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Aldelo is well known for Aldelo for Restaurants with 10s of thousands of installs. With the addition of Aldelo Express, there was a shift to a cloud-based system later in the game. It's cross-platform (for iPad & Android), but still available for Windows. It can be expensive if you're not willing to sign up for the company's merchant services.
Easy to Use
  • Cross-platform (iPad & Android)
  • Free if you use Aldelo Pay
  • Windows version still available
  • User-friendly POS
  • Expensive without Aldelo Pay
  • Pricing isn't transparent online
  • Complaints about customer service
  • Lacks extensive reporting

Aldelo POS Review

Aldelo Express POS Review

My Aldelo POS review offers the internet’s most in-depth overview of this point of sale provider. If you’re having a hard time deciding if Aldelo POS is right for your business, it’s a good idea to weigh the pros against the cons. Let’s find out if this is the point of sale system that can take your restaurant to the next level!

Overview of Aldelo POS

Aldelo is a point of sale and payment technology company located in Pleasanton, California. The business provides both POS software and merchant services to its 80,000+ USA and international clients.

While Aldelo isn’t as large as some of its primary competitors like Micros or Aloha, it offers a flexible point of sales system suitable to a wide range of bar and restaurant environments.

Aldelo has made a name for itself with the traditional Aldelo for Restaurants with 10s of thousands of installs. With the addition of Aldelo Express, there was a shift to a cloud-based system in a crowded app market.

As with most modern point-of-sale platforms, Aldelo Express POS is a touchscreen-based system that uses tablets and fixed kiosks. You can bring your iPad or Android device or choose between a Windows system or self-service kiosk.

The interface makes it easy to build menus and color-code items. You don’t need to worry about complex back-office commands — Aldelo POS is straightforward to use. While you won’t find a vast list of compatible integrations with Aldelo POS, there are plenty of features that can help you build custom menus, manage your restaurant, and keep tabs on your operations.

Best of all, you can access this POS platform for free if you’re willing to sacrifice flexibility on payment processing. Below, let’s take a comprehensive look at this POS system!

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Pros vs Cons


  • Build menus and modifiers with ease
  • A color-coded interface that’s easy to navigate
  • Multiple hardware options, including iPads
  • Free software if you sign-up for Aldelo Pay
  • Integrates with select third-party platforms
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Build a floor plan and your manage restaurant with extensive tools
  • Manage staff and scheduling


  • Pricing isn’t transparent online
  • Expensive if you don’t sign up for merchant services
  • Merchant services can also be costly depending on the package
  • Complaints about the customer service team
  • Lacking extensive reporting features


Aldelo pricing starts at $99 per month (per station) — but don’t worry; there’s a way to make it much cheaper. If you sign up for Aldelo POS’s merchant services (Aldelo Pay), you won’t have to worry about paying for the POS software. All clients that use Aldelo POS for in-house payment processing gain free access to the POS platform.

While this may seem like a good deal, the high price per station means that it’s not very affordable unless you use Aldelo Pay for transactions. The cost of processing transactions via Aldelo will depend on the package you purchase — current rates land between $.05 to $.15 + .08% to 2.50% per transaction.

I believe the value you can derive from this product will depend on the processing rates you’re able to obtain. Transaction commissions can add up quickly, so make sure this is a viable option compared to other merchant services on the market.

If you choose to forgo using Aldelo Pay, you’ll have other payment options to choose from, but expect to pay for payment integration, installation services, menu programming, and ongoing support, which can add up fast!

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Introduction Video

Key Features

Aldelo Express POS has plenty to offer restaurant owners. If you’re looking to understand the specific features available with this platform, it’s essential to take a deeper dive into the details. Let’s check them out below:

  • Build menus to be easily navigable for you and your staff — color-coding helps differentiate different parts of the interface
  • Integrate different modifiers to help you quickly customize orders — perfect for pizza restaurants and other similar establishments
  • Build a floor plan to help you better manage a dine-in restaurant
  • In-house payment processing is available for those who want to take advantage of free POS services — it also means you can skip the hassle of finding a processor
  • A cloud-based system that helps you prevent data loss in the case of hardware issues
  • Pre-authorize cards for tabs or bar tabs — perfect for late-night eateries and clubs
  • Quick-fire menu ordering that can help you quickly take orders — perfect for restaurants that have heavy foot traffic
  • Access to sales data and other reporting figures via a remote location
  • A few solid integrations that can help restaurant owners improve access to online ordering, inventory, and other restaurant management tools
  • Create happy hour pricing and custom promotions for your customers
  • Track staff time and scheduling directly via the platform
  • Split different bills — you can also combine bills at the end of a meal
  • Add custom discounts or promotions at check out, as well as tips
  • Take reservations and form waitlists for busy dining periods
  • Take away features that allow you to dispatch drivers, locate delivery addresses, and store contact information
  • Access to customer support 24/7 via telephone and email

Data Reporting

While it’s easy to track basic sales data and staff information when you use Aldelo, it doesn’t offer the same comprehensive reporting features that you find with other providers.

You’ll get the simple tools you need to analyze your business’s performance. But if you want to understand your business and specific components of your operations (like inventory management), it may be worth using 3rd party integrations or a provider that offers more in-depth features.

Deployment Type

Aldelo Express is a cloud-based software. It allows you to have backend control of your POS system and store vital information outside of your hardware system. If your system is lost, stolen, or damaged, you won’t have to worry about losing all your reporting information.

Cloud-based systems are excellent because they allow you to control your POS system when you’re not onsite. You can access key reporting information when you’re out of your restaurant — even if you’re on vacation! This type of hybrid cloud system is just what I look for in a point of sale system.

Industries Served

Aldelo POS is geared toward the hospitality industry. There are a few different sub-niches in restaurants where Aldelo provides specific features (like fine dining and pizza shops).

It’s a good platform if you’re running a café, traditional restaurant, bar, quick-casual spot, pizza store, Japanese restaurant, or a range of other niche establishments.

Also, Aldelo Express doesn’t try to oversell itself in terms of capabilities. The company advertises itself as a solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

If you want a point of sale for a large restaurant or big chain of locations, you’re better off looking at some of the other POS providers on the market.

Ease of Use

Aldelo Express is undoubtedly easy to use — this is a massive bonus if you’re currently used to working with an outdated POS provider. You’re able to build menus and modifiers that help you quickly take orders. The available color-coding on the interface helps improve the speed you can recognize different components of the menu.

With the Windows version, while the color-coded design does make it easy to differentiate key components and buttons, the design isn’t as aesthetic as I usually prefer. Some users have even called it “dated.” You’ll find better minimalist design options in some of the other leading POS providers on the market.


Aldelo primarily advertises its complete restaurant cloud POS for iPads and Android Mobile – this means that you’ll be able to bring your iPad or Android mobile devices to the table if you’re planning on using their software. But don’t worry if you’re not a fan of Apple or Android products; there are some other options available as well.

They also offer Aldelo Restaurant POS for Windows, a traditional point of sale platform through a Windows station. To source the hardware, Aldelo relies on resellers and 3rd party hardware providers.

Additionally, the company offers self-service restaurant kiosks that customers can use to input orders and pay for items. While all these systems are readily available, Aldelo focuses primarily on its cross-platform POS solution for iPad and Android devices.

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Aldelo POS offers a few different integrations and add-ons to improve your POS solution’s performance. You can use these integrations to improve online ordering, restaurant management, inventory management, and more. Some popular integrations include:

  • Masa
  • QSROnline
  • Cute Order
  • Online Orders Now
  • EZOrderNow
  • Restaurant365
  • ProfitSword
  • MarginEdge
  • PosIQ
  • Pour Controls

Unfortunately, you’ll find way longer integration lists at some of Aldelo POS’s competitors. If you’re looking for extensive apps and add-ons, this might not be the best service for you.

Payment Processing

As mentioned previously, Aldelo POS makes an effort to steer you towards its payment processing platform (Aldelo Pay). If you sign up for its payment processing, you won’t have to pay for any of your POS services at all. Still, you have the option to work with different providers if you’re willing to pay $99 per month for each POS station.

If you would like a full list of the compatible external credit card processors available at Aldelo POS, you’ll need to contact the company directly.

Customer Service

At Aldelo POS, customer service is provided to clients 24/7. Timely support is a feature that I’m always keen on — you need to make sure you can get hold of your point of sale provider at any time of day. Aldelo POS offers both phone and email support to its users.

While its customer service hours are promising, you also need to consider what current clients think of the platform. Common problems are more than likely common for a reason — they may happen to you as well.

After doing a little digging, I noticed that past customers seem particularly focused on a few core issues. Let’s explore them below:

Indifferent Customer Service Team — It appears that many customers complain that the customer service team at Aldelo POS is entirely indifferent when significant problems occur. Many customers complain of long wait times and a lack of adequate responsiveness.

Lack of Transparency — It appears that some clients complain that the company does not provide adequate information to its users. This may hamper your ability to use the POS platform effectively — it may also result in hidden costs.

While it’s impossible to find a POS service that doesn’t have some bad reviews, it’s still worth considering the potential impact of the above problems.

Aldelo has a B+ rating with the BBB with only 7 complaints, and all closed within the last 3 years.

Our Verdict

I do like that Aldelo Express is cross-platform (iPad and Android), and there is still a Windows version available. Still, personally, it doesn’t feel like there’s enough packed into this service to make it competitive for the price.

While there are some great tools, and it’s certainly easy to use, there aren’t enough high-level features included in the price you need to fully benefit from a new POS system. It can also be expensive if you’re not willing to sign up for the company’s merchant services.

I also have a problem with the lack of transparency of pricing on their website. Plus, it’s unclear what other costs we can expect if we don’t use their merchant services.

I mean, for only $39 per month, you can get a complete Harbortouch POS System on the Android platform. Or if the iPad is more your thing, TouchBistro will provide comparable features at a cheaper price point. You can find an in-depth review of Touchbistro here.

On the other hand, if you end up getting a bargain in-house payment processing rate, Aldelo POS does start to contain a lot more value. You need to make sure that you’re getting a commission rate that makes sense compared to the rest of the market.

If you’re looking to learn more, make sure to request a demo directly from the company. Want to look at alternatives? Visit here to check out more reviews.

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Specification: Aldelo POS

Best For

Restaurants, Quick Service, Full Service, Bars

Business Size

Small, Medium

POS Type

Android, iPad POS, Windows

Software Type


Free Trial

Demo Only

Merchant Services

In-House, Bring Your Own

Pricing Model

Monthly Payment

Price Range


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  1. R. D. Keating

    Never use Aldelo this company is the worst company for customer support, after they charged me twice for a service and I spoke to eight different people (spending over 5 hours of my time) none of them gave their real name and when asked for their supervisor’s name they told me that their supervisor will not give it to anybody! they are the worst company to do business with if you have a problem you are out of luck if you think that ALDELO will help in any shape way or form. DO YOUR SELF A GREAT FAVOR AND GO WITH A DIFFERENT COMPANY!!!!!

    + PROS: Pros: None!
    - CONS: Cons: Many worst company to do business with and definitely the worst company for support. Do yourself a favor and NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH ALDELO! I would have given NO STARS but the system won't let you!
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  2. Dkhd

    This system sucks. Owner upgraded no less (system sucked then ) upgrade bo different. Also took I.T. team 3wks to install & still has bugs. Micros is so much easier & more functional

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: Touch screen is iffy, I.T team took 3wks for the upgrade. Still has bugs. Dont buy it. As someone that has to use it from the bar. Takes time away from making drinks & serving people . could be there all day trying to put stuff in. Also system now has a gratuity slip that u have to calculate at end of day where U didnt before. Not saving time that is for sure. And if I have to calculate that crap - there r easier systems
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