How to Give Menu Recommendations to Restaurant Guests

This tutorial explores the art of skillfully suggesting dishes to guide diners. Servers learn when to recommend specialty menu items to inspire ordering without overwhelming guests. Scripts spotlight timed techniques to redirect decisions, like gracefully bouncing back after appetizer rejections into spotlighting three irresistible entrees next.

Mastery over strategic recommendations ensures patrons feel catered to. Servers thoughtfully tempt guests by highlighting reliable dishes they genuinely enjoy themselves. Tactful tableside suggestions tailored specially to diners’ preferences have them departing dazzled by the personalized care and help increase your tips.

The Art of the Menu Upsell: Overcoming Objections

You breeze back to the newly seated two-top flushed with post-greeting confidence. Drinks distributed, waters filled, and the table is all set. Now to tempt them with succulent appetizers! You eagerly suggest starting with chipotle chicken nachos. Their response? An abrupt “no thanks” as they bury their noses back into menus. Record scratch

Rejection stings, but don’t let that crisp “no” to apps derail your upselling morale entirely. Instead, rebound seamlessly into recommending mouthwatering menu headliners next. After all, customized suggestions unlock opportunities to guide diners toward the delicious dishes you already know they’ll devour.

Read on for rebuttal scripts that transform app denials into entree endorsements and sky-high check averages.

Segue Into Signatures

So, cinnamon sugar pretzel knots didn’t entice their appetites this round. No sweat! Effortlessly bounce to spotlighting your restaurant’s greatest hits next:

“No worries, we’ve got plenty of amazing entrees to dive right into instead! Our cider-brined chicken is incredibly juicy, with just the right balance of sweet and savory. And the Cajun shrimp pasta never disappoints, loaded with peppers and the most delectable lobster cream sauce.”

See how smoothly asking about apps transitions into spotlighting irresistible entrees? You’re not dwelling on their disinterest, but redirecting excitement towards menu must-tries that wow nearly every guest.

And emphasize selections that you authentically endorse from personal tastings. Passionate personalized pitches prompt orders faster than monotonously rattling off standard specials. Lean into your favorites!

The Power of Three Entree Picks

Resist the urge to overwhelm patrons by detailing the entire menu. Less is more when it comes to swaying decisions.

“Let me highlight three guest favorites that rarely get sent back. Our smoked salmon flatbread almost tastes too beautiful to devour with its whipped feta spread and candied lemon zest. The porterhouse pork chop is brined overnight for unbelievable tenderness and juiciness. And the ratatouille stuffed squash blossoms offer a delightfully light veggie option.”

See how easy limiting to three selections simplifies their decision without narrowing options entirely? You’re tempting with variety but eliminating analysis paralysis that comes from overloaded opinions.

Pro Tip: Always include both tantalizing descriptions AND dish names when highlighting recommendations. Vivid details paint sensory visions while easy-to-recall names help match cravings to menu items once you give them space.

The Follow-Up Promise

You’ve served up a sampler platter of menu winners verbally. But before floating away to take more drink orders or fill up ketchup bottles, assure guests you’ll return to answer questions or additional guidance as they further ponder potential plates.

“I’ll give y’all a few minutes to discuss what sounds good. But please flag me down if you need any input on favorite pairings, preparations, or portions! Happy to offer my two cents.”

The follow-up reminder is a standard in server workflow that builds confidence you’re not abandoning them to fend for themselves, but will provide continued support steering dishes. Sometimes guests just need a few minutes of browsing before questions bubble up. Make it clear you’re ready to dive back in when needed!

Handling the Rare Anti-Recommendation Table

One out of every 100 tables may brusquely reject suggestions entirely, insisting they’ll figure it out solo. Fair enough! No pressure to force chatter on the disinterested. Simply close with a cordial confirmation:

“No problem at all! Take your time and let those menus spark imagination. I’m happy to explain any dishes if questions pop up down the line.”

Then make yourself scarce to let them comfortably peruse, keeping occasional friendly yet silent check-ins. Eventually their curious glances will pull you back in! But never strong-arm interaction on the rare request for isolation.

There you have it — graceful comebacks transforming app denials into entree wins! Now you’re ready to redirect rejections and serve up selection guidance like a pro.

The Bottom Line

At its core, memorably recommending menu items emerges from intuitive understanding of individual guests. While verbally spotlighting reliable dishes lay the groundwork, creating personalized experiences separates the decent from the dazzling.

So, embrace flexibility in your suggestions. Confidently highlight options through flavored descriptions rather than demands. And focus on anticipating needs over assuming you already know best. It’s the marriage of strategic timing and catered care that converts basic service into extraordinary hospitality, leaving diners delighted.

Got any pro tips on making menu recommendations to help improve the restaurant guest experience? Let us know below, we’d love to hear from you!


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