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Clover Go is a small credit card reader with a mobile app from First Data (now Fiserv). Similar to the Square Reader for contactless and chip, Clover Go turns any mobile device into a payment processor to place orders and accept payments.
Easy to Use
  • Plug-and-play hardware
  • Easy to use app
  • Use your own device
  • Works with Clover ecosystem
  • Monthly service fee
  • Requires contract

Clover Go Review

Clover Go Review

A point-of-sale system is a necessity for any retail business. When shoppers make a purchase, they hope to carry out the transaction quickly. Modern merchants require a POS system that is simple and capable of handling a variety of payment methods. Clover Go by First Data is a portable POS that meets these needs.

Overview of Clover Go

Clover Go is a small credit card reader with a mobile app from First Data (now Fiserv). Similar to the Square Reader for contactless and chip, Clover Go turns any mobile device into a payment processor to place orders and accept payments.

After choosing a plan and signing up for a Clover go account, to start swiping cards, a merchant needs only to download the Clover app and connect the unit to a smartphone or tablet. Clover offers various products for merchants to use at the point of purchase, and this small piece of hardware has some distinct advantages.

A big advantage is custom integrations. Suppose you are looking to integrate Clover GO or create custom Apps that are compatible and enhance your Clover System’s functionality. In that case, we recommend you seek custom Clover integration solutions from Chetu for a unique payment experience.

The hardware device is very portable and a convenient way to accept payments on the go with a Wi-Fi or cellular connection on an iOS or Android device. Merchants can accept most payment types like contactless (NFC), chip cards (EMV), and swipe (magstripe), including Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay®, and Google Pay®.

Clover Go synchronizes all your order data through the Clover web dashboard, so if you’re using another device like Clover Station, all your business data is centralized. Clover Go is a great all-in-one payment solution for new merchants and small businesses.

Let’s check out some of the pros vs. cons of Clover Go.

Pros vs Cons


We think that Fiserv has fulfilled the POS needs of modern merchants with Clover Go. Both the plug-and-play hardware and the user-friendly Clover app make implementation simple. Combining that package with comprehensive payment methods and a streamlined integration process makes for a POS that can function well in any retail or service business.


Unlike some of its competitors, merchants must pay an upfront cost for Clover Go hardware, and there is a monthly service plan. We detail pricing below. However, the value of the extensive benefits will outweigh the price for most small businesses, especially if you’re already a Clover customer and need a mobile payment solution.

Clover Go Pricing

The Clover Go device costs $49, and you can add the Clover Doc for $29. There are separate costs for the hardware and the plan to accept payments which we highlight separately below.

You can purchase Clover Go from various sources, including directly from Clover, resellers, and banks. I’d recommend going straight to the source for a product like this to avoid any nasty surprise fees or costs added on by resellers or banks.

Clover Go Credit Card Reader

Hardware Cost

  • Clover Go – $49 with free shipping
  • Includes Go Device and Micro USB charging cable
  • Clover Dock – $29 (For hands-free access and charging)

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Rates & Fees

When I contacted Clover via chat about rates and fees for Clover Go, they stated the pricing for plans starts at $4.95 per month; however, on their website, the Register Mini plan starts at $14.95 per month. So if you’re a new customer looking at this product, I’d definitely recommend contacting Clover via chat first before making any online purchases to see what deals they can offer.

Thankfully the pricing is pretty straightforward on their website for processing rates. Here’s what they currently have published, but this is subject to change at any time.

Clover Mini

Clover recommends it’s best for businesses with credit card sales of less than $50,000 per year.

  • $9.95/month
  • 2.7% + 10c for in-person transactions
  • 3.5% +10c for keyed-in transactions

Clover Station Duo

Clover recommends Clover Station Duo for businesses with credit card sales of more than $50,000 per year.

  • $49.95/month
  • 2.3% + 10c for in-person transactions
  • 3.5% + 10c for keyed-in transactions

Demo Video

How to Setup Clover Go

Key Features

Payment processing is the primary function of Clover Go. Its ability in this critical area is what matters to most merchants, and here are a few key features where the product shines.

  • Flexibility – Clover Go gives businesses the flexibility they need in a POS solution with its broad range of payment methods and card acceptance. A small business can use Clover Go as its primary POS. However, the device can also work in conjunction with other Clover POS solutions. This ability allows merchants to reconfigure their payment setup for special events like sidewalk sales or trade shows.
  • Rigorous Security Measures – Digital financial transactions are attractive targets for cybercriminals. Both POS hardware and software require protection. Tamper-detecting sensors in Clover Go send an alert and limit its functionality to prevent PIN theft.
  • Transarmor protection – Clover’s POS system uses Transarmor protection for end-to-end encryption and tokenization of financial transactions. Clover Go receives automatic updates to address any potential software-related safety issues. Using a product with high-security measures will give both business owners and customers peace of mind.
  • Two-Factor Authentication – Two-factor authentication has become a standard security precaution. It gives a merchant precise control over who can use the device.
  • Custom Tax and Tip Rates – Clover Go can adapt to several different commercial models. A business can customize the device for state and local taxes through the Clover app. Merchants whose payment models include gratuities can also set suggested tipping rates.
  • Extensive CRM Features – Every transaction is an opportunity to make a connection with a client. The Clover POS system offers access to several CRM tools. Working with Clover’s customer engagement programs, a business can develop email lists for follow-up communication. It can also establish loyalty programs that will strengthen connections with clients.

Integrations with Clover Go

As the merchant provider, First Data understands that some business models require even greater flexibility. Clover Go gives merchants and developers options by facilitating seamless integrations.

  • Custom Integrations – Whether Clover Go will be a merchant’s primary POS or part of a broader POS arrangement, Chetu works with Clover and can help get Clover POS devices’ best performance.
  • Full Clover Integration – Clover Go’s hardware can run custom POS software as an app. This ability creates an ideal solution for a self-built POS.
  • Hybrid Integration – Clover Go can also allow for a hybrid integration model. A developer might create an app to handle the user interface, inventory, and orders. Then, the Clover app handles payment processing as your merchant service provider.
  • Clover Go BYOD – Clover Go will automatically work with Android and iOS devices to enable mobile payments. The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) route is the perfect way for small businesses to get started with Clover.
  • Clover Go Integration Process – Clover simplifies the integration process by including all the necessary software tools with the Clover Go App. Third-party applications can work directly with Clover Go’s SDK.


Clover Go has some advantages and disadvantages. I think if you’re an existing Clover customer and need the ability for mobile payments, then staying within the Clover ecosystem makes sense, so all your data is tied together. A couple of the disadvantages are that there are monthly service fees and a contract, unlike Square.

Is Clover better than Square? The good news is that the credit card processing rates are comparable to Square’s (their major competitor), as we highlight in our review of Square POS. If you process over $50,000 per year, you have the option for processing rates lower than Square by paying a higher monthly service fee. But you need to weigh the pros and cons of a higher service fee and decide if that makes financial sense for your business.

Another advantage or disadvantage depending on how you look at it, is that Clover works with partners and banks. So if you already work with a big bank like Bank of America, WellsFargo, or even another payment processor, you can add the device to your existing account. However, again, be careful here because partners may tack on additional fees.

While we’re not fans of contracts, overall, we really like the Clover Go device and everything it has to offer, especially if you’re already a First Data/Fiserv merchant. You might want to check out Square first to avoid monthly fees and contracts for a new merchant with low sales volume.

If you’re going to purchase Clover Go, we recommend only purchasing directly from Clover to get the best deal.


What is Clover Go?

Clover Go is a small credit card reader with a mobile app from First Data (now Fiserv). Like the Square Reader for contactless and chip, Clover Go turns any mobile device into a payment processor to place orders and accept payments.

How much does Clover Go cost?

Clover Go hardware is $49, but the app is free to download. Clover requires a merchant account, and there is a monthly service fee to accept payments. Processing rates vary by the account type you select.

What comes with Clover Go?

Clover Go comes ready to set up and take payments in just minutes. Unboxing, you’ll find the Clover Go reader, a micro USB charging cable and a QuickStart guide. You may have also received the optional stand and charging dock.

How do you use Clover Go?

Before you start using Clover Go, be sure to charge the card reader for at least an hour or until the red light stops blinking. You can use the USB charging cable with a laptop USB, portable charger, or wall charger. If you purchased the optional stand, you could charge the reader in the stand while it’s connected to a power source.

To get connected, you first download the Clover Go app onto your smartphone or tablet. You can find the app here on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Launch the app, and the setup guide will walk you through a few important settings. If you haven’t signed up for a clover account yet, you can do so from the app by selecting apply now—otherwise, log in with the same email account and password you used to set up your clover account.

Then you’ll need to set your location and notification settings, and Clover recommends turning them both on. Notifications ensure you receive important account information and location services help protect you from fraud. Next, you’ll also set your touch ID or face ID preferences if you have these features available.

Now you can pair the card reader via Bluetooth. Turn the card reader on by pressing and holding the power button for five seconds or until the blue light blinks. On your smartphone or tablet, tap pair contactless plus chip. If you have more than one device, you can find the correct reader by verifying the number on the bottom of the reader. If the pairing is successful, the blue light on the card reader will stop blinking and remain on. If the card reader does not connect immediately, press the power button for five seconds again and repeat the steps.

Specification: Clover Go

Best For

Restaurants, Retail, Small Business

Business Size

Small, Medium

POS Type

Android, iPad POS

Software Type


Free Trial


Merchant Services

In-House, 3rd Party

Pricing Model

Monthly Payment, Contract

Price Range


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  2. Marla Lebish

    I switched to another processor from Clover Go through Merchant Services. They forgot to cancel Clover Go and Ive been stuck with the monthly fees til I finally noticed as it did not show as Clover Go on my acct. They wont refund me my money when it was their fault they failed to cancel me.

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  3. dani

    This A Very Bad company the will steal your money. and when you call theme is very LIMITED CUSTOMER SERVICE you don’t get answer you get all monthly fees you didn’t sign for, and when you switched from them the have your acc in ther hands.

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