you the higher amount and I’m going to give you $35.00 a month out of my own account” WTF??? SERIOUSLY !!! How does that even make since? Im sure you can since my frustration with this company, I am a small family owned business trying to survive this year, I thought getting this system would help us keep track of our customers, promos and inventory, I never thought I would be chasing my own money from the company. I wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone, My only hope is this review will get someones attention from higher up in the company because my phone calls and 4 months of emails didn’t. My next step is to contact a lawyer

    + PROS: PROS: easy to use
    - CONS: CONS: customer service is useless, sales rep is a lair, they steal your money,
    Helpful(17) Unhelpful(4)You have already voted this
  4. Grover Taylor

    Spot On and Kevin are both liars. Spot On is the worst POS in of them all. ANDRIA ARSEN review SPOT ON… hahaha PUN! I’m not much of a writer but felt the need to write this after reading the review. Brooke the woman that sold us the system was clueless, Adam Sales Manager, and Rick Director of Sales useless. We have been a customer for a little over a month and already bought a new POS because they can’t keep their hands out of my bank account and the service is the worst ever. I mean it doesn’t have an open POS button you have to use the CLOSE POS button to open it. So many bad features. I will trash them every chance I get. Feel free to contact me if you want to talk more…

    + PROS: Nothing about my experience with this company has been good
    - CONS: Everything is awful, Buyer Beware Stay Away Dont say I didnt warn you.
    Helpful(13) Unhelpful(5)You have already voted this
  5. Trenton White

    It has been great for me. I had toast and switched! I didn’t want to but it is a great system. Now I just got it and maybe there were bugs in the beginning. But my other friends that are owners got it and love it. Sorry to hear some of these stories. Maybe I got it when all of the bugs were gone.

    + PROS: Good system and easy to use. The support is great and my AE is always checking in. Processing prices and reserve services great.
    - CONS: Honestly none at the moment.
    Helpful(5) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  6. Danyelle Johnson

    I am in charge of several locations that just switched over to EmaginePOS ( which is the actual system operator) from a previous local company. It is fantastic. Then they integrated with spot on and fees were better even with monthly fees. There were a few hiccups during transition but we couldn’t be happier with an easier system. If there are issues, they are quick to fix them. It is so easy I personally taught myself how to program system myself and teach others. So simple compared to so many others and no hidden fees if you read your full contract and ASK questions. If you expect anyone to tell you every detail, I bet your cable bill had 3x more hidden fees and you pay that without hesitation. Marshall and Fred made the switch over seamless and almost lived with us at restaurant until we were satisfied 100%. If anyone had a bad experience, it’s just hard for me to believe. EmaginePOS is best and couldn’t be happier!!!!

    + PROS: No crashing New updates Easy to train All business analytics Great 24/7 customer service
    - CONS: Nothing
    Helpful(4) Unhelpful(1)You have already voted this
  7. Courtney Fender

    I returned this POS because it ended up not doing anything that I was told it would do for my retail business. I returned the equipment in December and 5 months later, I still have not received my $415. I have emailed and left multiple voicemail and still nothing. Absolutely horrible and I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMANY. Leaving a review anywhere I can.

    Helpful(7) Unhelpful(2)You have already voted this
  8. Stetan

    We are also having some Issues with SPOT ON Pricing that we are hoping to resolve. 4 % is OUTRAGEOUS! There is a reason this market is so crowded because there is money yo be made. But to take 4% is an insult to hard working people. between 2.2 and 2.9 is ok depending if you are paying for the equipment

    + PROS: Its a good system like most other POS Systems
    - CONS: PRICING They send their sales force out for you to sign a deal quickly telling you there are no fees bla bla. Then when you compare you see how expensive it will be compared to others
    Helpful(3) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  9. Janice Clemmer

    This company is a joke. They don’t honor their contracts. Customer service is not consistent. When you have a problem, they do not follow through. Their card readers don’t connect to Bluetooth all the time. Go somewhere else where you can find consistency and follow through.

    Helpful(1) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  10. Lux

    This company is a complete SCAM. Terrible customer service. Such slow support that it caused us to lose a number on long time customers due to their inability to respond. Also long after the contract, they continue to fraudulently use your bank account link to try to steal money from your account. They have no process in place to stop their “auto” billing so I suspect this is their actual business model. They should be sued into oblivion. How many customers are they stealing from as we speak? Class action?

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