The Handheld POS System: A Manager’s Dream

With the inception of new and innovative Point of Sale (POS) systems in the early 2000s, sales practices have changed in numerous business around the world. Retailers, restaurants, small businesses, and many other entities have benefited from the shift from pen and paper to online software and automatically generated reports. More recently, one new advance in the POS world has turned the tables yet again – this is Mobile handheld POS.

Why has mobile POS has such a major impact on so many businesses? According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2018, 77% of Americans own a smartphone. In this article, we will discuss in detail a number of the most appropriate ways Mobile POS can revolutionize your business.

Anytime, Anywhere

Recent research has found that Americans check their phones on average every 12 minutes. Just a guess, you are one of them? Whether or not you are, the ability to take your business out of your pocket and hold it in your hand is pretty remarkable. By clicking a couple of buttons, you can have access to business transactions, employee schedules, inventories, data analytics, and much more.

One Basic Requirement

Using cloud-based software, several POS providers have created mobile Apps that provide these services to business owners with the only requirement being an internet connection. Once connected to the internet, the sky’s the limit in regards to what you can do while away from your business.

Schedule Management

One perk that has been significant for managers is the ability to create, manage, and track employee schedules from their mobile devices. All of the spreadsheets and pen and paper can be set aside, and managers can quickly build personalized schedules for their employees through POS Apps. Employees have the capability to clock-in and clock-out from on the mobile App, and managers can set time restrictions to ensure clock-ins do not occur before scheduled hours.


When company executives or managers need to communicate with other employees, these Apps can act as a communication hub. The majority of software that facilitates SMS messaging, email messaging, and push notifications. Such messages can be sent to individuals or groups as determined by the sender.

Inventory Management

Each company requires an inventory of current products allowing sales to continue taking place. Many mobile POS Apps now provide inventory management features which will track amounts of each item/ingredient that is being used. For restaurant owners, each transaction is recorded live subtracting the number of ingredients used in the drinks purchased, appetizer, and entrees – this also helps you monitor and reduce your food costs.  Retailers and small business can track each item bought and both will receive alerts when resources/stock is running low. One-touch payment is also included on some Apps facilitating faster restocking.


POS terminals for restaurants or retail shops can be expensive ranging from $40 for a basic terminal with minimal features to over $1,500 for more complex systems with a broader variety of functions. When running the majority of your business through a mobile POS App, you can avoid the cost of expensive hardware that you may not require. Each company is different, but for anyone looking to save money on their POS, mobile POS is a great way to go.

Time Management

Have you ever completed an inventory check by hand with a long list on a clipboard? Have you ever sat down and built personal reports on your monthly/yearly sales? These and so many other processes are automatically generated by many mobile POS software. Your ability to be efficient in your business practices can increase exponentially with the use of a mobile POS App.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Many different mobile POS software currently exist. Each of these sports various features catered to different consumers. Finding the best mobile POS system will depend on several factors. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Type of business (retail, restaurant, small business, etc.)
  • Business location and hours
  • Number of employees
  • Employee involvement in POS procedures

If you’re looking to find the perfect mobile POS system and want to see verified consumer reviews, is one resource to consider.  They have over 50 POS manufacturers and providers as well as a detailed review and ratings to compare your options. Choosing a mobile POS system may take a little bit, but once you have done so, your company will benefit immensely. If you are not currently using mobile POS, find the right system for you today! Let your phone take some of the burdens from your shoulders and allow you to run your business from a new and fresh perspective. Your success is in your hands!


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