How to Carry Three Glasses in One Hand: Real Server Tips

Carrying multiple glasses requires a steady hand, confidence, and the right technique. The video and outline below provides step-by-step instructions on how to carry three glasses effectively, highlighting the importance of grip, weight distribution, and balancing.

It also offers a helpful tip to start with a cheat hold using the opposite hand before attempting to carry glasses solely in one hand. By practicing and refining your skills, you’ll become proficient in carrying multiple glasses, saving time, and adding a touch of professionalism to your serving performance. So go ahead and strive for excellence in your server skills – your success is just a few glasses away!

The Three-Glass Carry Technique

I’ve provided an outline and breakdown of the technique here, however, watching the video above will give you the visible instructions that makes it easy to learn.

1. Positioning the First Glass

  • Thumb and Index Finger: Create an L shape with your hand, wrapping your thumb around the bottom edge of the glass and gripping it with your index finger.
  • Middle Finger: Keep it free, allowing space for the second glass.

2. Adding the Second Glass

  • Middle Finger Support: Place the second glass directly on top of your middle finger.
  • Index Finger Placement: Position it against the side of the second glass, not wedged between the two glasses.
  • Ring Finger: Hug the side of the second glass, adding support.

3. Placing the Third Glass

  • Palm Space: Utilize the space in your palm to place the third glass.
  • Leaning Technique: Allow the third glass to lean against the first two, secured by your pinky.
  • Adjustment for Smaller Hands: Even if you have smaller hands, the third glass can sit on the edge of your palm and lean against the other two.

Carrying Additional Glasses

1. Using the Second Hand

  • One to Two Glasses: Hold them between your index finger and thumb, reaching with your middle finger for the second glass.
  • Stabilizing: Lean the glasses against your forearm for stability, especially if the glasses are wet or foggy.

2. Approaching the Table

  • Kneeling Down: This may be necessary if carrying additional glasses in the second hand, which may not look ideal but can be effective when rushed.

Tips and Tricks

1. Practice and Comfort

  • Pinching Technique: If you’re new to carrying multiple glasses, pinch the three glasses with your opposite hand and play around to find a comfortable position.
  • Understanding Placement: Knowing where your thumb, index, and other fingers are positioned helps you replicate the technique without “cheating.”


Carrying multiple glasses in one hand is more than just a time-saving trick; it’s a skill that reflects a server’s professionalism, agility, and attention to detail. By understanding the mechanics of positioning, support, and balance, servers can master this technique and elevate their service to new heights.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Whether you’re a seasoned server or new to the industry, these insights offer a practical guide to carrying multiple glasses with confidence and grace. Embrace the challenge, and watch how this skill enhances your efficiency and adds a touch of finesse to your service.


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