Bakebros 14″ Gas Powered Outdoor Pizza Oven Review

Find your new Bakebros 14 Gas Powered Outdoor Pizza Oven (SPACE BLACK) Portable Outdoor Ovens with Built-in Infrared Thermometer,Pizzas Peel, Stone, Cutter, Recipe Carry Cover Bag on this page.

Imagine Culinary Brilliance in Your Backyard

Introducing the Presto 14 Gas-Powered Outdoor Pizza Oven – the revolutionary way to make wood-fired pizza at home in just 60 seconds.

This showstopper oven reaches an astounding 950°F to bake authentic crispy crust New York-style pizzas up to 14 inches wide. The sleek stainless steel exterior sits atop retractable legs while the included reinforced carrying case ensures maximum portability.

The Presto meets rigorous ETL safety standards, featuring cool-touch handles and a safety valve to prevent overheating. The Deluxe Bundle includes all the tools like a pizza peel, stone, cutter, recipes and manual for professional pizza making results right in your backyard. Experience your crispy, melty pizza dreams with the Presto 14.

Why This Outdoor Pizza Oven Stands Out

Home pizza connoisseurs, the Presto 14 Gas-Powered Outdoor Pizza Oven takes your skills to the next level. Reaching over 950°F, you’ll achieve the ideal leopard spotting on crusts in just 60 seconds with the ability to produce 12-14″ pies. This mimics the results of traditional brick ovens to bake crusty, chewy, oblong or Sicilian-style pizzas.

The portable Presto 14 is ETL-certified for safety and peace of mind thanks to rigorous testing. The entire exterior stainless steel body remains cool to the touch while internal insulation prevents burns. Bring this oven from patio to park or campground, delivering wood-fired pizza wherever you roam. Plus, this bundle includes a pizza stone, peel, cutter, recipes and manual for professional-style pizza nights.

Top Features and Benefits

Rapid 60-Second Bake Time

The Presto 14 oven uses radiant and convection heat to reach over 950°F, enough to bake crusty 12-14” pizzas in just 60 seconds flat. Perfect for entertaining or quick weeknight dinners.

Maximum Mobility and Portability

From patio to campground, the Presto 14 goes where you go thanks to its retractable legs and protective carrying case with steel handles. Weighing just 69 lbs, it transports like a suitcase.

ETL Safety Certified

With cool-touch stainless steel handles, body insulation and a safety valve, the Presto 14 meets the most rigorous ETL safety standards for worry-free outdoor cooking. It also comes with a one-year warranty.

Deluxe Pizza-Making Kit

Get all the high-quality tools you need to craft artisan-quality pizzas with the included 15” pizza peel, cordierite stone, rocker cutter, instruction manual and gourmet recipes.

Bakebros 14 Gas Powered Outdoor Pizza Oven Hardware Components
Find your new Bakebros 14 Gas Powered Outdoor Pizza Oven (SPACE BLACK) Portable Outdoor Ovens with Built-in Infrared Thermometer,Pizzas Peel, Stone, Cutter, Recipe Carry Cover Bag on this page.

Commercial-Grade Stainless Steel

Constructed from robust 304 stainless steel designed to withstand high temperatures up to 950°F and frequent use without warping.

Use This Oven to Its Full Potential

Craft Authentic Wood-Fired Pizza

The Presto 14 mimics the heat of traditional brick ovens to bake oblong or 12-14” round wood-fired pizzas in your backyard in just 60 seconds with smoky, charred edges.

Cook Other Cuisines

While specialized for artisan pizzas, the Presto 14 works wonders to grill meats, roast veggies or bake bread thanks to its convection and infrared heat.

Enliven Outdoor Cooking

The sleek Presto 14, with its portable construction, takes food from boring to gourmet at your next cookout, picnic, or campout – delivering crisp, smoky flavors.

Entertain Guests in Style

With the ability to quickly bake pizzas in just 60 seconds, the Presto 14 oven makes an exciting live cooking station for your next dinner party. Give your guests a tasty dinner and a show!

Putting a pizza in the oven

Product Specifications

Oven Size14”
Maximum TemperatureOver 900ºF
Fuel TypeGas
Included AccessoriesPizza stone, pizza peel, travel bag, deluxe recipe, user manual

Who Would Buy This

This outdoor pizza oven suits discerning pizza-lovers, cooking enthusiasts and hosts who want showstopper results from their own backyard with no fuss. Both beginners and experts will appreciate the Presto 14’s simple functionality, versatility and rugged portability.

Everything Included with the Bakebros 14" Gas Powered Outdoor Pizza Oven Review

The Pros Outweigh the Cons


  • 60-second bake time makes entertaining easy
  • Portable 69 lb. construction with carrying case
  • ETL certified for safety and quality
  • Deluxe pizza-making accessories
  • Durable commercial-grade stainless steel
  • Mimics brick ovens up to 950°F
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Limited to outdoor use
  • Requires propane fuel tank


Q: What is the maximum temperature this oven can reach? A: 950°F, enough to create blistered, crispy New York-style crust.

Q: Is the oven safe to use? A: Yes, the Presto meets ETL safety standards for worry-free operation.

Q: Can I cook things other than pizza in this oven? A: Yes! This versatile oven can be used to grill, roast, bake bread, and more.

Bakebros 14 Gas Powered Outdoor Pizza Oven Makes perfect pizzas every time

What Do Buyers Love About This Oven?

Buyers praise the rapid 60-second bake time allowing parties and gatherings to enjoy fresh pizza on demand. They also love the crisp, evenly baked crusts with just the right amount of charring you’d expect from a wood-fired pie.

Many utilize the mobile Presto 14 oven for pizza parties everywhere from backyard to campsite without breaking a sweat. Its bundle of accessories and safety features also appeal to savvy shoppers.

This Oven Provides Serious Value

With commercial power and portable convenience bundled together, the Presto 14 stacks tremendous value from its pizza-making kit to durability. For authentic backyard pies that look and taste gourmet, this oven gives more for less, paying for itself after several pizza parties.

Bakebros 14 Outdoor Pizza Oven - Gas Powered

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  • Preheat for 20+ minutes prior to baking pizzas
  • Experiment with creative crusts, sauces and toppings
  • Use parchment paper to prevent sticking if needed
  • Wipe exterior clean after each use
  • Shelter oven from weather if left outside

The Final Word on This Pizza Oven

Product Summary

For homemade pizza that looks, tastes and feels like it came fresh from a world-class brick pizzeria, look no further than the Presto 14 Gas-Powered Outdoor Pizza Oven. In just 60 seconds, this portable oven uses 950°F heat to bake 14” pies to crusty, chewy perfection.

Final Recommendation

The Presto 14 Outdoor Pizza Oven delivers on features, power and accessories for wood-fired inspired pizzas and beyond. If you want to impress guests with your own backyard cuisine, this oven makes it foolproof to create irresistible, shareable pizzas and more anytime.

So for home chefs demanding gourmet excellence, the Presto 14 ushers in a new world of possibility, allowing you to eat impressively well no matter where your culinary adventures take you.

Find your new Bakebros 14 Gas Powered Outdoor Pizza Oven (SPACE BLACK) Portable Outdoor Ovens with Built-in Infrared Thermometer,Pizzas Peel, Stone, Cutter, Recipe Carry Cover Bag on this page.


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