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Cake POS is a modern cloud-based restaurant management system by Mad Mobile. Cake offers a wide range of hospitality features, including restaurant management, payment processing, offline payments, and more.
Easy to Use
  • Accounting integration
  • Simple payment processing
  • Online Ordering
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Free demo
  • In-house processing only
  • Contracts encouraged
  • Limited Pricing Transparency

Cake POS Review

Review of Cake POS

Is Cake POS a good restaurant POS solution to consider for your business? At POS USA, we’ve researched and reviewed many different POS systems. We go out on the internet, scan all the reviews, and talk to and survey consumers. Our research and review of Cake POS found that Cake is a strong contender for a complete software and hardware package with great support at reasonable prices.

No matter what type of restaurant you own or manage, your point of sale system is one of the most critical components of your operation. You must have a POS system that can help you easily facilitate complex transactions. Unfortunately, many outdated POS systems on the market can do more harm than good.

Cake POS is a relatively new POS provider but still offers restaurant owners a wide range of features and benefits. Our Cake POS review will look at how this POS platform can help empower and grow your business. Throughout this review, we’ll also explore its pros vs. cons and features in-depth, so you have an overview of Cake is a POS to consider for your business.

Overview of Cake POS

Cake POS is a point-of-sale product powered by Mad Mobile. Cake POS provides users access to world-class hardware and software for point-of-sale transactions and management. Unlike many POS providers, which direct you to purchase equipment, Cake POS also provides access to a proprietary hardware system via its service. Its hardware is a touchscreen, extremely intuitive, and built to handle the potentially treacherous conditions found in quick-service and full-service restaurants.

Cake is a restaurant management system with benefits specifically geared toward the hospitality industry. It offers a range of additional features, including restaurant management, payment processing, offline payments, and more. We’ll take a more in-depth look at its features throughout our Cake POS review!

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Pros vs Cons


  • It’s easy to build menus and change prices
  • Access to the entire platform from an off-site location
  • Cloud-based storage to prevent data loss
  • Automatic ‘reporting data’ retention
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Integration with leading accounting platforms
  • Robust hardware system available directly through Cake POS
  • Simple payment processing terms
  • Different specifications for different hospitality businesses
  • Free demo


  • Pricing might be out of some budgets
  • Less credit card processing flexibility
  • Not as much flexibility with hardware
  • Long-term contracts are encouraged


Before looking at all the features that Cake POS offers, it’s essential to consider the pricing structure. There’s no point reading about a POS system you can’t afford!

How much does Cake POS cost? Here is the pricing:

Cake POS Cost

  • Hardware Bundle – Starts at $69/mo*
  • Software & Service – Starts at $69/mo*
  • Each Additional Terminal – $49/mo

*$69/mo lease pricing requires a 3-year contract. +$69/mo software subscription pricing requires a 2-year contract.

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Compare Prices

One of the significant downsides of Cake POS is that the company doesn’t provide transparent pricing information. Instead, they direct you to fill out a quote form – this can be a pain if you’re trying to make a quick price comparison across a broad range of POS platforms.

Overall, Cake POS offers prices for both software and hardware as a service. Coupling your software fee with Cake POS’s hardware will cost you more. The company states that its most popular platform costs around $138 per month. For a small business, this might seem like a pretty expensive investment.

Also, if you want additional add-ons, you’ll need to pay. Credit card processing costs money, too, but this is comparable with other top industry competitors.

The other downside to Cake POS’s pricing model is that it encourages its users to sign long-term contracts. You’ll need to sign up for a three-year commitment to take advantage of the most affordable pricing. These types of obligations can put you in a tough position if you can no longer afford the services of Cake POS.

If you’re interested in Cake POS’s guest management platform, it will cost you $79 per month — you’ll also need to pay $199 upfront. Again, while this platform is pervasive, the price points might be well outside of your budget.

Promo Video

Cake POS for Restaurants – Promo Video


Key Features

Cake is a relative newcomer to the market, but the company still has many key features you’d expect from a modern cloud-based POS system. Here are some of the main features we like about the Cake POS software and hardware platform:

Cake POS Speed Screen

  • A touchscreen hardware system that can fit into a fixed terminal or be used for tableside ordering
  • Full tableside ordering capabilities that can increase efficiency in your restaurant
  • Accept a range of different payments, including payment platforms like PayPal.
  • Offline payment processing means you’ll never be stuck without your POS system — this is an excellent feature that you don’t find with many other providers.
  • Reporting data secured on a cloud platform to prevent data loss
  • Easily set up an online ordering platform for your restaurant or food truck.
  • Custom POS platforms depend on the hospitality outlet you operate (restaurant, bar, food truck, etc.)
  • Quickly build a menu that is intuitive to navigate
  • Create seasonal menus with just a few clicks of a button
  • Instantly change your menu and prices from an off-site location
  • Review reporting data from a third-party location
  • ‘Guest Manager’ platform allows you to build a physical restaurant on your POS and manage tables, reservations, and more
  • Access to third-party apps that can help you control order management and keep tabs on other key components of your business
  • Split checks, speed screens, and pre-authorize credit cards which are features to have for full-service restaurants and bars

Cake POS Split Check Screen

Deployment Type

Technically, Cake POS is a cloud-based POS platform, but this answer isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. Cake POS offers the best of both worlds regarding cloud technology. Unlike outdated POS platforms, Cake POS follows a new trend of being both cloud-based and locally installed, aka a hybrid.

While installing the software on your hardware, all your data and information will be stored in the cloud. As you can imagine, this helps prevent costly data losses if something goes wrong with your hardware. You can also view reporting data offsite and export it to accounting software platforms.

Cake point of sale does offer an offline mode to keep your restaurant in business when your internet goes down.

Industries Served

Cake POS is specifically geared toward the hospitality industry, unlike some POS systems. While this might rule out specific industries, it provides unique advantages to those who run restaurants, bars, food trucks, or other hospitality venues.

Cake POS can serve businesses of almost any size. They have unique features that can help you gear your POS layout towards full-service restaurants, quick-service restaurants, bars, pubs, or food trucks; this being said, it’s not necessarily as powerful as some of the other competitors on our list.

I’d say that Cake point of sale is perfect for small to medium-sized establishments. While it does have the features that larger restaurants will need, it’s not quite as extensive of a software application as you might find with some of the more “aged” POS programs.

Ease of Use

As with most modern POS systems, one of the primary goals that Cake POS set out to achieve is making your point of sale experience easier. Many outdated systems use counterintuitive, which can slow down the learning curve. If you’re looking to train staff quickly, you need to use a POS system that makes sense.

Cake Point of Sale Terminal

One of the best parts about Cake POS is that it’s easy to navigate and customize. I highly recommend this platform if ease of use is one of your primary concerns.


Cake POS is one of the few modern POS providers that pushes you towards using their hardware setups. While many competitors let you run their software on iPads, iPhones, or other tablets, Cake POS has its preferred hardware.

What’s included with the starter hardware bundle:

  • 1 POS terminal
  • 1 Payment Cube
  • 1 Thermal Printer
  • 1 Cash Drawer

The starter bundle can be purchased individually or leased at $69/mo.

Cake Hardware Bundle

Still, there are advantages to working with Cake POS hardware. Its hardware is sleek and intuitive — it’s also entirely touchscreen. The hardware system is resistant to water and other substances you may encounter inside your restaurant. If you’re looking for a sleek and practical hardware system that isn’t intrusive, Cake POS has you covered.

Cake POS is also willing to let you pay for the hardware monthly, so you won’t have to make the same upfront investment you might find if you need to purchase third-party equipment independently.

They do have an option to use an iPad (The POS Orderpad) with an app that mirrors the terminal software you can use for line busting and tableside ordering.


Cake POS offers a range of integrations and add-ons, but its list isn’t as extensive as some competitors. With Cake POS, most add-ons are related to integrating accounting software with your POS reporting system. You can integrate your POS platform with QuickBooks and Xero.

Other integrations and apps include Orca, 7Shifts, and more. These applications can help you manage your staff, keep track of stock, and order more inventory when you’re running low on supplies.

In terms of add-ons, you can add Guest Manager if you want a service that allows you to manage your floor space better; this helps you manage restaurant seating, ordering, and payment processing to increase your workplace efficiency.

For those looking for additional features, there’s also the option to add online ordering, which can help you manage orders from external customers – this is an excellent package if you rely heavily on takeout orders.

Payment Processing

Cake POS offers clear terms for its credit card processing platform. You pay 2.5% + 10c per transaction. You won’t have to pay any monthly fees for processing, which means you only have to pay for what you process. Its credit card processing platform accepts all major credit cards.

While this is undoubtedly a useful feature, it doesn’t leave you with the same flexibility you find with other POS platforms. Some point-of-sale providers allow you to integrate with hundreds of credit card processing partners.

Customer Service

If you’re running a busy restaurant or starting a new restaurant, your POS provider must have a strong customer support team. Fortunately, you’ll find 24/7 customer support with Cake POS. Surprisingly, this isn’t a feature you see with all significant POS providers. Cake POS’s customer support team is undoubtedly one of its upsides.

It’s also important to consider what other customers think of this platform. If tons of customers are running into similar problems with a platform, there’s a high chance you will too. So, what do Cake POS customers think of this point-of-sale product?

Many online testimonials praise the Cake POS platform and its ability to improve operations and cash flow. Unfortunately, Cake POS doesn’t have a significant presence in many of the top consumer watchdog groups, so it’s hard to gauge the company’s volume of complaints. Check back regularly to see if there is an update on this matter.

Our Verdict

There’s no doubt that there’s plenty to like about Cake. This will feel like a real upgrade if you haven’t changed your POS system or cash register for many years. Its ease of use, feature list, and hardware make your restaurant much more manageable. Just ensure that your business operates in the hospitality industry – otherwise, this platform won’t be useful.

The only downsides to Cake’s point of sale are related to pricing and contracts. If you’re operating on a budget, this might not be a great option. It would also be best if you were sure this is the right platform for your restaurant before purchasing it – Cake POS is known to prefer long-term contracts.

Make sure to request a free Cake demo before making any long-term commitments. It’s a great way to get a feel for the product before signing a lengthy contract and investing your hard-earned money.

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Specification: Cake POS

Best For

Restaurants, Quick Service, Full Service, Bars

Business Size

Small, Medium

POS Type

iPad POS

Software Type


Free Trial

Demo Only

Merchant Services

In-House Only

Pricing Model

Monthly Payment, Contract

Price Range


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17 reviews for Cake POS

4.1 out of 5
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  1. Philip Dunham

    We’ve had our Cake POS system for 4 years now and have become very familiar with it and it’s workings. It’s served us quite well and has had very few issues. The hardware is solid and holds up well to daily use and the software is updated regularly. Customer Service is always available and has been excellent at solving our issues. I would highly recommend this system.

    + PROS: Good quality hardware, easy layout, very customizable menu, seating charts and zones. Many features for reports on sales, timesheets, cash and credit card processing and trend analysis.
    - CONS: Steep learning curve on initial setup.
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  2. Michal Plavecky

    We are using CAKE, and the whole year we are having so many issues with card readers and registers as well. The customer service is not helpful at all! All the time when we need to call them, they keep saying that engineers have to investigate the case and they are promising to call back with an update, but they do not. About seven months ago after they are moving data from one of the registers to the other, our card readers stopped working and we had to buy all three new readers. Of course, they said it was not their fault. It is negatively affecting our business. We are ready to end the contract.

    Helpful(1) Unhelpful(1)You have already voted this

    This review is totally based off of Cakes utilizing Mad Mobile and getting away from Merchant Services. Cake took some getting used to and I feel the cost is a little steep for not having an actual person being available to give face to face instruction on the system but overall im not unhappy with the actual system its the credit card processing change. GOD AWFUL!!!!

    + PROS: None
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  4. Patrick

    Horrible Experience from onboarding to execution

    + PROS: Pricing seemed fair at first.
    - CONS: Bait and switch tactics - matched competitive processor rates than proceeded to increase pricing back to their original pricing. Horrible implementation process. Hardware was not working properly and Fabio the specialist was absoutely rude and unprofessional Reporting is very rudimentary compared to Spoton, Lightspeed and Toast. No phone app! Software is setup for fast casual but very hard to configure for full service restaurant Billed me twice with no notification of why these charges were charged. Not trustworthy. Shipped me an order that I did not order and demanded I return ASAP. Chargebacks are an automatic $20 regardless if you win the case or not
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  5. Brian

    CAKE is one of the easiest POS systems to use. Very intuitive for wait staff. They have always been available for customer support and have walked us through any issues or questions we’ve had. If you are looking for an easy to use, all in one system that doesn’t break the bank, CAKE is a great choice.

    + PROS: Easy to use Great customer support Intuitive
    - CONS: None
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  6. Fausto Dicarlo

    What a piece of s**t. We bought this in 2018 as a replacement for micros. This system has proven to be a buggy mess. Engineers in (Sri Lanka) will make sure that you as a working person have the absolute worst customer service experience possible and will make sure that you feel worse than if you got off the phone with comcast.

    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(3)You have already voted this
  7. john spencer

    Coming from Toast, the entire cake experience was a breth of fresh air. Toast support was very rarely able to fix anything when I called, especially during busy hours, very frustrating! The cake sales rep was great about answering all my questions and was very upfront about their pricing, training, and support avenues. On the few occasions I’ve needed to reach out to cake support, they are always extremely knowledgable not just about the cake system, but about the restaurant industry in general. I installed the system myself, and am able to run reports that make my accountant happy. I’m one year in and I have no reason to go back and

    + PROS: The system is extremely easy to understand and use, my servers barely need any training. I was able to install it myself, and even if my internet goes down, we can still process cards. Support is always available and is very friendly and helpful.
    - CONS: Getting the menu setup intially is always harder than you want, but I've found that to be the case with any system. If i were to do it again, i may pay extra to have them program my menu entirely for me.
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  8. Jerry Wallace

    Haven’t had any issues. The customer support has been super responsive when we had an issue last month with our terminal. Our rep stayed on the line and walked us through a few options before we got it back online. Our Cake pos has been great for order speed too. We’ve seen more tickets get processed every hour since making the switch in January. We got the hardware with a customer display and our regulars love it!

    + PROS: - Very user friendly. Our counter staff didn't have an issue switching from our old pos. - Sales report are easy to understand and cover everything we need.
    - CONS: - I wish it had more built-in inventory options, but this hasn't been an issue for us yet.
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  9. Catherine Dundlemoore

    CAKE POS has transformed my bakery business by simplifying operations and improving the customer experience. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive design have made it effortless for our team to navigate and learn the system. The integration with hardware components has optimized inventory management, reduced waste, and minimized out-of-stock situations. The customer management features have allowed us to provide personalized experiences and increase customer retention. With its scalability and customization options, Cake POS is a must-have tool for any food business. Highly recommended!

    + PROS: - Customer support available 24/7 - cloud-based access from anywhere - restaurant analytics - no $0.99 fee on online orders - contactless payments - reservation management
    - CONS: N/A
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  10. Jake Lorren

    The fees and support issues over at toast pos just built up, and i finaly had enough. Signed with cake a few months ago and I haven’t had any issue that their support team couldn’t fix early on in the call. their pricing is competitive and NO HIDDEN FEES, really. My staff tells me the pos is easy to use for them, and its easy for me to run any reports or make changes to menus and pricing, so I’m happy. Have already reccomended cake to a few of my friends who dont like their pos system.

    + PROS: pricing, no annoying fees they dont tell you about, features are where they should be
    - CONS: nothing yet
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  11. Chuck Barge

    Cake has been real easy to setup and by far the easiest pos that I’ve used in my 15 years of owning restaurants. The kids up front barely have to even be trained on it at this point there so tech savvy, and more importantly i can change the menu and prices on my phone, and i can barely use my iphone as it is. Definitely recommend at least taking a look at Cake.

    + PROS: The screens just make sense I can make changes from home, without going into the restaurant for many important tasks Even when my internet is down, i can still run cards
    - CONS: Wish I could take back the other years with our old micros and do something easier that doesnt break down all the time
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  12. Jacob Abble

    The data and information I get from cake literally saves me hourssss I used to have to be at the restaurants. I have three locations and am able to manage them all from home or my office. I came from square, and it just wasn’t meant to be in a restaurant setting.

    + PROS: I no longer have to dedicate anytime to training staff on the pos, they just know how it works. Also just the reports and remote editing features alone are worth the price of admission.
    - CONS: Eh some stuff has come up, but nothing that a support call can't fix. Also sometimes wish we had more cash drawer options, had to replace on after a few years, but other than that, pretty easy.
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  13. Nicole Chester

    The Cake system is easy to use and has all the features I need to manage my small business. The customer support team has been very helpful and responsive whenever I have had any questions. I really liked how transparent everything was in the pricng too.

    + PROS: Remote reporting Menu management Easy training
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  14. Austin

    We switched to cake from lightspeed during covid just due to the online ordering and curbside pickup piece, and oh boy are we glad we did. For my restaurant (bbq counter service), we need service to be FAST, since most of the food is ready to go, so we only get a long line if ordering takes a long time. Our line now screams. We even have a mobile ordering tablet that can be used with a server at tables, or to bust line during our lunch rushes. never had an issue with support when we’ve had questions or little issues. Payments for my credit cards sales come in quickly. Honestly take a serious look at Cake, I feel like these guys are better than most (toast/lightspeed/harbortouch) and are kinda slept on.

    + PROS: I basically don't even train new hires, system just makes sense Editing my menu and prices is a cinch Online/curbside orders saved us during covid Folks on the help line always help us quickly
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  15. John Pear

    We just started using Cake about six months ago and it’s been a pretty good experience so far. Customer service is always available and has been a great tool especially as we’ve gotten started and learning the new syste. It was a pretty easy system for our staff to get used to.

    + PROS: Easy to use Great customer service Easy system to learn
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  16. Nida Acalo

    We switched from toast because of the service fee. The customer complants were constant and we were losing a lot of online busness. So pretty easy as described. Only negative some features that toast had they don’t offer, but hoping they will improve. Very reliable so far and looking forward to some product releases our manager has mentioned

    + PROS: Good processing rates and no hidden fees Hardware looks good Admin dashboards pretty robust
    - CONS: Doesn't have as many features as some.
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  17. Brandon Atherton

    I have been using Cake POS for over a year and I am very satisfied with its performance. It is easy to use and customize, and it helps me run my restaurant more efficiently. I like how I can manage my floor plan, menu, orders, and staff from one place. The reports are also very helpful for tracking sales and labor costs. The loyalty program is a great way to reward my regular customers and attract new ones. The customer service is always responsive and friendly, and they resolve any issues quickly. The only downside is that the payment processing is in-house only, and the contract is for two years. But overall, I think Cake POS is a great value for money and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and user-friendly restaurant POS system.

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