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9.1/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #4 in category Restaurant POS Systems
Rezku is a complete restaurant management system that offers excellent features for restaurants of all types and sizes at a reasonable price. Now includes online ordering with payment and delivery with every Rezku POS subscription.
Easy to Use
  • Plans start at $0/mo
  • Complete restaurant solution
  • Online ordering included
  • Contactless payments
  • Only suitable for bars & restaurants
  • Hardware financing unavailable for small clients
  • POS only runs on iPad

Rezku POS Review

Rezku POS System Review

In this review, I’ll take another look at Rezku. Running a business in the hospitality industry can be extremely stressful. If you’re running a POS system that is outdated, missing functionality, or has long SLAs for resolving issues, you may be hampering your ability to conduct business efficiently. In a fast-paced environment, you need a POS system that can keep up.

Let’s explore if Rezku is what you’re looking for the next time you purchase a new solution or upgrade your current system.

Overview of Rezku

Rezku Restaurant POS is a product of Guest Innovations. The company is based in Sacramento, California, and has been in operation since 2012, entering the market with an app-based reservation system. Informed by this experience, a POS system was introduced in 2017, which has matured through the years to be a worthy competitor to other hospitality POS brands that are potentially more well-known.

Rezku specializes in software and hardware development specifically for food and beverage service. The Rezku system includes a cloud-based POS system,  kitchen display system (KDS), customer-facing display (CFD), a smartphone app for managers, an online ordering system, and white-label app development for restaurants.

Let’s continue below with the Rezku review and take a more in-depth look at the different features and benefits available with this product.

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Pros vs Cons


  • Plans start at $0/mo
  • Custom online ordering website included
  • Contactless payment hardware (Tap-to-pay / ApplePay)
  • Handheld mobile POS for table-side payments
  • Offline operation with payments (up to 3 days)
  • Encrypted payment data and highest PCI security level
  • Selection of rugged cases and accessories
  • Reliable printers and hardware
  • BYO POS hardware if it’s compatible
  • Rezku builds your menu and initial set-up for you
  • 24/7-365 unlimited live technical support


  • Only suitable for food and beverage service (bars and restaurants)
  • Hardware financing unavailable for small clients
  • POS only runs on iPad
  • Requires a reliable local network for printing


If you’re a responsible business owner, keeping costs down is one of the best ways to prevent cash-flow issues. Using a POS provider that breaks the bank is a surefire way to get yourself in trouble. So, does Rezku offer an affordable POS solution for it’s customers?

Rezku Subscription Pricing

  • $0/mo – Software license for up to 2 POS terminals
  • $99/mo – Software license for up to 5 POS terminals
  • $199/mo – Software license for unlimited POS terminals
  • $499 – Remote onboarding and initial setup
  • $149/mo – Custom white-label smartphone app (optional)
  • $89/mo – Order-status SMS texting (optional)
  • $129/mo – Multi-location management and reporting for chains (optional)
  • $39/mo – DoorDash Drive Integration  (optional)

Included Features

  • Online ordering website w/ customer login, points tracking, order history and saved payments
  • Gift card program incl. eGift cards
  • Loyalty program
  • Coupons incl. online promo codes
  • Email marketing integration
  • Inventory management w/ manager alerts
  • Stock level auto-86 and 86ing from POS or KDS
  • Delivery management with driver dispatch
  • Smart kitchen display app
  • Customer-facing display app
  • Manager’s back-office mobile app
  • Pizza products w/ specialty halves and sub-modifiers
  • Scheduled happy hour pricing changes
  • 3rd party app orders integration
  • Custom reporting and email reports
  • Advanced user permissions
  • Employee time management

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These are essential features most restaurants will need in one way or another. Other companies may charge you separately for these features or you may need to use third party providers. With Rezku, you won’t have to pay extra and you’ll know they’ll work together right out of the box.

Keep in mind that if you have a large restaurant or multiple locations, Rezku can provide your with a customized quote based on your requirements. This can help you keep the costs down it you’re trying to keep costs down for multiple terminals or a chain of restaurants.

The cost you can expect to pay for Rezku’s hardware varies as it is based on individual needs. As of this writing, all hardware on the Rezku website is discounted 40% off the regular price. Overall, their pricing is affordable.

Demo Video


Key Rezku Features

The wave of POS providers entering the market in the late 2010s has consolidated in recent years – many are either out of business or were absorbed into a different company – However, the market is still saturated. So, how does Rezku stack up against the competition in terms of the restaurant management system features available? Let’s take a look at the platform’s key features in more detail below.

Rezku POS Screen

  • First-party online ordering (w/ Pizza products) – A fully customizable online ordering website that is easy to use and also supports half-and-half pizza ordering.
  • Optional custom restaurant app – Rezku now builds custom Android and iPhone online ordering apps for their clients (additional charge).
  • SMS text notifications – Your customers can sign up to receive pickup and delivery notifications via text (additional charge).
  • QR-code menus and ordering – Your customers can scan a QR code with their phone to be taken to the menu. They can also place their orders and pay through their phone.
  • Loyalty program with online portal – Rezku comes with a loyalty program and an online portal for your customers to check their points and the rewards they qualify for.
  • Gift card program with digital gift cards – Gift cards work in all locations, online or offline. You do need to purchase physical cards through Rezku, but digital gift cards have no associated cost.
  • Couponing with online coupons and promo codes – Rezku offers a very flexible coupon and discount system with target prices and bundles. Coupons can be redeemed in person or online.
  • Touchscreen kitchen display app – Multi-station KDS with many onscreen functions designed to improve kitchen workflows and communication.
  • Fast check splitting for tables – Unlimited splitting by seat or dollar amount, designed for speed and ease of use.
  • Bar-tab preauthorization – Swipe cards and hand them back to customers. Rezku securely stores tabs that can be closed even if the guest has left.
  • Fully customizable reports – Customize reports from hundreds of data points to get exactly what you want. Set custom reports to run automatically and email you.
  • Mobile back office app – Managers can access Rezku’s cloud-based back office to make any system changes while on the go using the intuitive smartphone app.
  • Delivery driver dispatch system – Simplify delivery driver management and get more accurate return times via Apple Maps integration. Quickly settle cash and credit with drivers when they return.
  • Inventory management – Rezku offers a lot in terms of inventory management, including ingredient tracking, low-stock alerts, and auto-86ing.
  • Employee management – A full employee time card system is included that allows you to easily export labor reports to your preferred payroll system.
  • Offline Operation – Rezku can operate without internet service, printing to the kitchen, and trading orders between stations. Credit card payments continue to work for up to three days offline.
  • 24/7 live support – One of Rezku’s standout features is its unlimited live support. It’s easy to reach a human being, and their well-informed staff usually have the answers right away.

Rezku Table Layout Screen

Rezku has a long list of included features. These are the ones most operators will utilize. Something to keep in mind is the unique mix of features offered by a POS company and what is most critical to your business operations.

Rezku’s focus is squarely on modernizing front-of-house and back-of-house operations through the use of apps, tablets, and wireless communication. There is also a heavy emphasis on online ordering and delivery. If this is not part of your business model, you may not find a need for all these features.

Deployment Type

The software for Rezku is an iPad app installed locally but is still connected to a cloud-based back office system that requires an internet connection to synchronize.

Gone are the days when a hardware malfunction resulted in a loss of data. Unlimited system data is securely backed up in the cloud automatically. If you want to access reporting and sales data or make changes to any settings while mobile, you can do so via secure web login on your laptop or phone.

Industries Served

Unlike general POS systems that attempt to serve multiple industries, Rezku is developed specifically for food and beverage service. This allows Rezku to be fully committed to advanced features that serve the needs of hospitality specifically. Within the hospitality niche, Rezku is a well-rounded platform for operating a wide array of businesses, from fine dining to pizzerias to nightclubs.

Rezku is an attractive platform for small and regional chains. You can manage multiple locations from a single web portal, and their online ordering system allows customers to choose from multiple locations.

Ease of Use

Given the relentless employee turnover in the hospitality industry, ease of use is an extremely important consideration in a POS. Many outdated systems can be complicated – this creates problems bringing new staff up to speed.


Rezku Mobile POs

Fortunately, the Rezku app is extremely intuitive and highly customizable. Rezku makes a bold claim, saying that it takes just 10 minutes to learn the basics. To make training your staff easier, the POS also includes short, on-screen tutorial videos.

Splitting checks, modifying products, applying coupons, managing deliveries, and more are all made accessible on the app. Ease of use is one of the primary benefits associated with this POS solution.


Rezku’s POS software is only compatible with iPads. While they say this choice was made for reliability and ease of setup, the lack of alternatives is slightly inconvenient. Other apps that are part of the Rezku ecosystem are compatible with both Apple and Android devices. This includes their kitchen display app (KDS), customer-facing display app (CFD), and mobile back office app.

If you want to benefit from the full capability of Rezku, you’ll also need to purchase additional key hardware components such as stands, cash drawers, printers, and card readers. As mentioned previously, you can purchase compatible hardware directly from the provider.

Rezku POS Hardware Bundle

POS hardware purchased through Rezku is ruggedized for use in the service industry. While these costs can add up quickly, the Rezku system does not depend on proprietary hardware. If you are updating your current POS system to Rezku, you may not need to purchase extensive hardware. This can make Rezku a very cost-effective solution.

As of this writing, Rezku is currently offering 40% off the regular price of all hardware.


Some have complained in the past that Rezku didn’t offer an extensive integration list, but the platform has steadily built a large range of partners for extended functionality. Operators will find the most commonly requested integrations are there.

The reporting system can integrate with accounting platforms like QuickBooks and Xero. The inventory system can integrate with YellowDog, Restaurant 365, and various bar inventory scanning systems. Rezku also integrates with scheduling software 7shifts and email marketing platform MailChimp.

Rezku Online Ordering & Branding

Since a primary area of focus for Rezku is online ordering, the POS integrates fully with all major online ordering apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub. Orders from these services flow directly into Rezku and print to the kitchen without the use of multiple tablets. Rezku’s integration with these online services also eliminates the need for multiple menus to be updated separately. For restaurants that rely heavily on delivery orders, it can be devastating if your driver calls out sick. Rezku uses DoorDash Drive to assign in-house deliveries to DoorDash drivers when needed.

Payment Processing

Like most POS systems, Rezku handles all credit card processing but offers some options and perks that may not be available through other providers.

Rezku offers three credit card processing options:

  • Cash Discounting – Eliminates all fees for merchants and passes along a small service charge to guests when using a credit card.
  • 1.99% + 25 cents per transaction – The standard rate for the free plan.
  • Tailored processing – For the $99/mo plan and up Rezku will tailor a negotiated rate customized to the business.

Card readers must be purchased through Rezku and include mobile, tap-to-pay, EMV, and swipe. Rezku’s credit processing conforms to the highest level PCI DSS SAQ standard, called “out of scope.” This means credit card data is secure, encrypted, and protected. This eliminates the headaches associated with lower tiers, which can be subject to time-consuming audits.

Deposits are made every business day, and a statement with charges broken down by type is provided each month. This is an area Rezku excels. While many processing statements can be difficult to read, Rezku’s statements are clear and transparent. Rezku’s rates are highly competitive, and customers have the option to lock in their current rate by extending their contract for additional years.

Customer Service

Customer Support is a critical feature if you want to fix POS problems at short notice. Fortunately, there are a few different ways that you can contact the Rezku support team. The company offers its clients the ability to contact its customer service representatives via live in-app chat, phone, and email. Previously, the team was only available during business hours – but I have confirmed that they now offer 24/7 support.

When you sign up for Rezku, you will be assigned a personal advisor to help you through the setup and onboarding process – this is a valuable service that can help you and your staff get up to speed with the product quickly. The personal advisor is happy to work within your schedule and time constraints.

When you find reviews for Rezku online, you may notice that many of their customers highlight their satisfaction with Rezku’s high level of service. This is attributed to Rezku’s well-informed representatives, quick response times, and the ease of getting a live person on the phone – something that’s getting harder and harder to do these days.

Our Verdict

Overall, the Rezku POS system is worth the money if you are in the market for an iPad-based POS system and operate a business squarely in the hospitality sector. While hardware costs can add up, if you want a reliable platform with modern features and the benefits of using a mobile POS with excellent customer service, the Rezku POS system is definitely an option to consider.

With everything on offer, there is plenty that makes Rezku an attractive option. You get an extensive set of features designed specifically for food and beverage service, with an emphasis on online ordering, in-depth reports, and streamlining operations with limited staff. Because all Rezku customers receive unlimited white-glove service and support, we highly recommend Rezku, especially if you’re a new restaurant owner or you are not familiar with the iPad platform.

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