How to Get Organized as a Restaurant Server: Pro Tips

As a server, organization and efficiency are vital for handling the demands of multiple tables. Eliminating needless distractions allows seamless workflow – quickly retrieving what’s necessary without fumbling. This video and summary below outline strategies any server, or anyone seeking hospitality effectiveness, can apply for optimized success.

Streamlining requires eliminating excess distractions, both physical and mental, to achieve freedom to perform to one’s highest ability. Apply these simple principles to transform your own server workflow and elevate work experiences.

Streamlining Life as a Server: My Minimalist Toolkit

As a seasoned server navigating the controlled chaos of busy restaurant shifts, I’ve learned to pare down to only the true essentials. The name of the game is economy of motion and space – maximizing efficiency while minimizing excess bulk and clutter.

I’d like to share my “minimalist toolkit” – the select few items I keep close at hand to enable providing stellar hospitality.

1. My Phone Stays Locked Away

I don’t carry my cell phone while working. It only hampers my productivity and drains attentional resources. Phones tempt quick social media checks that distract from urgent table needs. This will also make your restaurant manager very happy.

And message notifications constantly pull me away from human interactions happening right in front of me. I keep my phone safely stowed so I can fully focus on each dining room moment. It also fosters better relationships with coworkers and allows you to engage with your tasks fully.

2. A Watch Replaces My Phone

I still need to tell time throughout shifts for pacing courses and monitoring table durations. But a simple watch now serves that singular function without all the digital distractions.

Glancing at my wrist streamlines timekeeping without compromising presence. No apps or alerts to dive into – just clean, quick time checks.

3. Extra Items Get Shelved Too

I also don’t bring extraneous personal items like wallets, keys, or bags onto the floor. They jumble noisy pockets, get in the way, and risk getting lost in the shuffle.

I keep my person as sparse as possible to slide effortlessly between tight tables. My philosophy is that if it doesn’t actively assist in serving, I don’t carry it during the shift.

4. Wine Key & Cash: Constant Companions

However, a few compact tools remain perpetual pocket residents. My wine key always shares space with the cash and change I collect.

Keeping it right beside money ensures I never fumble to locate that trusty corkscrew or accidentally misplace currency. They coexist in harmonious efficiency.

5. Pens: Front Right Pocket

Pens, credit card slips, and check presenters tunnel neatly into my front right pocket to keep my writing arm free. As a righty, cross-body pocket access feels most natural.

But lefties could easily reverse the setup. I want quick pen access without awkwardly contorting to dig under layers.

6. Server Book: Back Left Pocket

My slender server book or notepad nestles comfortably in my back left pocket. Then when stepping up to a table, I slide the book out left, pen out right, and fluidly record orders.

No pausing to rearrange items or rummage for tools. After note-taking, book pockets back left, pen front right, and I’m off. This minimalist system makes each table visit nearly effortless.

The Zen of a Simplified Server Life

Besides the physical lightening of my load, I find mental clarity from minimizing material items. I channel focus into guests, orders, issues – not arbitrary physical pocket contents. My movements feel efficient and precise, unencumbered by excess accessorizing.

In the often hectic restaurant realm, I control only what I can – my personal workflow. And I design that workflow for maximal function and flexibility. I encourage all servers to continually reevaluate on-shift belongings with honesty.

Ask what truly assists your job and what doesn’t. Then, streamline towards only the bare essential tools. Protect your attention, time, and motion. You’ll be amazed at what an uncluttered server life provides!

What do you think? What minimalist tips help you save focus for customer connections? Share your pared-down pointers below!


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