Can You Get Deals & Discounts? (How it Works) is an online marketplace that helps you discover and save money on dining experiences. It provides users with options to choose from a wide range of participating restaurants in their local area at discounted prices through digital certificates. has received some negative attention in the past, causing controversy over its practices and legitimacy. However, let’s take an optimistic viewpoint and dive deeper into how works to see what benefits it can offer.

Searching for Restaurant Deals has a simple-to-use platform for searching its database of restaurants. Users can browse by location or cuisine, search for specific dishes or restaurants or apply filters such as price range, dietary restrictions, and availability. Doing so retrieves several recommendations to select among.

The website offers Verified Diner Ratings and Reviews to help customers make informed decisions about where to dine. By reading reviews from previous diners, customers can get recommendations on the best dishes and overall experience. The website’s mobile app also allows users to quickly find nearby deals.

Dining Discounts & Payment

Once you find an enticing location, offers various certification deals with varying discounts for purchase. The certificates, which range from $5 to $100 denominations, never expire and, according to their website, come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

They also offer unique coupons like refer-a-friend promotions; When a user refers friends who buy gift certificates via, the referrer gets coupon credit towards future certificate purchases. Gift Cards’s online gift card service allows individuals to purchase and use them at various participating restaurants in the U.S. For instance, for $10, one can purchase a $25 Gift Card that allows its recipient to dine at participating restaurants for the full $25 value.

The recipient can redeem these certificates through the website with a code received at any local affiliated restaurant, ideal for special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays at a fine dining restaurant.

Although there are some exclusions due to limitations, like a minimum spend requirement, these offer an excellent opportunity for remote connections over a shared dining experience. App App on the Apple App Store

Restaurant Participation

Participating restaurants pay to join the program and remain listed on’s searchable site and app but will have different voucher limitation terms on the displayed listing depending on their agreement plan (number of daily redemptions allowed).

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Restrictions & Limitations

Restaurants hope that these discounts drive more business and offset any potential loss in revenue from each certificate sold though limitations do exist: A minimum spend requirement when using gift certificates generally applies, some days are excluded — typically major holidays — however, refunds are given if certain criteria aren’t met such as when particular conditions aren’t met – e.g., Purchase is unusable due to restaurant permanently closing during redemption window.

Customer Service

If anything goes wrong while redeeming the certificates, customers may need customer support assistance— The website’s helpdesk section includes FAQs and email support, while telephone operators also provide limited phone-support hours; thus, response time might vary concerning urgency. Login login is a straightforward process that allows users to access their accounts and purchase gift certificates, redeem deals, or update their personal information.

To log in the first time, one should navigate to the website’s Sign In page, where they provide the email address and password used to create their account. Those who have forgotten their password may request a link for reset sent to the designated email.

Final Verdict

Overall, sounds quite straightforward in concept – but let’s admit, like anywhere, there will always be pros and cons. aims to help users save money while simultaneously supporting local restaurants by offering certificates. The platform hopes that these discounts will drive more business to participating restaurants and that businesses can benefit from loyal return customers even after offsetting the cost of discounted meals.

Redeeming these vouchers isn’t a surefire way to get unbeatable dining deals – yet if used judiciously, it could result in delicious experiences at wallet-friendly prices!

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