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AccuPOS allows you to choose between Android and PC hardware devices. The company provides point-of-sale products to various industries, including restaurants, bars, retail stores, small businesses, and dispensaries. A standout in integration with QuickBooks and Sage, but pricing isn't transparent.
Easy to Use
  • Intuitive, simple platform
  • Support restaurants & retail
  • Accounting integration options
  • Hardware flexibility
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Potentially outdated interface
  • Not transparent about pricing
  • Add-ons can be expensive

AccuPOS Review

AccuPOS POS Review

My AccuPOS review will unearth the various features available in this US-based point of sale solution. If you’re curious to find out if AccuPOS has the robust features you need to take your business to the next level, it’s critical to understand the various components of the platform. Can AccuPOS improve your business and its operations? Let’s take a look!

Overview of AccuPOS

AccuPOS is a US point of sale provider based in Worthington, Ohio. The company provides point-of-sale products to various industries, including restaurants, bars, retail stores, small businesses, and dispensaries. We’ll primarily go into the restaurant and retail aspects of the product for this review.

AccuPOS allows you to choose between Android and PC hardware devices. The company offers a wide range of touchscreen hardware options that will enable you to take control of your point of sale interface. The platform comes packed with front-end and back-end features that ensure you have the tools you need to improve your current business.

Accounting integrations, menu building, data analytics, cloud reporting, and a range of other features allow users to benefit from the point of sale platform like AccuPOS. While the design and software features aren’t as advanced as some other significant players in the industry, the intuitive nature of the platform makes it easy to learn and use.

Now it’s time to take a closer look at this particular product’s details.

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Pros vs Cons


  • Intuitive, simple platform
  • Robust restaurant and hospitality features
  • Accounting integration options shine
  • Hardware flexibility
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Cloud-based data reporting options


  • Potentially outdated interface
  • Not fully transparent about pricing
  • Add-ons are expensive


AccuPOS doesn’t advertise the exact pricing structure for its restaurant POS system. Other ‘business type’ POS systems from AccuPOS start at around $99 per month — this may be the same price range for their restaurant management solution. Additional stations can be added for $35 per month for each station.

Their website claims its point of sale system is more flexible and affordable than any other POS software. Regardless, you’ll need to speak directly with AccuPOS to get an accurate quote on its software pricing. I find this annoying and a bit outdated, especially considering most providers are transparent with pricing on their websites. I prefer it when a company is entirely open about the cost of its platform, including processing rates.

In terms of hardware, it’s unclear if the starting price includes the hardware or you have to pay additionally for the POS equipment. So you’ll need a touchscreen terminal, cash drawer, card reader, and a thermal receipt printer. But you can also bring your hardware if you don’t want to buy devices directly from AccuPOS, which is a great option we like to see.

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Key Features

There are tons of great features available via the AccuPOS platform. Let’s explore the core benefits on offer in this system:

  • Use the platform on both PC and Android devices — have a fixed terminal or use an Android tablet for tableside ordering (or both)
  • The interface is straightforward to use — don’t waste time training staff with a complex interface
  • Build menus and add variations — add personal branding to each component of the interface
  • Track customer sales and build a custom loyalty program that allows you to reward repeat customers
  • Access to customer support via live chat, phone, and a support ticket form — customer support available 24/7
  • Features that help a wide range of retail and restaurant niches, including dine-in restaurants, bars, clubs, and quick-service restaurants
  • Range of tools to analyze sales information and other critical data points — take back control of your business and identify any weaknesses
  • Integrate with two of the largest accounting software platforms in the industry — QuickBooks and Sage
  • Manage your staff’s shifts and allow them to clock in and out of the system directly
  • Email receipts directly to customers — save time and paper with this unique feature
  • EMV payment options and gateways — fully integrated payment processing options

Deployment Type

AccuPOS is a hybrid system that combines local hardware and software with a cloud reporting system. You’ll benefit from having access to crucial information wherever you’re located — you don’t need to access your primary POS hardware to gain access to reporting data. This also means that your valuable reporting information is stored externally in a cloud.

If you have an outdated system, this cloud-based system may seem innovative, and in reality, almost all modern point of sale systems have a cloud component. If you want to get the most from your point of sale platform, it’s critical to make sure it has cloud capabilities.

Tableside Ordering Features (for restaurants)

Fortunately, you can access tableside ordering features if you decide to work with AccuPOS. Because you can use its software on Android tablets, your staff members will be able to send orders directly from tables to the kitchen. This can help speed up the ordering process and help your staff members amend orders on the go.

Not only does this increase ordering efficiency, but it may also help you reduce mistakes in the workplace. Your staff members won’t have to wait to transfer orders to the system — it can be done as the customer dictates their order.

Industries Served

You can use AccuPOS for both retail and hospitality. It’s suitable for both dine-in and quick-service restaurants — there are plenty of features available that can help you improve a broad range of restaurant niches. Here’s a list of the types of businesses they support.

  • Retail
  • Restaurants & Food Services
  • Bars
  • Small Businesses
  • Grocery Stores
  • Liquor Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Dispensaries
  • Clubs & Member Organizations

I don’t recommend this service to large restaurants or chains in terms of business size. While plenty of features is available on the platform, I still don’t think it has everything you need to run a large-scale operation. I recommend this platform for medium and small-sized businesses.

Ease of Use

AccuPOS is undoubtedly intuitive. As with many point-of-sale systems I’ve reviewed, the interface is straightforward. You won’t have to worry about getting confused as you navigate the system. It’s an excellent service if you want something comfortable to work with — it can help you save time when training your staff members.

Unfortunately, while AccuPOS is easy to use, its interface is relatively outdated, according to some users. However, that could be based on an old version of the software. The current software is minimalistic and lends to being user-friendly, and the existing hardware demonstrated appears to be modern.


Fortunately, there’s plenty of flexibility for hardware devices at AccuPOS. You can bring your own PC device or Android tablet — this is an excellent feature if you already have hardware for your business. You can also choose to purchase POS hardware directly from AccuPOS if you want to save the hassle of sourcing your own system. The price of the complete hardware system is not provided on the website, so you’ll have to request a quote.

At present, it does not appear that AccuPOS allows you to use iOS devices — sorry, Apple lovers. If you’re looking to use an iPad for your POS hardware, you’ll have to look at different providers. More on this below.

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Integrating your point of sale platform with third-party software can help you access a more significant number of tools and features. Many of the leading POS providers ensure that their platforms have a long list of integrations to help improve various components of their services. There may be 100’s of integrations available, but it’s unclear what those might be. Unfortunately, the only two third-party integrations we could determine are available at AccuPOS are related to accounting: Sage and QuickBooks.

While you do have the option to integrate with some of the world’s best accounting platforms, the cost of doing so could be high. It would be best to consider the total price of this integration before you consider this platform. If you’re planning on using accounting integration, it may be best to look at comparable prices with other POS companies or a point of sale reseller.

In terms of in-house add-ons, you can also add staff timing software to help you manage employee shifts (clocking in and out) — but it’s not clear how much extra this will cost.

Payment Processing

AccuPOS doesn’t provide clear information on its credit card processing capabilities. The company states that it has integrated EMV payment gateways and processors that make it convenient for clients to process credit card transactions through Worldpay secure processing. While this is a great feature, it would also be helpful to know if AccuPOS supports full integration with other merchant providers.

AccuPOS states to be compatible with 3rd party payment services, and that’s a great sign. However, depending on your processor, it may not be fully integrated. In other words, your terminal may be stand-alone instead of being connected to your POS. I prefer to work with point of sale providers that are fully integrated and offer payment processing flexibility and transparent payment terms. It can help you shop around for the best commission rates and keep companies more competitive to earn your business.

Customer Service

In terms of customer support, you have a range of different options to choose from if you want to use AccuPOS. The company has a telephone hotline, live chat portal, and online support ticket. You can access their support team 24/7 — you’ll never have to worry about being left in the dark if your system crashes.

Also, the company provides a range of excellent support resources on its site. This allows you to find technical information and tutorials if you need minor assistance with your point of sale platform.

In terms of customer satisfaction, there also appears to be a lot to like about AccuPOS. While there isn’t a tremendous amount of customer feedback online, there are plenty of positive reviews on consumer watchdog groups.

Here are a few of the review websites with ratings from customers who use AccuPOS:

  • G2 Crowd: 4.3 out of 5 stars

  • Capterra: 3 out of 5 stars

  • SoftwareAdvice: 3 out of 5 stars

I also took a look at some negative reviews to see if past clients experienced any common issues. I noticed one problem, customers complain about paying extra money for accounting integration. So something to keep in mind.

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for simple POS software with plenty of small business-specific benefits, AccuPOS isn’t a bad option. The company also offers plenty of hardware options that ensure you won’t be restricted to a single system or platform. Plenty of current clients appears to be happy with the service they’re receiving. The significant advantage of AccuPOS is its integration with QuickBooks and Sage for accounting purposes.

Still, there are quite a few downsides at AccuPOS. The pricing model isn’t entirely transparent, and the cost of add-ons could be high — and it’s not clear what 3rd-party integrations are available to expand the system. Also, you may have to pay exorbitant rates to take advantage of integrated accounting. There’s also a lack of clarity about which 3rd party payment processors can fully integrate with AccuPOS, other than Worldpay.

Still, if you want to try out this platform to see if it’s right for you, the company offers you the ability to try its service for free. Get in touch with the AccuPOS team to discuss your options!

Alternatives to AccuPOS

Toast POS is a great Android-based POS that we would typically recommend for restaurants.

TouchBistro is a great iPad-based POS that we would typically recommend for restaurants.

Square or Clover Station are both great solutions to consider for retail stores.

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