Efficiently Taking Entree Orders: A Guide for Restaurant Servers

The instructional video “Effentiently Taking Entree Orders” by Real Server Training focuses on strategies for restaurant servers to deliver excellent customer service while maximizing efficiency. By timing entree order-taking directly after appetizer delivery, servers can minimize trips back to tables, allowing guests to enjoy uninterrupted dining.

Key Takeaways for Servers

  • Combine delivering appetizers and taking entree orders to limit trips to tables
  • Transition smoothly from placing starter plates to taking main course orders
  • Let diners enjoy apps without interruption before focused order-taking
  • Balance efficient service with warmth and care when engaging guests

The step-by-step guide emphasizes seamlessly transitioning from dropping off apps to taking orders in one fluid sequence.

Step-By-Step Process for Taking Orders

Here is an optimal order-taking process:

  1. Deliver appetizers
  2. Immediately ask if the table is ready to order or has any menu questions
  3. Take entrée orders from each guest at the table
  4. Repeat orders back for confirmation
  5. Enter orders into the POS system
  6. Clear appetizer plates as needed
  7. Pick up menus

This achieves several goals:

  • Gets orders in quickly after apps to prevent service lag
  • Confirms order accuracy before leaving the table
  • Leaves table clear of unnecessary items like menus
  • Allows customers to continue dining uninterrupted

Breaking It Down: Streamlining Table Service

As a server, efficiency is key when taking care of customers. You always aim to limit trips back and forth to tables to provide quality yet quick service.

This allows you to take care of more guests while also giving diners an enjoyable experience without feeling rushed. When dropping off appetizers, taking entree orders at the same time achieves both goals.

Savvy servers prep mental systems ahead of time for grouping smaller tasks to create micro-breaks between steps. These graceful transitions demonstrate poise amidst the controlled chaos of restaurant work and reassure guests they are in good hands.

Restaurant Server

Dropping Off the Appetizer

You want to deliver appetizers to your own tables if possible. This allows you to personally check-in, build rapport, and take the next steps in their dining experience.

As you approach with the appetizer plates, you scan the table, make eye contact, and give a warm greeting. After placing the plates down, you transition smoothly into taking entree orders while appetizers are still hot and untouched.

The Benefits of Combining Steps

Taking entree orders right after delivering apps allows guests to enjoy their starters without interruption soon after. If you come back two minutes later to ask about entrees, guests may have already begun eating which requires them to stop and put plates aside.

This can feel disruptive and like an inconvenience versus letting them settle in with apps first. By streamlining, you allow guests to enjoy apps and then transition to main courses in one fell swoop.

Taking Orders Efficiently

With apps delivered, you stand tall, make eye contact and politely ask if guests have any questions before taking orders. This opens the floor for them to inquire while also signaling you are ready to continue service.

Efficiently Taking Entree Orders: A Guide for Restaurant Servers

As they respond with entree selections, you neatly write each order down, repeating it for accuracy. Rather than collecting each menu at the same time, you let guests know menus will be grabbed altogether afterward so you can focus on correctly noting orders without juggling too many things. This allows you to fully listen and capture all selections accurately.

Continuing Seamless Service

With orders complete, you give a quick confirmation, collect menus, and let guests know entrees will be out shortly. This concludes order taking cleanly so they can continue conversations and dining without further disruption from you.

As you walk away, you take a beat to review the orders, enter them into the POS system, and then continue on. This streamlined sequence enables you to deliver quality service while also maximizing efficiency so you can take excellent care of more guests in your section.

The Bottom Line

My key recommendation is to combine tasks whenever possible to provide more streamlined service to your guests. Dropping off appetizers right before taking entree orders allows you to meet multiple needs in a single interaction and prevents interruptions once guests have food in front of them.

Though a small detail, this proactive sequencing ensures a smooth dining experience from start to finish. And providing excellent service is what earns great tips!

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